Is safeunlocks legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

Is SafeUnlocks Legit or a Scam?

When looking to unlock a phone carrier, one service that often comes up is SafeUnlocks. But is SafeUnlocks really a trustworthy provider, or is it just another scam in the cluttered field of phone unlocking? In this in-depth review, I’ll take a close look at SafeUnlocks and try to determine whether it can be considered a legitimate business or if people should avoid it.

Background on SafeUnlocks

SafeUnlocks is a website claiming to provide phone unlocking services for all major carriers on both iOS and Android devices. They have been in operation since around 2010 and processed over 2 million unlock requests according to their site.

Some key aspects about SafeUnlocks:

  • They focus specifically on carrier unlocking services rather than iPhone repairs or other cell phone services.

  • The unlocking process is done remotely through their online system – no physical access to devices required.

  • They accept a variety of payment methods including credit cards and PayPal.

  • Pricing ranges from free trials to $35-50 for paid permanent unlocks depending on device and carrier.

  • SafeUnlocks is registered to a company in the UK but service customers globally.

So at face value, SafeUnlocks presents itself like a legitimate business dedicated to phone unlocking. But is everything as it seems?

User Reviews & Forum Discussions

To help evaluate SafeUnlocks, I looked at what actual customers are saying about their experiences. Here’s a summary of what I found:

Trustpilot – Around 165 reviews giving SafeUnlocks an “Okay” rating of 3.3/5 stars. Most positive reviews mentioned quick turnaround times, while complaints centered around failed unlock requests and customer service issues.

Reddit – Mixed discussions but a trend of users warning others it’s a risky service. Some reported success but many said unlocked codes didn’t work or requests were never fulfilled.

Quora – Multiple questions asking if SafeUnlocks is legit yielded almost all responses saying to avoid it as most likely a scam. Few reported anything positive long-term.

Forums/sites like ResellerRatings – On the whole, SafeUnlocks receives below average reviews and ratings. Customers report inconsistent or failed results more often than trouble-free unlocks.

So while a minority of users seem to have their phones unlocked successfully, the overall sentiment across customer feedback platforms leans much more negative. Dissatisfaction appears to outweigh satisfaction significantly.

Other Warning Signs

Beyond user reviews alone, SafeUnlocks raises some caveats:

  • No details about the actual unlocking process or technology used are provided.

  • Contact information and company address cannot be verified as legitimate.

  • Makes assurances of guaranteed success that are unrealistic in the unlocking business.

  • Track record of trustworthiness cannot be confirmed going back over 10 years.

  • Majority of positive reviews tend to look fake or incentivized.

Put together, these warning signs, inconsistent user feedback, and lack of transparency add up to legitimate doubts over the honesty and reliability of SafeUnlocks.

Verdict – Proceed with Caution

To conclude, while SafeUnlocks presents itself as a real phone unlocking service, clearly they have a long way to go to gain true credibility and trustworthiness based on the available evidence. Sadly, the widespread negative user reports and experiences cannot be overlooked or dismissed as anomalies.

Given the lack of transparency, mixed to poor reviews, failure to deliver promised results often, as well as other red flags – SafeUnlocks comes across more as an untrustworthy operation prone to disappointment customers rather than a recommended phone unlocking resource. As such:

  • New users are best advised to avoid SafeUnlocks due to the high likelihood of issues.

  • Only those with no other options may want to potentially risk using it with caution and keeping proof of purchase just in case.

  • More reputable alternatives like USEnSim or CPR seem to have built better track records and credibility over time from user feedback.

While phone unlocking itself always holds risks, platforms striving for honesty, responsibility and truly assisting users will earn trust through transparency and consistency over empty guarantees. On balance, SafeUnlocks seems yet to achieve that standard. Buyer beware remains the wise approach.

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