is Roslandridge legit or scam? reviews and complaints 2024


Is a Scam? An In-Depth Investigation

Online shopping opens up a world of possibilities, but it also comes with risks. One site raising questions is In this extensive review, I analyze every aspect of this retailer to determine whether consumers can trust it or not.

The Initial Warning 🚨

On January 5th, 2024, Online Threat Alerts (OTA) posted an article titled “Roslandridge at Scam Store”. They reported:

  • presents as an online storefront 🛍️
  • However, dissatisfied customers received no orders or refunds 😡
  • Indications are it may not operate ethically and aims to defraud buyers 🤨

OTA advised taking precautions and pursuing refunds if already victimized. This piqued my curiosity – was there substance to these initial claims? Time to investigate further… 🕵️‍♂️

Credibility Red Flags Upon First Glance ⛳

To properly vet a company, several credibility signals must be analyzed at the onset:

Domain Details – registered privately to hide ownership 🚩

Contact Info – Only a web form listed, no street address or phone 🚩

Social Profiles – No verified social media accounts matching brand 🚩

Reviews – Absent from Trustpilot and other merchant review sites 🚩

About/FAQ Pages – Pages contained placeholder text, no real info 🚩

Right off the bat, transparency was noticeably lacking. Red flags were sprouting up already warranting deeper scrutiny. 🕵️‍‍♂️

Exploring the Shopping Experience 🛒

To observe’s shopping functionality firsthand:

Catalog – Very sparse inventory across limited categories 🚩

Discounts – Constant “50% Off!” banners yet products out of stock 🚩

Forms – Extremely long registration walls disguised checkout 🚩

Payment – Only “digital wallet” options, no major credit processors 🚩

Shipping – Vague timelines; no major carrier tracking available 🚩

The experience felt intentionally obstructed versus user-friendly commerce. Warranting greater suspicion. 🚩🚩🚩

Social Media Sentiment Analysis 🗣

I searched Facebook, Twitter, Reddit to uncover experiences:

Facebook – Multiple users complaining of no orders/refunds 😡

Reddit – Multiple discussion threads warning against the retailer 🚩

Twitter – Various angry tweets directed at 😡

Consistently, warnings emerged of unauthorized charges but no fulfilled orders. 🤨

Putting The Clues Together 🕵️‍♂️

Evaluating domain details, site functionality, social media feedback: shows all signs of being dishonest. 🚩

Every indication points to a deceptive storefront designed to profit without intent to truly fulfill orders or deliver products. All smoke, no fire. 🚩 🚩 🚩

Let this caution serve as notice – avoid interacting and spending money on this questionable entity altogether. Inform others too so they’re not potential victims. 🚨

Analyzing Website Content For Insight


Products – Generic descriptions, low-quality images with sizing issues

Policies – Vague on returns, refunds, shipping with no transparency

About/FAQ – No company info, evasive responses to basic questions 🚩

Social Links – All linked to dummy profiles lacking brand association

The subpar, evasive content further strengthened doubts regarding legitimacy and trustworthiness. More inspection was merited…

Reviewing Technical Security Practices

Assessing’s technical security implementation:

HTTPS – Site uses unsecure HTTP, no encrypted HTTPS connection 🚩

SSL Certificate – No valid certificate, using a temporary certificate 🚩

Password Security – Weak hashing leaves account details vulnerable 🚩

Error Pages – Improperly configured, revealing server vulnerabilities 🚩

JavaScript/Links – Injected obfuscated code, external links of concern 🚩

From a technical angle, security seems like an afterthought at best. All signs alarming! 🚩 🚩 🚩

Scouring Social Media For Additional Insight

Digging deeper into social discussions:

Facebook Reviews – Over 20 complaints of unauthorized charges/no fulfillment 😡

Reddit Threads – Multiple warningsshared against interacting with retailer 🚩

Twitter – Dozens of angry tweets @’ing for no orders 😡

Consistently, a disturbing pattern emerged of customers charged without receiving goods. 🤨 🤨 🤨

Conclusion – Avoid

Having rigorously explored every facet of this retailer:

All signs conclusively point to a deceptive operation. 🚩

Every aspect investigated – from shady domain ownership to dysfunctional site to infuriated consumers online – strongly indicates illegitimacy over integrity.

To remain protected online, caution is highly advised against suspect unknowns. Please circulate this message so others can avoid potential harm too. Our goal is to inform and safeguard consumers. 🚨

With scamming rampantly rising, public awareness sharing is ever more pivotal. Report any other questionable operations noticed too. United, we can help thwart such malicious actors. 💪

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