is rehlat legit or scam for booking? Reviews & complains 2024

Is Rehlat a Legitimate Flight Booking Website?

In the vast realm of online travel agencies, Rehlat has emerged as a UAE-based player, offering users the promise of convenient flight bookings. However, a cloud of skepticism surrounds the legitimacy and trustworthiness of this platform. This comprehensive review aims to dissect the experiences shared by users, scrutinize the business practices, and explore viable alternatives in order to answer the pressing question – Is Rehlat a legitimate choice for flight bookings?

User Reviews and Ratings

The first checkpoint in assessing Rehlat’s legitimacy is to delve into the realm of user experiences. Unfortunately, the reviews and ratings on independent platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber paint a bleak picture. With a paltry 1.7-star rating on Trustpilot from over 1900 reviews and a slightly worse 2.3-star rating on Sitejabber from over 780 reviews, Rehlat faces a barrage of negative feedback. Complaints center around flight cancellations, refund processing issues, and a lack of effective customer support. Users recount tales of flights being canceled without notice, leaving them stranded and frustrated.

Prices Too Good To Be True

A prominent red flag in Rehlat’s operations is the alarming discrepancy in quoted prices. Users have reported extremely low promotional fares that, upon closer inspection, turn out to be misleading. The bait-and-switch tactic involves displaying enticingly low prices initially, only to inflate the total cost with unexpected charges during the booking process. This deceptive strategy not only misleads customers but also erodes trust in Rehlat’s integrity.

Issues With Cancellations and Refunds

Another alarming trend revolves around Rehlat’s handling of cancellations and refunds. Despite clear policies outlined on their website, users report a lack of cooperation in processing refunds. There are instances where flights were canceled without notice, followed by excruciating struggles to obtain refunds. The company’s apparent evasion of customers during refund requests raises concerns about accountability and adherence to declared policies.

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Poor and Misleading Customer Support

Effective customer support is the backbone of any service-oriented business. Unfortunately, Rehlat’s customer support has become a significant point of contention. While the platform advertises phone, email, and live chat support, users express frustration over the arduous process of reaching an actual agent. Complaints about vague responses, unfulfilled promises, and unanswered queries paint a troubling picture of a customer support system in disarray. Misleading information provided to customers exacerbates the already precarious situation, further undermining trust.

Shady Business Practices

Upon deeper investigation, unsettling details come to light regarding Rehlat’s business practices. The inconsistency in the platform’s listed physical address and ownership information raises questions about transparency. Suspicions of identity theft emerge, with reports of unauthorized charges on cards after Rehlat transactions. Moreover, accusations against Google for irresponsibly promoting Rehlat through Google Flights searches, despite being aware of its dubious reputation, add another layer to the controversy. Speculations even extend to Rehlat’s potential involvement in organized criminal activities.

Is Rehlat Legit? Expert Risk Analysis

A comprehensive expert risk analysis based on user experiences and observed practices brings certain aspects to the forefront:

  • Overwhelmingly negative reviews indicate a high level of dissatisfaction among users, signaling a significant risk in engaging with Rehlat.
  • Ineffective refund processes, bait-and-switch tactics, and a lack of transparency in business practices are indicators of unscrupulous intentions.
  • Discrepancies in physical address information and suspicions of illegal practices further damage the platform’s credibility.
  • Google’s continued promotion of Rehlat despite its dubious reputation raises concerns about responsible advertising.
  • The absence of accountability, combined with unknown ownership details, adds to the legitimacy doubts surrounding Rehlat.

Considering these critical points, it is strongly advisable to approach Rehlat with caution. The potential risks, including financial losses and logistical challenges, outweigh the allure of initial low prices.

Alternatives to Rehlat

For users seeking trustworthy alternatives to Rehlat, several well-established options stand out:

  • Major OTAs: Platforms like MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Yatra, and Expedia are known for fair practices in the Asian/Indian region.
  • Airline Websites: Direct bookings through airline websites like Emirates, Etihad, or Indigo offer transparency without hidden charges.
  • Meta Search Engines: Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak, and Hopper provide real-time data for comparing rates across airlines and platforms.
  • Domestic Travel Portals: For local bookings, portals such as Via, RedBus, and IRCTC are trusted in India and elsewhere.
  • Agency Websites: Reputable agencies like Thomas Cook, SOTC, and Cox & Kings provide authentic deals with reliable customer support.
  • Hotel Partners: Booking flights alongside hotel stays through platforms like MakeMyTrip can bundle deals for added convenience.
  • Peer-to-peer Rentals: Services like BlaBlaCar and Uber connect travelers for one-way or multi-city trips, offering cost-effective alternatives to flights.

Opting for well-established players with proven track records is crucial to avoiding potential pitfalls associated with dubious online travel sites. Prioritizing customer satisfaction and peace of mind over short-term discounts is paramount.


In conclusion, the exploration into Rehlat’s legitimacy as an online flight booking platform reveals a concerning landscape marked by dissatisfied users, dubious business practices, and potential risks that overshadow the allure of discounted fares. User reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber paint a stark picture of disappointed customers grappling with flight cancellations, refund issues, and a lack of reliable customer support. The recurring theme of bait-and-switch tactics, with initial low fares skyrocketing during the booking process, raises questions about the transparency and integrity of Rehlat’s operations.

Price irregularities are not the only red flags; Rehlat’s inefficacy in handling cancellations and refunds adds another layer to the legitimacy concerns. Users recount struggles in obtaining refunds, with the company either delaying the process indefinitely or resorting to excuses and evasion. The unreliable customer support system compounds the problems, leaving travelers in a state of distress when seeking assistance.

Digging deeper reveals potentially shady business practices, including inconsistencies in listed physical addresses and suspicions of identity theft. Reports of unauthorized charges post-Rehlat transactions and accusations against Google for irresponsibly endorsing the platform further contribute to the air of skepticism surrounding Rehlat’s legitimacy. The absence of known owners and accountability only deepens the mystery and erodes trust in the brand.

Expert risk analysis solidifies the advisory stance against considering Rehlat a trustworthy choice for flight bookings. The risks involved, including financial losses and logistical complications, outweigh any perceived benefits of initial low prices. The recommendation is clear: cautious users are better off exploring well-established alternatives that prioritize consumer protection and satisfaction.

To navigate the world of online travel bookings with confidence, steering clear of Rehlat seems imperative until substantial changes in transparency, customer support, and overall business practices are implemented. The quest for affordable flights should not come at the expense of trust and reliability, and travelers are encouraged to choose established platforms with proven track records, ensuring a journey that is not only budget-friendly but also seamless and secure.

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