Is Ravesparty legit or scam? Reviews and complaints 2023


Do you want to shop from Read this review before you do! is an online store that claims to sell various products, including food storage containers and casual jumpsuits, at suspiciously discounted rates. However, our scam detector has given a poor trust score due to numerous red flags that suggest it may not be a genuine online store. Let’s explore the reasons why you should avoid shopping from

What is website? is an e-commerce website that offers a range of products for sale, including food storage containers and casual jumpsuits. However, there are serious concerns about the legitimacy of this website, and this review will delve into the reasons behind our skepticism.

Reasons why you should not shop from raises multiple red flags that should deter you from making any purchases on the website. Here are some of the concerning issues:

Website Creation

One significant red flag is the recent creation of in May 2023, with an expiration date of May 2024. Such a short lifespan of the website indicates that it might be a disposable platform, suggesting unreliability and potential scam activities.

Customer Complaints

Numerous customer reviews online indicate that is a scam. Customers have reported not receiving the items they ordered, receiving inferior quality products, or encountering challenges when attempting to seek refunds or contact customer support.

Hidden Contact Address has not provided a visible contact address on its website. Legitimate online stores usually provide accurate contact information to build trust with customers. The absence of a contact address raises suspicions and indicates that the store might be trying to hide its identity.

Suspicious/Outrageous Discounts

The website offers discounts that seem too good to be true. Unrealistically low prices are often used by scam websites to attract customers, leading to potential disappointment and financial loss.

Poor/No Security lacks proper security measures like Mcafee or Norton protection. Without adequate security, customers’ personal and financial information could be at risk of theft by hackers.

Stolen Contents has been found to use stolen content and product images from various other online stores. Such practices are common among scam websites that attempt to deceive customers with counterfeit products.

Is Scam Or Legit?

Considering the red flags mentioned above, is highly suspicious and may be a scam. The website’s use of outrageous discounts, lack of customer satisfaction, hidden contact information, and stolen content are all indications of potential fraudulent activities. Like other scam online stores, may lure customers with enticing offers but fail to deliver quality products or provide proper customer support.

Does Using PayPal Guarantee Safe Shopping From No! And Here’s Why.

Using PayPal for purchases on does not necessarily guarantee a secure shopping experience. Scam websites like have found ways to exploit PayPal’s system. They might provide fake tracking numbers to make it difficult for customers to dispute transactions, resulting in challenges when attempting to obtain refunds.

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3 Things To Be Aware Of When Shopping From

If you still choose to shop from despite the warning signs, be aware of the following potential issues:

Not Receiving Your Package

It’s common with scam online stores that customers may be debited but never receive the ordered products.

Receiving A Different/Inferior Product

Customers might receive a completely different item from what they ordered, often of inferior quality. This is a classic example of a bait and switch scam, where customers are deceived with misleading product listings.

Hacked Credit Card

There’s a possibility of having your credit card information hacked and misused by fraudulent online stores like Unauthorized charges or overcharging on your credit card might occur, leading to financial losses.


In conclusion, is not a trustworthy online store. With numerous red flags and concerning practices, it is advisable to avoid shopping from this website. To protect yourself from scams like, check the domain age, verify contact information, look for customer reviews, and ensure the website has a secure connection. Prioritizing your online security when shopping is crucial to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities.

Do this If you have been Scammed!

If you have fallen victim to or any other scam website, take the following steps to protect yourself and potentially recover your losses:

  1. Contact Your Bank or Financial Institution: Inform your bank or financial institution about the scam and file a complaint. Request a new debit card if necessary to prevent further unauthorized charges.
  2. Document Transactions: If you used PayPal for the purchase, take screenshots or keep records of the transactions for future reference during dispute claims.
  3. Update Passwords: Change your passwords, especially if you’ve used the same password for on other websites or applications. Consider enabling two-factor authentication for added security.
  4. Beware of Phishing Emails: Stay vigilant for suspicious emails related to the scam. Do not click on any links in such emails, as they may lead to phishing attempts or malware installation.
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Remember, online shopping can be convenient, but it also comes with risks. Stay informed, stay cautious, and prioritize your security when making purchases online. Avoiding scams and protecting your personal information is essential to have a safe and enjoyable online shopping experience.


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