Is opinion focus panel llc legit or scam? Reviews 2024

Is Opinion Focus Panel LLC A Legitimate Company?

When searching for legitimate survey and focus group opportunities, the name Opinion Focus Panel LLC likely comes up. In this in-depth review, I will explore Opinion Focus Panel and examine whether it is a trustworthy company to participate with.

Some key aspects I will cover include:

  • An overview of what Opinion Focus Panel does

  • Payment and earning potential through the platform

  • Differences between online and in-person opportunities

  • Reviews and feedback from other users

  • Requirements for joining and participating

  • Privacy and data collection practices

  • Alternatives if Opinion Focus Panel isn’t a good fit

By the end, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of Opinion Focus Panel and whether working with them aligns with your goals. Let’s get started!

What is Opinion Focus Panel LLC?

Opinion Focus Panel LLC is a market research firm that facilitates focus groups, product testing, and surveys both online and in-person. They work with a wide range of corporate clients across many industries to gather consumer opinions and insights.

Some key things to know about Opinion Focus Panel:

  • Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Rochester, New York.
  • Operates under the domain

  • Maintains a nationwide network of over 2 million panelists.

  • Clients include major brands in tech, healthcare, CPG, automotive, and more.

  • Offers both online research (surveys, diaries) and in-person opportunities (focus groups, interviews).

In summary, Opinion Focus Panel connects individuals with market research projects. Panelists provide feedback that helps companies develop better products and messaging. The company makes money by charging clients for access to their panelist database.

How Can You Earn Money with Opinion Focus Panel?

There are a few primary ways panelists can earn money through participating in Opinion Focus Panel’s user research:

Online Surveys: Paid online surveys are usually the easiest activities to qualify for. Survey lengths and payouts can vary significantly based on topic/length but average $5-10 each.

In-Person Focus Groups: Happening in major metro areas, focus groups involve group discussions and typically pay $50-150 depending on location and length. Food/drink is provided.

Product Testing: Try new products at home and provide detailed feedback over time. Pay ranges from $50-300 across 2-8 weeks depending on commitment.

Depth Interviews: For major clients, some may qualify for 1-on-1 phone or video calls paying $50-100 per hour. Selection is competitive.

On average, most active panelists report earning $50-300 per month depending on availability and screening priorities. The key is maximizing opportunities by updating your profile frequently. High-performing panelists can earn over $500/month consistently with effort.

Is It Easy To Qualify For Projects?

Qualifying for projects with Opinion Focus Panel depends on a few factors:

  • Demographic Targets: Brands screen for specific age ranges, regions, incomes, interests that match their target market.
  • Profile Completeness: The more thorough your profile details, the more likely you’ll be a match. Be honest and provide preferences.

  • Speed: Deadlines exist, so act fast when screened as brands want quick responses before quotas fill.

  • Consistency: Regularly updating your profile raises your internal “reputation” score, increasing matching odds over time.

  • Screening Criteria: Some have several questions to pass, while most are simple yes/no qualifiers on attributes.

In general, if your profile aligns well to frequently running campaigns and you’re quick to respond, qualifying for something weekly seems realistic. It takes patience, persistence and maximizing your matches through a complete profile.

Online vs In-Person Opportunities

A notable difference with Opinion Focus Panel is the option for both online and in-person opportunities. let’s compare some key aspects:

Online Activities:

  • Surveys are ubiquitous and easiest to qualify for regularly.
  • Can do on your own schedule from any device as long as it’s before deadlines.

  • Payouts average $5-10 for 20-30 minute surveys.

In-Person Activities:

  • Focus groups and tests happen in major US cities near facilities.
  • Require traveling to locations on set dates/times on short notice.

  • Pay significantly more at $50-150 depending on length (2-3 hours typically).

  • Free food/drink provided in a comfortable discussion environment.

For convenience and supplementary income, surveys are ideal. But motived panelists can earn more via focus groups if they live near test locations and have availability on assigned dates. Both have their place depending on lifestyle.

Reviews From Other Panelists

To gain more perspective on the platform’s legitimacy and typical user experience, here are a few reviews from other Opinion Focus Panel members:

Trustpilot Rating: 3.8/5 based on over 1,000+ reviews. Complaints tend to be disqualifying frequently or not enough high-paying offers.

Reddit Reviews: Overall positive. People mention it’s not a high-earner but good for a couple surveys monthly as supplemental income when convenient. Transparency praised over payments.

Quora Answers: Most say Opinion Focus Panel is definitely legitimate and pays as promised but urge realistic expectations and patience. Earning potential depends on effort/luck matching criteria.

User Interviews: Panelists emphasize being proactive about your profile. Some earn $50-100/month on surveys alone by updating regularly. In-person roles pay best but are rarer unless near studios.

In summary, while not a way to generate full-time income, most seem to have a positive experience earning small amounts consistently when putting in profile effort over the long run. The platform appears reputable and transparent according to other users.

Requirements For Joining

To participate with Opinion Focus Panel, there aren’t many strict requirements but there are some eligibility criteria:

  • Age: Must be 18+ years old to create an account and provide own opinions anonymously.
  • Location: Only panelists residing in the United States may join currently as projects are US-focused.

  • Devices: Need regular computer/laptop or smartphone access to complete studies presented digitally on your schedule.

  • Time Commitment: Varies per project but most surveys take 20-30 minutes. Bigger commitments exist for tests/groups.

  • Honesty: Full transparency is required when qualifying and participating to provide brands useful insights.

Joining is entirely free and discretionary. No contracts or long-term commitments exist. You’re able to opt-out of projects at any time without penalty as well.

Privacy And Data Collection

Naturally, when sharing personal information and opinions, privacy is a top concern. Here’s what you need to know about Opinion Focus Panel’s policies:

  • Data Usage: All information is solely used for profiling matches to research projects and compiling anonymous aggregate reports for clients.
  • Confidentiality: Your name and individual responses are never revealed to clients per strict privacy protocols. All feedback remains confidential.

  • Data Security: Panelist data is stored securely in encrypted databases and transmitted safely in accordance with security best practices to prevent unauthorized access or loss.

  • Consumer Rights: As with all market research, you maintain full ownership and rights over private details shared. Access can be requested for deletion or correction at any time.

Overall, Opinion Focus Panel is upfront about how data is used respectfully within market research standards. No sensitive financial/medical records are collected either. Risks appear quite low for participants wanting complete anonymity.

Alternatives To Opinion Focus Panel

While Opinion Focus Panel is a well-known brand, it’s not the only game in town. Some other popular survey and market research platforms to consider include:

  • Survey Junkie: Great community and member support. Pays well for both long and short surveys at $0.50-$3 each usually. High payout minimum though.
  • Swagbucks: Huge worldwide user base provides plenty of daily surveys from brands. Earn Swagbucks points redeemable for gift cards. Not optimized for mobile experiences yet.

  • InboxDollars: Balanced mix of paid surveys and offers/tasks. Low payout threshold of $30 makes it easy to cash out rewards on a regular basis.

  • Qmee: Fast, simple surveys on web or iPhone/Android app that credit your account instantly. Great for fitting in small 3-5 minute surveys throughout the day.

  • OnePulse: Known for screening matches to long, high-paying product tests and research panels that can credit hundreds of dollars over time if selected. Very competitive however.

Do some research on these and try a few to find your best fit based on regular earnings, payout speed, user experience and device/location preferences overall fit your lifestyle. It’s worth shopping options.

Should You Join Opinion Focus Panel?

After analyzing all the key aspects of Opinion Focus Panel, in summary – it appears to be a legitimate market research platform viable for earning small supplementary income when time permits.

Some good things include:

  • Reputation as a long-standing, transparent company in the industry

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