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In today’s digital age, there is no shortage of apps and games that promise easy money through gaming. One such app gaining attention is Merge Boom – a casual puzzle game that claims players can earn real cash rewards. However, are these earnings realistic or is it just another scam?

In this in-depth review, we analyze Merge Boom App from all angles to understand how it works, what others say about it and whether it can actually be trusted. We dissect its features, gameplay, withdrawal process and fine print to determine its legitimacy. Our aim is to separate facts from fiction so readers can make an informed choice about investing their time and personal details with this app.

What is Merge Boom App?

Merge Boom is a puzzle game available for Android and iOS devices. It revolves around the concept of merging animal tiles of the same type to clear the board and progress to higher levels. With each level achieved, players earn in-game currency called “coins”.

The app promises cash payouts in exchange for these coins. It shows lucrative payout charts ranging from ₹50 to ₹10,000 for accumulating a certain number of coins. This gives the impression that playing casually can generate real money over time.

Key Things to Note

Before installing Merge Boom App, here are some important points about its features and functionality:

  • Developed by Nicola Ann Kenny and available free to download from app stores.

  • Gameplay involves matching 3 or more identical animal tiles on a grid to clear space and earn coins.

  • Coins can be redeemed for gift cards and cash via PayPal after reaching thresholds shown on the redeem chart.

  • In-app purchases allow accelerating gameplay using bonus moves, lives or hints with real money spending.

  • It requires signing up with Google/Facebook and providing contact details to access coins wallet.

  • Terms mention developers reserve the right to alter coin values, cash-out rates and game mechanics anytime.

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So in summary, it combines casual puzzle gameplay and microtransactions with the promise of monetary rewards for long-term engagement. But is this model truly profitable?

Gameplay Experience

To analyze Merge Boom App objectively, I downloaded and played it extensively for over a week:

  • The matching mechanic is fun at first but gets repetitive very fast due to limited board sizes and animal tiles.

  • Difficulty ramps up quickly, with tight spaces and bigger tiles making matches harder to find as levels advance.

  • Without in-app purchases, natural progression slows to a crawl due to shorter move counts and inability to retry failed levels easily.

  • Gains of just 10-20 coins per completed level meant hitting even the lowest 500 coin payout target would take ages at that dismal rate.

  • Multiple ad pop-ups interrupted gameplay frustratingly, sometimes even mid-level, wasting moves and lives.

While the concept is not bad, poor balancing and aggressive monetization ruin the fun quickly for organic gameplay alone. Earning potential from just playing seems very low.

Withdrawal & Payout Process

This is central to understanding if Merge Boom App actually delivers on its earnings promise. From the app:

  • Cash outs are allowed only via digital wallet services like PayPal which charge withdrawal fees.

  • Requesting a withdrawal needs submitting ID proof like address, phone etc. raising privacy and security concerns.

  • High coin thresholds coupled with the slow earning rate make cashing out virtually impossible through casual play alone.

  • Many forums complain of denied payout requests despite meeting criteria, citing ambiguous “violation of terms” clauses.

  • Zero visibility into how the company actually processes and approves payments successfully.

  • Suspiciously sparse or no real user reports of receiving confirmed payouts could be found online or in app.

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For an earning app, this withdrawal setup seems intentionally opaque and problematic raising major trust issues around effective payout delivery.

Monetization Strategy Dissected

At its core, Merge Boom is a business with the primary goal of maximizing profits from a large user base. Let’s analyze how:

  • Free to play model aggressively hooks users with the false promise of fast earnings potential.

  • Game is tactically designed to be initially enjoyable but gets artificially difficult very quickly.

  • Frustration sets in organically pushing users towards microtransactions for progress.

  • Even small in-app purchase amounts add up massively at scale with a huge worldwide user base.

  • Earnings chart dangles a constant carrot to keep users invested and spending more over the long-term.

  • Barrier for any meaningful payout via play is too high by design to subsist users to continue in-app spending cycles.

This predatory monetization strategy casts serious doubts about the legitimacy of real payouts ever being delivered as promised.

What Others Say

To gauge user sentiment, I scoured reviews and forum discussions on Merge Boom App:

  • Play Store rating is a low 2.6/5 with the majority 1-star reviews complaining of no payouts delivered.

  • App Store wasn’t much better at 3.1/5 with similar complaints of rigged gameplay and denied cashouts.

  • Several Reddit threads and Quora discussions echo these sentiments calling it a scam app.

  • No legit Youtube or blog advocates could be found that have earned significant and confirmed payouts.

  • Suspiciously few or no newer positive reviews pointing all signs to an upward trend of negative user experience overtime.

Overall public opinion clearly paints an unfavorable picture casting serious doubts over its trustworthiness and transparency regarding real payouts.

Some Key Red Flags

Certain glaring issues around Merge Boom App raise major alarm bells:

  • Developer identity and location details are scarce fueling anonymity concerns.

  • No working support channels found to address user issues and complaints transparently.

  • Overly long and ambiguous terms reading more like a legal disclaimer than clear policy.

  • Failure to disclose drop-off rates clearly suggesting very few ever complete cashouts.

  • Tight control over game mechanics, earnings and withdrawals puts users entirely at their mercy.

  • Lack of any credible and recent proof of real payouts made as promised.

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When viewed collectively, these mystifying factors paint Merge Boom App in an unflattering light of a potential scam. Caveat emptor!

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Should You Try It?

After extensive research and analysis, here is my final verdict on Merge Boom App:

  • Gameplay seems engineered intentionally to frustrate organic users into spending.

  • Withdrawal process is intentionally vague lacking transparency.

  • Harsh rhetoric and ambiguities in terms signal attempt to shelter from accountability.

  • Critical analysis of monetization strategy hints propensity for empty promises.

  • Severely negative public perception with scant proof of legitimate payouts.

Unless proven otherwise, Merge Boom App appears misleading users under a thinly-veiled disguise of a game. There are safer, honest and law-abiding ways to earn online without relying on opaque apps of ambiguous intent and track record. Unless changes are made for greater transparency, this one is best avoided.

Tread carefully before installing any app promising fast cash through casual gameplay alone. Extensive research and verification of others’ experience helps avoid potential risks to personal wellbeing and finances. I hope this detailed review helps you make an informed choice.


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