Is Leggabn legit or scam? reviews 2023

Investigating – Is It a Genuine Online Store?

If you’re considering shopping from, it’s essential to tread carefully and do your research. This review aims to expose the red flags and suspicious activities associated with By examining its website, customer reviews, contact information, and security measures, we will determine whether it’s a legitimate online store or a potential scam. An Overview presents itself as an online store offering various products, from beddings and home decor to luggage items, all at seemingly discounted prices. While the promise of significant savings might be tempting, it’s essential to be cautious when dealing with unfamiliar websites.

Reasons to Be Cautious

As we delve deeper into the details of, several red flags emerge, casting doubt on its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Let’s explore these reasons:

Website Creation

A significant indication of a potentially fraudulent website is its age. was recently created in July 2023 and is set to expire in July 2024. Such a short lifespan suggests that the website is disposable and might be part of a scam operation.

Customer Complaints

Numerous customers who have shopped at have left negative reviews online, highlighting their dissatisfaction with the store. Common grievances include receiving incorrect or inferior products, failing to receive any items, and difficulties obtaining refunds. The absence of reliable customer support further exacerbates these issues.

Suspicious Company Ownership

Leggabn is owned by Aimark Ltd, a company with a questionable reputation. The negative feedback associated with Aimark Ltd raises concerns about the legitimacy of

Fake Contact Address provides an address listed as Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP. However, upon investigation, it becomes evident that this address is linked to several scam online stores. This discrepancy indicates that might be concealing its true location and contact details, which is a significant red flag.

Unrealistic Discounts

The prices offered on are too good to be true, suggesting that the store may be using outrageous discounts to lure unsuspecting customers. These unrealistic prices often result in bait and switch scams, where customers receive low-quality products or nothing at all.

Poor Website Security lacks proper security measures such as Mcafee or Norton, leaving it vulnerable to potential hackers. This can lead to the compromise of customers’ personal and financial information, making it even more risky to shop on the website.

Stolen Contents

Another common trait of scam online stores is the use of stolen content and product images from legitimate websites. appears to be guilty of this practice, further reinforcing its dubious nature.

No Social Media Presence

Legitimate online stores actively engage with their customers through social media platforms. However, has no active presence on any social media channels, raising suspicions about its credibility.

Is a Scam or Legitimate?

Considering the numerous red flags we’ve uncovered, it is highly likely that is a scam website. The bait and switch tactics, lack of social media presence, and numerous customer complaints all point to a potentially fraudulent operation.

Using PayPal Does Not Guarantee Safety

If you are hoping to rely on PayPal for buyer protection, think again. Scam online stores often exploit a loophole in PayPal’s system by using fake tracking numbers. This can make it challenging to dispute transactions and get a refund.

Three Things to Be Wary of When Shopping from

If you still choose to shop on, be prepared for potential issues:

  1. Package Non-Delivery: It’s common with scam online stores for customers to be charged but never receive their ordered items.
  2. Receiving Different or Inferior Products: Bait and switch scams are prevalent in such stores, leading customers to receive completely different or low-quality products from what was advertised.
  3. Credit Card Hacking: Customers risk having their credit card information stolen or overcharged by fraudulent stores.

Conclusion: Beware of

In conclusion, all signs point to being an untrustworthy online store. It has a history of ripping off unsuspecting buyers, and its many red flags should serve as a warning. To spot potential scams, remember to check the website’s domain age, return address, customer reviews, and social media presence.

If you’ve fallen victim to or other scam online stores, promptly contact your bank and file a complaint. Additionally, consider obtaining a new debit card to prevent further unauthorized charges.

Online shopping can be convenient, but it’s crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly research any unfamiliar websites before making a purchase. Stay safe and make informed decisions to protect yourself from potential scams and financial risks.

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