is justmylook legit or scam? Reviews & complaints


Is JustMyLook Legit or a Scam?

JustMyLook markets itself as an online retailer offering beauty, skin care, and cosmetics products at discounted prices. However, with so many deceptive websites on the internet today, it’s important to carefully vet any company you’re considering making purchases from.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at JustMyLook to see if they can be trusted. We’ll analyze customer reviews, inspect the company’s website and online presence, review third party trust and legitimacy checks, and provide tips for safely shopping with JustMyLook if they pass muster.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether JustMyLook appears to be a genuine retailer operating above board, or a potential scam site to avoid. Let’s get started with our investigation.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

When vetting any company, one of the most important factors to examine are customer reviews from people who have actually shopped there. Looking at JustMyLook’s reviews on different sites revealed:

  • Trustpilot shows over 45,000 reviews averaging 4.3/5 stars. Most complaints cited delayed shipping.
  • SiteJabber rated JustMyLook at 1.55 stars from 145 reviews, with many alleging poor customer service.
  • has mixed feedback, rated at 1.5 stars from 70 reviews citing scams and fakes.

The disparity in review quality across sites raises some flags that need further probing. But lack of outright scam allegations is initially encouraging.

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Verifying Business Registration

To gain further insight, JustMyLook’s business registration was examined. They are registered as a UK limited company called Just My Look Ltd since 2014.

Corporate records list the owners and provide a confirmed physical address in London matching their website’s contact details. Such transparency when many fly-by-night sites aim to stay anonymous is reassuring so far.

Assessing Online Presence

Legitimate companies typically establish a positive online presence over many years:

  • JustMyLook has maintained active social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram) continuously since 2014.
  • Their website domain has been registered under the same name since 2008 with consistent branding.
  • Google searches reveal a steady growth in backlinks, mentions and constructive reviews accumulated gradually over time.

This established digital footprint reducing the likelihood of JustMyLook being a short-lived scam is another positive sign in their favor.

Warning Signs That Warrant Caution

While JustMyLook has passed the initial legitimacy checks, there are still a few causes for concern:

  • Mixed and even quite negative reviews aggregated across multiple rating sites
  • Complaints of undelivered orders, faulty items, poor return policies
  • Inability to reach customer service representatives easily
  • No proactive responses when issues arise online

These type of problems, if true based on numerous affected customers, suggest JustMyLook may not always deliver as promised. So some caution is still warranted before purchasing from them.

Tips For Safely Shopping With JustMyLook

Assuming one feels reasonably assured in JustMyLook’s legitimacy after vetting, here are tips for protecting yourself:

  • Pay by credit card for disputes rather than debit
  • Verify addresses, pricing against competitors
  • Read policies on returns, exchanges, refunds very carefully
  • Never provide sensitive personal or banking info by email
  • Request order tracking details for all shipments
  • Monitor statements closely for unauthorized charges
  • Leave detailed, honest reviews for brands sold through them
  • Seek resolution promptly through chargeback if issues arise
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Taking sensible precautions allows safely experiencing JustMyLook’s deals firsthand while maintaining protection over personal and financial details in case problems do occur down the line.

Handling Delivery Issues Efficiently

Even reputable companies sometimes face hiccups. So it’s important to quickly address any delivery or quality concerns:

  • Contact JustMyLook customer support right away via live chat or phone
  • Escalate unresolved issues through payment methods for disputes
  • Involve local consumer agencies if no progress after a week
  • Post clear, constructively critical reviews online over problems
  • Consider small claims court as absolute last resort

Promptly pursuing resolution protects rights while also pressuring brands to improve buyers’ experiences over time. Most issues can still be solved smoothly with open communication on both sides.

Final Analysis

After an in-depth investigation, some information seems to check out positively for JustMyLook but their customer service reputation remains concerning based on widespread complaints. If deciding to shop there:

  • Use credit cards and read policies very carefully upfront
  • Address issues immediately through all available official channels
  • Remain prudent over sharing sensitive account details

With attentiveness to potential downsides balanced by building legitimacy signs, knowledgeable consumers can feel empowered to safely try JustMyLook’s offers while maintaining financial and personal protections in place. The choice remains up to each individual based on doing thorough research first.

By taking a cautious yet open-minded approach and prioritizing prompt solutions if problems do occur, legitimate companies can be supported while holding questionable retailers accountable through informed customer experiences and feedback over time.


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