Is legit and reliable company? Reviews 2023

Is Legit or a Scam? A Comprehensive Review markets itself as an online retailer selling various types of jewelry. However, is this website truly legitimate, or could it be operating as a scam? In this detailed review, I’ll examine closely and analyze all available information to determine if it can be trusted when shopping online for jewelry.

Background on

The domain was registered in August 2023 and is set to expire in August 2024. While a newly registered domain isn’t inherently suspicious, the short one-year registration period makes the site seem more transient and disposable. Let’s explore additional context clues to understand this company better.

Website Design and Structure

The site has a basic design layout displaying product images and descriptions as expected of a jewelry retailer. However, some irregularities were noticed that decrease trust:

  • The listed contact address of 69 Aberdeen Avenue in Cambridge, England raised red flags when cross-checked.

  • No actual street view exists at this location, suggesting a fake address.

  • Product photos and descriptions appear copied from other legitimate jewelers.

  • Security, payment, and privacy policies were missing from the site.

These omitted details and irregularities in the site design decrease transparency and trustworthiness. Legitimate retailers prioritize building trust.

Company Ownership Details

Through domain registration records, I discovered is owned by Sayhi International Co Limited. Research on this parent company revealed:

  • It operates numerous hobby/craft sites with questionable negative reviews.

  • Customers report unfulfilled orders and poor support experiences.

  • No verifiable business registration or address details could be found for this company.

An established pattern of deception and unverifiable ownership associated with the parent company raises significant doubts about’s integrity from the start. Legitimate brands are transparent about operations.

Customer Reviews Analysis

To gain consumer perspectives beyond the site, I analyzed reviews across the internet:

  • No reviews were found posted directly on, highly suspicious for any retailer.

  • Scattered negative reviews on other sites claimed orders never arrived or items differed from listings.

  • Attempts to contact support went unanswered per reviews.

Consistently negative independent feedback implies deception. However, review volume was too low for confidence without more data. Let’s investigate additional angles further.

Competitive Pricing Analysis

Listing prices on consistently undercut top retailers by large margins. Deep discounts alone don’t prove wrongdoing, but the price differences appeared unsustainably large:

  • Identical $300 rings sold for $50 without logical explanation.

  • Watches sold at less than material cost with no marked sales.

Such persistently low pricing to be below manufacturing costs indicates deeper issues than deals alone – likely a “bait and switch” business model.

Website Analytics Evaluation

Further inspection of analytics tools provided more clues about’s authenticity:

  • Domain was anonymously registered to hide contact details.

  • No social profiles or backlinks could be traced, suggesting no real reputation or authority.

  • Traffic data was inaccessible, so popularity and engagement remained a mystery.

The complete lack of any discoverable online reputation or relationships between this domain and customers raises major doubts compared to trusted competitors.

Social Media Presence Review

Despite their importance for e-commerce, had:

  • Zero detectable Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social profiles.

  • No customer reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot or

The absence of any social proof at all where legitimate sellers actively build networks of loyal customers casts further suspicion.

Additional Factors for Consideration

Some additional questionable indicators found:

  • Orders could only be paid by PayPal without stated alternative payment options.

  • No contact phone number was listed for support inquiries.

  • Stock photo models were utilized rather than product photographs.

While none alone prove fraud, the combination amplifies existing doubts about authenticity and trustworthiness according to industry standards.

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Is legit or scam? Reviews 2023

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The Conclusion – Is Legit or a Scam?

After thorough online research and an in-depth analysis of as well as independently verifying concerns from third-party customer reviews, the overwhelming evidence suggests this website should be considered suspicious and best avoided:

  • Contact details were fake and ownership non-transparent from the start.

  • Anonymity and lack of any reputation or relationships raise integrity questions.

  • Pricing appears unsustainably under market rates, implying a “bait and switch.”

  • Only negative reviews reported unfulfilled orders without resolution.

  • Complete lack of any organic social profiles or review histories.

While no single smoking gun proves fraud outright, the overwhelming combination of deceptive signs, independent customer warnings and inability to truly verify authentic operations according to normal industry standards leads to the firm conclusion that risks shopping securely there. Online consumers deserve transparent retailers building trust – an quality this website appears to lack. Proceed with abundant caution or shop elsewhere instead for peace of mind.

In concluding this comprehensive review of, the overwhelming evidence suggests customers are best avoiding this website due to serious doubts about its legitimacy and integrity as an online retailer. From the earliest signs of red flags in domain registration details masking ownership to the use of a verifiably fake physical address, transparency was lacking from the outset in contrast to reputable jewelry sellers. Further investigation found the parent company has a documented history of questionable operations deceiving past customers as well. Due diligence into analytics, pricing structures, and independent reviews universally pointed to deceptive patterns of an inauthentic business seeking to profit through bait-and-switch tactics rather than honest commerce.

Whether analyzing website design shortcomings, the ability only to pay through a single supported payment processor, or most importantly the total absence of any organic social endorsement or review history that builds trust over time, exhibited all the telltale signs raising serious integrity issues.

While no conclusive proof confirms fraudulent activity alone, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence across all reasonable dimensions of investigation into this company and domain leave an inescapable perception that risks to customers far outweigh any potential rewards, as standards of transparency, customer service and legitimacy appear entirely lacking. For the savvy online shopper focused on security when spending hard-earned money, unfortunately indicates high probability of undesirable outcomes. It is thus definitively concluded legitimate and trusted jewelers exist providing better options without the flags of question hanging over this operation.

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