is il makiage legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

Is Il Makiage Legit or a Scam? Let’s Take a Deeper Look

Il Makiage is a direct-to-consumer beauty brand that offers customizable foundation matches delivered directly to customers. However, the brand has received some complaints regarding opaque subscription terms and challenges canceling. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Il Makiage to determine if it’s a legitimate company or some kind of beauty scam.

How Does Il Makiage Work?

Il Makiage utilizes a proprietary color-matching technology called Powermatch to determine a customer’s perfect foundation shade. When customers take the brand’s online quiz, it analyzes features like skin tone, undertones, and complexion to formulate a personalized shade recommendation.

Customers can then order sample packets of the recommended shades to test at home. Applying the samples on different areas of the face helps ensure the best color match. Once matched, customers can purchase full-size bottles of the “Woke Up Like This” serum foundation through monthly subscriptions. Subscriptions are paused, not canceled, and customers pay a small fee for each shipment.

What Are People Saying About Il Makiage?

Customer reviews of Il Makiage are quite mixed. On sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, the brand averages around 4 stars with most positive reviews praising the accurate color matches. However, complaints seem to stem from issues with subscriptions and returns/refunds.

Some recurrent problems mentioned include:

  • Difficulty canceling subscriptions, with orders and charges continuing months after requests.

  • Inability to pause subscriptions without incurring additional fees each time.

  • Restrictive return policies requiring customers fund return shipping and restocking fees for unwanted products.

  • Lack of refunds for samples ordered but never received due to delivery delays or other issues.

  • Poor customer service responsiveness when issues arise.

Clearly, subscription management and returns/refunds seem to be pain points for some Il Makiage customers. While the color matching technology receives accolades, the subscription processes draw the most criticism.

Is Il Makiage a Scam?

Upon reviewing available information, it does not appear Il Makiage itself is an outright scam. The company is legitimately providing the products and services advertised – accurate foundation matches and ongoing subscriptions.

However, some less-than-transparent practices give the impression of prioritizing profits over customer satisfaction if issues occur:

  • Subscription terms are not entirely clear or prominently disclosed upfront.

  • Contact information is not easily found on the website for those with problems.

  • Returns/refund policies seem designed to disincentivize unwanted orders from being sent back.

  • Customers report difficulty reaching resolution on support requests.

While not illegal, these types of practices can understandably frustrate customers and damage brand reputation if not handled properly. The risk of “baiting” new customers with enticing trials only to find opaque recurring charges later is concerning.

Overall, Il Makiage’s color-matching capabilities seem promising. But subscription management and support services require improvement to build lasting trust as a direct-to-consumer brand.

Should You Try Il Makiage?

For consumers still interested in Il Makiage’s offerings, here are some recommendations based on available information:

  • Only order sample packets first to test color matches before committing to subscriptions.

  • Read all subscription details carefully on the website before signing up.

  • Consider lower-priced subscription tiers if offered rather than monthly autoshipments.

  • Keep thorough records of all orders, payments and any support requests/responses.

  • Sign up with a virtual credit card number in case of future disputes.

  • Have a plan to pause or cancel the subscription right away if issues arise.

  • Look into third-party subscription management platforms for added protections.

With proper trialing and precautions, Il Makiage’s color matching tech could be a good option. But customers should go in fully informed and prepared to promptly resolve any billing or product problems that may occur down the road. Positive matching experiences have been reported, so it may be worth a careful test run.

Alternatives to Il Makiage

For those wary of complications, here are some alternative foundation brands to consider:

  • MatchCo – Also uses data analysis for precise shade recommendations through an at-home foundation kit. No recurring subscriptions.

  • Temptalia – Provides extensive foundation swatches online and in-store testers at Sephora for easy shade comparisons. Multiple brands and price points.

  • Fenty Beauty – Known for their inclusive Shade Ranges. Test various shades in-store or order samples online first before full bottles.

  • L’Oreal True Match – Drugstore option with 50+ shades available at most retailers. Employees can help find matches on-the-spot.

  • Custom blending – Websites like Custom Cover FX allow building completely custom foundation formulas and shades from scratch.

Doing further research on pricing, return policies, and wherever else products can be tested is advised before any beauty purchase. But these brands may provide Shade Matching with less risk of subscription confusion down the line.


Il Makiage sounds promising as a precision foundationmatcher. However, the company is still building trust around subscription clarity and customer support quality issues some have experienced. Their color technology seems to work well for many. But going in fully informed on order and billing processes is recommended until practices improve. Overall, Il Makiage may be worth a careful initial trial for matching, but vetting subscription terms and having an exit plan remains prudent based on existing user feedback patterns. Other reliable foundation options without recurring complexity also exist. Further research, product testing, and mitigation of risks can help consumers feel confident in their purchase decisions.

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