is igwrapped legit or scam? igwrapped reviews & complains 2023

Is IGWrapped Legit? Unpacking the Truth Behind This Gallery Wrap Company

A Brief History of IGWrapped

IGWrapped, a prominent provider of gallery wraps and framing kits, has garnered attention in recent years. Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Kaplan, an art enthusiast, the company set out to make gallery wrapping more accessible. Initially offering basic framing kits on their website, IGWrapped expanded its product range over time, introducing premium moulding options, various mat board choices, and an array of frame styles.

As IGWrapped grew, so did the challenges. By 2015, they were shipping framing kits worldwide, generating millions in annual revenue. However, with the increased scale came some quality control issues. Some customers reported receiving damaged or incomplete orders. In response, IGWrapped made strategic changes in 2017, hiring a new logistics team to improve packaging and order handling. These efforts aimed to enhance the unboxing experience, and most reviews since then have noted positive changes. Additionally, IGWrapped launched a loyalty program the same year, offering discounts to repeat customers.

Today, IGWrapped remains a top choice for DIY framing and gallery wraps. They boast a diverse inventory of products, many of which can be customized. But the question remains: is IGWrapped a legitimate company? Let’s delve deeper to find out.

Product Quality and Selection

IGWrapped’s framing and moulding components are generally well-regarded for DIY kits. Wood frames, foam boards, and plastic spacers are durable enough for light-use wall décor, while the metal edition frames may prove more resilient for long-term display.

One limitation is that IGWrapped primarily offers standard sizes, which means unusual dimensions may require custom cuts. However, this limitation is clearly communicated, and it aligns with the company’s price points.

The range of moulding options has expanded recently to include floated, flush cut, and bevel styles. There is also a wide variety of color and finish choices, from classic black to decorative gold or silver finishes. Mat boards are available in solid colors or textured surfaces.

Overall, IGWrapped’s products are suitable for amateur DIY projects. They offer good value and availability, but those seeking fully custom options for more specialized or professional use may look elsewhere.

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Ordering and Delivery Process

Ordering from IGWrapped’s website is a straightforward process. Product pages provide detailed information, including measurements and multiple-angle photographs, making it easy to select the right products. During the checkout process, all applicable taxes and duties are clearly displayed.

Most reviews indicate that shipping within the US typically takes 5-10 business days, with slightly longer delivery times for international orders. Orders are well-packaged in sturdy boxes with foam fillers to prevent damage during transit. Any issues with orders are generally resolved promptly by the customer service team.

One potential downside is that exchanges or returns can be somewhat inconvenient, often requiring the entire kit to be shipped back. However, prepaid labels are provided for these cases. For simple component swaps under $10-20, some users have found it more practical to reorder missing pieces.

Overall, from order placement to delivery, IGWrapped’s distribution seems efficiently managed, with few complaints about delays or inadequate packaging.

Reputation and Reviews

IGWrapped’s online reputation, as reflected in reviews, may appear mixed at first glance. However, a closer examination reveals that most experiences fall within the expected range. On review platforms like Trustpilot and Google, the company maintains an average rating of around 4-4.5 out of 5 stars.

The majority of complaints revolve around minor issues, such as damaged product components or delays in shipping due to backorders or holiday rush periods. These concerns align with the economy-level products and the DIY nature of the business.

What’s more revealing are discussions in online forums, where frequent IGWrapped customers often recommend or praise the company. Problems that do arise appear to be cheerfully resolved by helpful customer support representatives, as reported by long-term customers. Additionally, repeat purchases and participation in the loyalty program suggest that most customers are satisfied and continue to find the right solutions for their artistic needs and budget. Negative experiences appear infrequent and are par for the course of any online retailer


In conclusion, our exploration of IGWrapped, the prominent gallery wrap and framing kit provider, reveals a company that operates legitimately and offers a range of products and services to meet the needs of DIY enthusiasts and amateur creatives. Founded by Jennifer Kaplan in 2010, IGWrapped has come a long way in making gallery wrapping accessible to a wider audience. Their product range has expanded significantly, featuring options like wood frames, foam boards, plastic spacers, and metal edition frames.

The history of IGWrapped, marked by substantial growth and expansion, has not been without its challenges. The company faced quality control issues as they scaled up their operations, leading to reports of damaged or incomplete orders. However, they responded proactively in 2017 by bringing in a new logistics team focused on enhancing packaging and order handling. This move resulted in a noticeable improvement in the unboxing experience and garnered positive feedback from customers.

IGWrapped’s product quality and selection have been examined in detail, and for the DIY crowd, their framing and moulding components are considered adequate. The materials used, including wood and foam boards, are durable enough for light-use wall décor, while metal edition frames offer added durability for prolonged display. Moulding choices, color options, and finish variety are extensive, providing customers with ample choices for their projects.

The ordering and delivery process with IGWrapped is streamlined, with a user-friendly website and clear information on taxes and duties. Shipping times are within reasonable ranges, with items packaged securely to prevent damage during transit. Although the process of exchanges or returns may be somewhat cumbersome, it aligns with the cost-effective nature of the business, and prepaid labels are provided.

The reputation of IGWrapped, as reflected in online reviews, is generally positive, with average ratings of around 4-4.5 out of 5 stars. Complaints often revolve around minor issues, such as damaged product components or delays in shipping due to backorders or holiday rush periods. These concerns are consistent with the company’s economy-level products and the DIY focus of their business model.

What is perhaps more significant is the positive feedback from frequent IGWrapped customers. These individuals often recommend the company and report that problems are efficiently and cheerfully resolved by the customer support team. The participation in the loyalty program and repeat purchases suggest that IGWrapped’s customers are generally satisfied and continue to find value in their products and services.

In summary, IGWrapped operates as a legitimate business, offering quality products and services at affordable rates. While there are inherent limitations associated with their DIY approach, including standard size constraints and the inconvenience of exchanges, the company maintains a transparent and responsive approach to customer concerns. They prioritize customer satisfaction over short-term gains.

For amateur creatives, crafters, or small galleries, IGWrapped presents a compelling value proposition. Their kits remain a top choice for those seeking budget-friendly options for gallery wrapping and framing. While IGWrapped may not cater to the needs of professional artists or those requiring fully custom solutions, they undoubtedly provide a valuable and accessible option for those embarking on DIY art projects.

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