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Welcome to this in-depth investigation into the alleged IglooCoolerUS scam. In the vast world of online shopping, it’s crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly research brands before making a purchase. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the numerous red flags and concerns surrounding Igloo Coolers US, helping you make an informed decision about the legitimacy of this brand.

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1. Blocked Website IP: A Mysterious Wall of Silence

One of the first red flags that raise concerns about IglooCoolerUS is the blocked IP of their official website. When attempting to access the website, users are greeted with an error message indicating that the IP address is blocked. This unusual measure raises questions about the brand’s intentions and transparency. Why would a reputable company restrict access to customer reviews and testimonials on their own website? It is highly unusual for a legitimate brand to limit customer engagement in such a manner, hindering transparency and raising doubts about the authenticity of customer feedback. This lack of access to customer reviews makes it challenging to evaluate the overall sentiment and satisfaction levels of Igloo Coolers US customers.

2. Suspicious Facebook Reviews: Unveiling Potential Fabrications

Upon examining the reviews on the brand’s Facebook page, there are indications that they may be fabricated. All the reviews being posted on the same date, exactly 21 hours ago, raise suspicion about their authenticity. Genuine customer feedback typically spans across various dates and times, reflecting a more organic and natural distribution. The concentration of reviews within a narrow time frame suggests a controlled review process, which may not accurately represent the true customer experience. Furthermore, some of the language used in these reviews appears generic and lacks specific details, further fueling doubts about their legitimacy. While it is not uncommon for brands to receive positive feedback, the suspicious nature of these Facebook reviews raises concerns about their authenticity.

3. Unrealistically Low Prices: Too Good to Be True?

Another red flag that surfaces when considering Igloo Coolers US is the pricing of their products, which appear to be too good to be true. With prices for high-quality coolers hovering around $36, these unusually low prices compared to market standards can be a warning sign of a potential scam or counterfeit products. Legitimate brands often maintain reasonable pricing that reflects the quality and features of their products. If a deal seems too good to be true, it’s important to exercise caution and thoroughly research the brand’s credibility. The significantly low prices offered by Igloo Coolers US raise questions about the source and authenticity of their products, prompting consumers to approach their offerings with skepticism.

4. Lack of Google Ads: A Marketing Mystery

It is worth noting that the absence of Google ads, with only Facebook ads being present, raises doubts about the brand’s marketing approach. Legitimate companies typically employ a diverse range of advertising channels to reach a wider audience. While focusing on a particular platform may be a strategic decision, the exclusive reliance on Facebook ads for a brand of this nature may suggest a limited or targeted marketing strategy. While this in itself does not prove a scam, it adds to the overall lack of transparency and raises questions about the legitimacy of Igloo Coolers US.

5. Incomplete Facebook Page Information: A Lack of Transparency

The absence of comprehensive information about who operates the Facebook page raises concerns about the brand’s transparency. Legitimate businesses usually provide clear and comprehensive details about their company, contact information, and team members. The lack of such information on the Igloo Coolers US Facebook page raises doubts about the credibility and legitimacy of the brand. Without knowing who is behind the page, customers may find it difficult to trust the brand and its products. Transparency is a vital aspect of any reputable business, and the absence of it raises valid concerns.

6. Questionable Social Media Engagement: A Discrepancy in Numbers

Upon closer examination of Igloocoolerus social media accounts, an alarming discrepancy is noticed between the number of followers and the level of engagement on their posts. While the brand boasts a large following, the actual engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares, appears to be disproportionately low. This discrepancy raises doubts about the authenticity of the followers and the overall reach of the brand’s social media presence. When the follower count significantly outweighs the number of reviews or interactions on the page, it further raises concerns about the authenticity of the followers. Purchasing fake followers or engagement is a tactic employed by some unscrupulous businesses to create an illusion of popularity. Such discrepancies cast doubt on the legitimacy and credibility of IglooCoolerUS.


In conclusion, this in-depth investigation into the alleged IglooCoolersUS scam has shed light on several red flags and concerns surrounding the brand. From the blocked website IP to suspicious Facebook reviews, unrealistically low prices, the absence of Google ads, incomplete Facebook page information, and questionable social media engagement, there are multiple aspects that raise doubts about the legitimacy and credibility of Igloocoolerus.

While this investigation provides compelling evidence of potential scam indicators, it is essential to approach the findings with caution. The observations made in this blog post are based on available information and should not be taken as definitive proof of a scam. It is recommended that consumers exercise their due diligence and conduct thorough research before making a purchase. If you encounter a brand that raises concerns, it is advisable to explore alternative options from well-established and reputable companies in the market.

Remember, in the realm of online shopping, your vigilance and research are vital to ensure a safe and satisfactory experience.

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