is hims product legit or scam? Hims reviews and complains 2023


A Comprehensive Review of Hims for ED Treatment

Hims advertises itself as a convenient solution for men seeking help with erectile dysfunction (ED), but is the service really as good as it seems? In this in-depth review, we’ll take a look under the hood at Hims to evaluate whether it delivers on its promises of simplicity, discretion, and effectiveness.

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How Hims Works

Hims operates as a telehealth platform, allowing patients to be evaluated and treated for ED without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office. Here’s a quick overview of the process:

– **Consultation** – Complete a medical questionnaire on the Hims website. A licensed healthcare provider will review your answers and medical history.

– **Prescription** – If appropriate, the provider will write you a prescription for ED medication like Viagra, Cialis or Stendra. Generic versions are also available.

– **Delivery** – Hims ships your medication directly to your door, discreetly packaged. Refills are simple to request online or via the app.

– **Ongoing Care** – Providers are available for follow-up visits or questions through the Hims portal. Changes to your treatment plan can be made remotely as needed.

The goal is to make care as accessible and private as possible for men who might otherwise avoid seeing a doctor due to embarrassment about ED. But is telemedicine as effective as an in-person exam? We’ll explore potential downsides later.

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Available Treatments of Hims

In addition to well-known brands like Viagra, Cialis and Stendra, Hims offers their generic equivalents – sildenafil, tadalafil and avanafil, respectively. These contain the same active ingredients and work just as well for most men at a lower cost.

Included in Hims’ sexual wellness shop are other options like ED creams, peptides for libido boosting, and premature ejaculation sprays. While not medically necessary for ED, these exploit men’s well-documented interest in supplements.

The formulations Hims provides have years of research backing their safety and efficacy when used as directed. Still, it’s worth remembering that no pill is a permanent cure – lifestyle changes may be needed for lasting results.

Cost Considerations of Hims

Where Hims really strives to offer value is cost. The telehealth consultation is free, and medications ship free as well. However, you’ll pay out-of-pocket according to the following drug prices:

– Viagra (sildenafil 100mg) – $22/pill
– Cialis (tadalafil 5mg) – $18/pill
– Generic versions – $1-3/pill

Compare this to costs at brick-and-mortar pharmacies, which typically charge $50-70/pill for brands. However, discount programs and manufacturer coupons can yield even lower prices elsewhere.

Notably, Hims refuses to accept insurance – you pay the unsubsidized rate. This positions it as a cheaper alternative only for the uninsured, whereas others integrate with providers seamlessly.

Patient Experience of Hims

Judging by online reviews, most Hims patients appreciate the discreet home delivery above all else. Many report positive effects from the drugs and satisfaction with customer service responses to issues.

However, some complain of slow shipping, pharmaceutical quality control lapses, or issues cancelling subscriptions. Technical glitches in the platform are also cited.

While Hims strives to emulate the in-person doctor model, in reality it introduces new variables that could impact care quality. Relying solely on questionnaires to assess complex medical issues like ED seems risky without diagnostics.

Privacy and Security of Hims

On its website, Hims touts strong security and privacy practices around handling sensitive patient info. Personal data is said to be protected using bank-level encryption when shared online.

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However, the fact remains that prescriptions are connected to an individual’s name and delivery address rather than just a number, unlike at a doctor’s office. This opens theoretical risks if databases were ever breached.

Delivery boxes also bear external labels clearly marked “Hims” – discretion ends there. While not a dealbreaker, it means complete privacy can’t be assured as promoted. These realities must be weighed.

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## Frequently Asked Questions about Hims

Beyond whether Hims itself delivers, men considering the service will have many specific questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked queries:

How Quickly Does Hims Ship?

Most shipments arrive within 3-5 business days of ordering, though exceptions occur. Expedited 2-day options are available for $20 but don’t guarantee reception any faster.

Can Hims Treat Premature Ejaculation?

Yes, Hims provides behavioral therapy and topical desensitizing creams/sprays shown effective for PE. Online modules guide exercises while numbing gels purchase extra stamina.

Does Hims Accept Insurance?

No, Hims is not in-network with any major medical plans. To keep overhead low and offer direct access, patients pay out of pocket up front rather than billing insurers.

Is Hims’ Telehealth Service Legitimate?

Yes, prescribers are verified MDs, DOs, NPs and PAs with active licenses in good standing. Regulated medications are examined by pharmacists before shipping too. Hims aims to meet state telehealth standards.

How Safe Are Online Consultations?

With encryption protecting sensitive data entry and transfers, online safety compares well to office visits. However, full physical exams can’t replace telehealth’s interviews reliance for diagnosis needing hands-on assessment or lab tests. Judgments depend on individual circumstances.

What Conditions Does Hims Not Treat?

Significant conditions like prostate issues affecting ED require comprehensive exams beyond telehealth’s scope. Hims focuses mainly on lifestyle, stress and age-related distress amenable to short-term prescription support rather than underlying organic origins necessitating specialist evaluation.

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How Long Until Hims Medication Works?

Most take effect within 30-60 minutes, though optimal results may require 2-4 weeks of consistent use to gauge treatment effectiveness underlying issues. Patients should try various dosages under doctor oversight to find their personal ideal level.

Comparing Hims to Other Options

Hims faces growing competition from telehealth startups entering the men’s wellness space, so let’s examine its main rivals:


Like Hims, Roman offers ED drugs by mail along with hair treatments, skincare products and STD home testing kits. Its interface looks sleeker and design feels modern compared to Hims’ more clinical aesthetic. Prices are comparable without accepting insurance either.


An innovative new Chewable form of common ED drugs lets BlueChew bypass the issues some men face swallowing pills during intimate moments. For phobic or aging patients prone to dysphagia, this could prove a more comfortable option than Hims’ tablet formulas. However, they cost noticeably more at $20/dose.


This direct primary care practice aims to establish ongoing relationships with clients rather than providing just prescriptions as needed like Hims. For a low monthly membership fee of $40, unlimited virtual visits allow addressing broader concerns than sexual issues alone. Still, no drugs are included which may limit appeal vs a specialty service.

Final Verdict – Is Hims Legitimate?

In reviewing Hims comprehensively, it appears to represent a legitimate telehealth option for treating common cases of stress, medication or age-related ED in men comfortable managing conditions virtually rather than in person.

Though convenience and discretion are rightly highlighted, patients should understand limitations to telehealth diagnostics versus comprehensive physical exams. Temporary relief from known brands seems assured, but serious or co-morbid conditions still require traditional specialist evaluation.

Hims charges fairly for its prescription access and delivery model versus locally sourced options, though rates look inflated against manufacturer coupons or mail programs not charging middleman premiums. Factor in lack of insurance acceptance as well before committing.

Overall Hims seems a suitable choice where situations allow for remote interventions, privacy concerns outweigh costs, and expectations are managed around monitoring versus curing underlying origins case-by-case under medical guidance. Just be an informed consumer considering the full picture.


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