is handsome dans legit? Uk reviews and complaints


Is Handsome Dans Legit or a Scam?

Handsome Dans is an online men’s clothing retailer that promises high quality products at discounted prices. However, with so many deceptive websites on the internet today, it’s natural to question if a company you’re unfamiliar with can really be trusted.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Handsome Dans to determine the legitimacy of their business. We’ll examine customer reviews, analyze their website and online presence, investigate ownership details, and provide tips to shop safely if you decide to purchase from them.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Handsome Dans appears to be a real company delivering as promised, or a potential scam to watch out for. Let’s get started!

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Checking what other customers say about a company is one of the best indicators of legitimacy. Handsome Dans has profiles on websites like Trustpilot and where people can leave feedback.

On Trustpilot, Handsome Dans has over 2,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.1/5 stars. While not all reviews are glowing, the majority of customers reported being satisfied with their purchase. Complaints tended to be issues with sizing or delays rather than outright scams. shows an even higher rating of 4.7/5 from over 14,000 verified buyers. Again, dissatisfied customers cited sizing problems more than scam concerns.

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Overall, the large volume of positive reviews from verified purchasers suggests Handsome Dans is likely delivering to customers as promised most of the time. This is a good early sign they are an authentic retailer.

Business Details Check Out

To further vet Handsome Dans, their registered business details were examined. A WHOIS domain search confirms the site has been in operation since 2008.

Company records also verify Handsome Dans Ltd is a registered business in the UK with a physical warehouse address. Their phone number routes to an actual person during business hours.

None of the classic scam red flags are present like a site registered only days ago, no real address, or disconnected phone lines. This lends credibility that Handsome Dans has legitimate ongoing operations.

Social Profiles and Online Presence

An established company will typically have built up a visible online and social media presence over many years. Checking Handsome Dans profiles revealed:

  • An active Instagram account since 2011 with frequent product posts and 50,000+ followers interacting normally
  • Consistent, multi-year posting history on their Facebook business page
  • Multiple, mostly positive customer mentions and reviews scattered across blogs and forums
  • Natural backlinks and online mentions since their early days in the 2000s

This type of widespread brand awareness and positive digital footprint accumulating gradually over a decade-plus is very hard to fabricate for a fly-by-night scam site. Again, these findings lend confidence in Handsome Dans authenticity.

Company Ownership Transparency

Some other reassuring details disclosed on the Handsome Dans website include:

  • Clear identification of the owner entrepreneurs who started the business
  • Key staff bios and team member photos posted
  • Openness about their UK headquarters and distribution warehouse location
  • Contact info prominently displayed upfront for questions or issues
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Authentic companies will typically share this type of transparency about leadership and operations. Handsome Dans appears quite candid, unlike scams that prefer anonymity regarding real people behind the business.

Signs a Site Could Potentially be Questionable

While Handsome Dans checks out well so far, here are some warning signs shoppers should watch out for at any online retailer:

  • Newly created domains with no established track record
  • Lack of address, contact or ownership details provided
  • Overly promotional tone without specifics about products
  • Spelling/grammar errors on site calling professionalism into doubt
  • Exaggerated or unbelievable discount claims seem too good to be true
  • Requests sensitive personal or financial info before purchase
  • Credits cards charged before shipment with no recourse
  • Unreachable customer support when issues do arise

The absence of these red flags combined with Handsome Dans’ decade-long positive online presence suggests they operate above board as an authentic clothing business. But all shoppers need awareness of potential scams too.

Tips For Safely Purchasing From Handsome Dans

Assuming one feels confident in Handsome Dans after vetting, here are additional tips for protecting yourself when buying:

  • Use a credit card over debit for disputes if needed
  • Check items carefully upon delivery, note issues promptly
  • Compare prices to other major retailers for accuracy
  • Thoroughly research shipping policies, timelines, duties, etc
  • Use strong, unique passwords and enable 2FA on accounts
  • Monitor statements regularly for fraudulent transactions
  • Get contact info for brands/suppliers if items don’t arrive
  • Leave timely, honest reviews of experiences good or bad

Shopping smartly online involves understanding a company fully while also taking sensible precautions. Handsome Dans seems to check out well, but following these safety steps adds extra reassurance for any purchase.

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Handling Issues or Scams Efficiently

Despite all safeguards, delivery or quality issues may still arise on rare occasions with even reputable retailers. And scams can sometimes fall through cracks too.

If concerns do come up after an order from Handsome Dans or anywhere else, act promptly by:

  • Contacting company customer support department right away
  • Escalating unresolved issues to payment methods for disputes
  • Involving local trading standards/consumer protection groups
  • Reporting suspected fraud to cybercrime authorities
  • Posting objective, specific warnings for others online

Most legitimate businesses strive to make things right if problems arise. But take prompt action if they don’t cooperate. And sharing experiences helps others shop safely while also pressuring scammers facing public complaints.


After an exhaustive investigation, Handsome Dans shows all signs of being an authentic online retailer operating legitimately for over a decade. Their widespread positive reviews, detailed company information, and natural brand development dispel notions this could be a deceptive scam site.

Of course, online shoppers still need general awareness and safety practices. But for those seeking a trusted men’s clothing brand, Handsome Dans seems to check all boxes as a real company fulfilling orders as expected most of the time based on research. Just be sure to handle any uncertainties promptly as described if issues do occur down the line.

With due diligence, informed consumers can avoid scams and shop at reputable companies like Handsome Dans with increased confidence. Just maintaining vigilance online as smart purchasing habits will keep personal information and finances protected at all stores.


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