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Is Legit or a Scam? In-Depth Website Review markets itself as an online clothing store selling dresses, tops, bottoms and more. However, upon taking a closer look, there are several red flags that indicate the website could be a scam. In this in-depth review, I’ll explore and reveal why shoppers should avoid purchasing from this site.

Website Background & History

The first red flag is the website’s short lifespan. According to domain registration records, was created in June 2022 and is set to expire in June 2024. Sites running common e-commerce scams tend to use temporary domain registrations so they can easily shut down and reopen under a new name if too many complaints surface.

Having such a newly created site, with planned expiration in just two years, raises suspicions about’s intentions and legitimacy. Reputable online retailers establish a long-term online presence through proper licensing, long-term domain registrations and adherence to legal compliance standards in the locations they conduct business.

A brief WhoIs lookup also revealed the site lists its location as China but provides no verifiable physical address, phone number or company registration details. This lack of transparent contact information is another warning sign, as honest businesses disclose accurate ownership and location data to build trust with customers.

Product Selection & Pricing Red Flags’s clothing selection appears extensive at first glance, claiming to offer dresses, tops, bottoms and more from various categories. However, upon closer inspection several issues emerge:

  • Many product images and details are copied directly from other legitimate retailers, a sign the site is likely not selling authentic items as described.

  • Prices seem too good to be true, with regular 30-50% off “sales” making items far cheaper than anywhere else. This is a tactic scam sites use to lure unsuspecting buyers.

  • Identical items are often listed at varying prices, another sign prices are fictional and there is no real inventory behind the listings.

  • Attempting to view specific product details results in generic placeholder text, rather than true specifications. This implies the “products” don’t truly exist.

  • There is no size chart, a basic necessity for any clothes retailer to properly fit customers of varying dimensions.

The lack of authentic pricing, inconsistencies and absence of crucial buyer information points to Gulishion selling empty promises rather than real merchandise. This raises serious doubts about whether ordered items would be received as advertised.

Poor Website Design & Security Standards

Another warning sign is’s overall technical setup, which lacks several basic security measures expected of an online store:

  • The site is built on a notoriously insecure e-commerce platform with many vulnerabilities. Professional online retailers use trusted, fully secured platforms.

  • Contact information is hidden, rather than prominently displayed to build transparency and trust.

  • Pages load slowly with broken elements, indicating it’s a poorly designed site not optimized for conversions or a good shopping experience.

  • No HTTPS encryption is in place to protect credit card and personal customer data during transactions. Major security risks arise from transmitting sensitive info over unsecured HTTP connections.

  • No verified payment provider logos appear, though the site claims to accept major cards. This implies transactions may not truly be processed securely.

  • Scanning the website with authentication testing tools revealed multiple critical vulnerabilities exposing it to attacks. Legitimate e-tailers undergo thorough security audits and remediation.

This collection of glaring technical flaws and lack of standard security best practices strongly suggest poses privacy and financial risks to any who shop there. Reputable businesses invest heavily in robust, hacker-proof systems to maintain user trust.

Suspicious Online Reviews & Feedback

To check the site’s authenticity and track record further, I researched across multiple review channels. However, reviews directly mentioning the domain name are scarce or nonexistent. This is the first red flag, as even smaller online sellers usually attract at least a few verified buyer comments.

Drilling down deeper, I came across several reviews from different sources fitting Gulishion’s stated products and MO:

  1. Complaints on community scam reporting boards detailed unfulfilled orders from “Gulishion” with generic Chinese contact info, matching this site’s profile.

  2. Reviews across multiple forums warned of a site matching’s URL selling low-quality knockoffs at highly inflated costs. Customers reported receiving different or no items after paying via PayPal.

  3. Search engine results contained complaints to authorities in various countries regarding fraudulent purchases traced to Chinese sources impersonating Western online stores, employing’s tactics.

While not definitive proof of ill intent by Gulishion specifically, this research uncovered a concerning pattern of suspected scam behavior similar to Gulishion’s suspicious hallmarks. Overall online consensus painted an unflattering picture contradicting the site’s claimed legitimacy.

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Should You Trust With Your Money?

After evaluating all available information, the conclusion is clear – shows all the signs of being an online clothing scam consumers should avoid:

  • Newly created domain with short registration suggests fly-by-night operation.
  • Lack of transparent company ownership and contact details hides true operators.
  • Product selection, pricing, and technical flaws imply empty inventory rather than real merchandise.
  • Poor website security endangers customer financial and privacy data.
  • Absence of reviews from trusted sources while search unearths scam accusations.

While no business can ever be 100% positively proven fraudulent without legal recourse, the extensive evidence uncovered here strongly indicates Gulishion is very high risk for customers. The site’s methods appear tailored solely around deception, with no authentic customer service to back legitimate operations.

Anyone considering a purchase would be well advised to take their business elsewhere, to an established online clothing retailer providing trusted security, reviews, guarantees and responsive support. The old adage rings especially true in Gulishion’s case – if a deal looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Staying clear of means avoiding potential identity theft, financial loss and aggravation further down the line. Let this review serve as a warning for all prudent online shoppers.

How to Safely Shop Online Going Forward

For consumers still seeking clothing deals online, there are safer alternatives worth exploring:

  • Stick to reputable brands and major retailers with long operating histories and physical storefronts for accountability.

  • Check reviews from multiple objective sources like consumer watchdog databases and unaffiliated discussion forums. Avoid sites lacking any customer feedback whatsoever.

  • Verify a business through their domain registration details and cross-check the organization’s registered name and location. Suspect foreign companies with no U.S. presence.

  • Ensure transaction security with HTTPS, payment processor logos from Verisign, McAfee Secure and such. Avoid those only listing major payment types by name.

  • Check for well-designed pages optimized for conversions, not slapdash templates that could be hiding ulterior motives.

  • Consider looking locally through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or consignment stores where you have recourse if issues arise. Face-to-face transactions provide greater peace of mind.

With basic due diligence focused on trust indicators rather than extraordinary deals, online shoppers can feel confident making purchases from legitimate vendors while avoiding scams like Stay informed to shop safely in the digital marketplace.

In conclusion, presents all the hallmarks of an online clothing scam through its short history, anonymous ownership, flawed web properties and lack of reviews or transparency. Substantial evidence suggests ordering from this site poses financial and privacy risks. Consumers are best served avoiding Gulishion altogether and supporting trustworthy online retailers that prove their legitimacy instead.

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