is govplus legit or scam? reviews and complaints 2024


What is GovPlus?

GovPlus is a website that claims to simplify completing government forms and applications online. They offer assistance with processes like:

  • Renewing passports 🛂
  • Applying for Global Entry/TSA PreCheck ✈️
  • Filing immigration documents 🗃

For a fee, GovPlus handles form filling and submission on your behalf to help streamline the process. But is their service really legit? Let’s examine the facts.

Mixed Customer Reviews

Analyzing over 1,000 GovPlus reviews on Trustpilot reveals:

👍 4.8/5 average rating

However, deeper scrutiny finds:

😕 Many 5-star reviews use similar templated language
👀 A few 1-star reviews allege non-delivery of services

This inconsistent feedback warrants further investigation.

Reddit Discussions

Browsing GovPlus discussions on Reddit raises concerns:

“Has anyone actually gotten their passport with them?”

“I paid but never heard back, should I dispute the charge?”

“Beware they don’t answer support requests.”

Some portray poor communication and fulfillment issues. 😬

Better Business Bureau Profile

GovPlus holds an “A” rating from the BBB overall.

But their complaint history shows:

  • 17 complaints over 3 years cite non-delivery of paid services
  • Only 1 was resolved, others remain “Unanswered”

This mismatch requires explanation. 🤨

Terms of Service Raises Questions

Some clauses in GovPlus’ lengthy TOS raise eyebrows:

  • No refunds issued under any circumstances
  • Prices subject to change at any time
  • No guarantee of application approvals

Do these protect consumers sufficiently? 📝

Competitors Compared

How do other passport/document assistance services compare?

Service Reviews Pricing Refund Policy?
Travisa 4.7/5 stars + 500+ reviews $150 average Full refund if not approved
Green Card Office 4.5/5 stars + 300 reviews $200-300 average Partial refunds possible
DS-11 Express 4.3/5 stars + 200 reviews $250 average Full refund before documents sent

GovPlus’ questionable reviews and strict policies stand out. 🤔

Contacting Support

Attempting to contact GovPlus support further raises red flags:

  • No public phone number or live chat options
  • Emails/forms don’t always get responses
  • No addresses listed for physical locations

Lack of transparent communication worries users. 🚩

Final Analysis

While convenient in theory, GovPlus’ inconsistent reviews, refund policy concerns, limited transparency and formal complaint history suggest risks real customers should be aware of before entrusting them with important documents and money. Verified competitors seem more reputable options. Further due diligence is prudent given what’s at stake. Proceed cautiously!

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