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FlexShopper: Is It a Legitimate Rent-to-Own Option?


In today’s world of fast-paced consumerism, rent-to-own options are gaining traction, offering a middle ground between buying and renting. FlexShopper is one such player in the rent-to-own market. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at FlexShopper, examining user sentiments, regulatory dealings, and the overall legitimacy of this rent-to-own service provider.


FlexShopper, founded in 2013, has positioned itself as an online marketplace for leasing brand-name goods. The allure of affordability in acquiring high-end products is undoubtedly appealing, but it’s equally important to scrutinize the legitimacy and lawfulness of such services to protect consumers. Let’s dive deeper into FlexShopper and explore the user sentiments and regulatory landscape surrounding it.

Studying FlexShopper Reviews

One of the most valuable sources of insight into any service is user reviews. FlexShopper has gathered a substantial number of reviews on platforms like SiteJabber. Aggregating a total of 732 ratings, FlexShopper garners an average rating of 3.46 out of 5 stars. This suggests that, on the whole, most users find satisfaction with their services. However, the true richness of reviews often lies in the dissenting opinions, as they provide invaluable lessons for areas where improvement is needed.

Complaint Board Insights

Another platform that provides significant insights into user experiences is ComplaintsBoard. Here, we find 482 detailed FlexShopper reviews, many of which highlight concerns such as delivery delays, erroneous charges, and unresponsive customer service. While it’s common for any business to have a few dissatisfied users, addressing these raised issues is crucial for preserving reputation in the long term.

FlexShopper Strengths

To gain a more balanced perspective, let’s first acknowledge the strengths of FlexShopper:

  1. Large Product Selection: FlexShopper offers a diverse range of products, making it a tempting option for those seeking variety.
  2. Competitive Lease Rates: Their rates are often competitive, making it attractive for cost-conscious consumers.
  3. Growing Brand Awareness: Over the years, FlexShopper has gained recognition, which can be a sign of trustworthiness.

Development Opportunities

However, every rose has its thorns, and in the case of FlexShopper, there are areas for improvement:

  1. Streamlining Delivery Timeframes: Addressing delivery delays should be a priority to enhance the overall customer experience.
  2. Clarifying Lease Agreement Policies: Transparency in lease agreements can help in avoiding misunderstandings and disputes.
  3. Augmenting Customer Service Resources: Improving customer service responsiveness is vital for resolving issues and retaining customers.

Regulatory Standing

FlexShopper’s regulatory standing is an important facet to consider when assessing its legitimacy. The company holds an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), primarily due to unanswered complaints. Maintaining a good rapport with regulatory bodies can significantly enhance trust and legitimacy. However, it’s also worth considering that excessive regulatory oversight can stifle innovation. Striking a balance is crucial to protect consumers without hindering progress.

Expanding Transparency

To bolster their legitimacy, FlexShopper can take several proactive steps:

  1. Inviting Third-Party Audits: Conducting third-party program audits and publishing the findings can enhance accountability.
  2. Surveying Referral Partners: Proactively seeking feedback from referral partners can provide a 360-degree perspective on their operations.

In conclusion, FlexShopper shows promise as a rent-to-own service provider. It offers well-meaning foundations that warrant consideration. However, like any service, it has its areas for improvement. The key to sustained success is a commitment to continual enhancement guided by diverse user input. Responsiveness to both praise and criticism is what differentiates leaders over the long haul.

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So, if you’re considering FlexShopper as your rent-to-own option, remember to weigh the pros and cons, and most importantly, keep an eye on their responsiveness to user feedback. 👨‍⚖️

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