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Is Legit or a Scam? is an online store claiming to sell officially licensed sports merchandise from teams and leagues. However, there have been many reports and reviews suggesting it could be a scam store trying to steal people’s money. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at and various factors to determine if it’s a trustworthy site to shop from.

Background and Domain Information first launched in early 2022, making it a relatively new domain. When looking up who registered the domain, it’s registered privately through Domains By Proxy, which often hides the true owner’s identity. This is a red flag, as legit businesses usually don’t feel the need to hide who owns their domain name.

The site also does not provide much information about the owners, operators, contact information or physical address. There is no “About Us” page to learn more about the company. This lack of transparency about who runs the business is another warning sign of a potential scam.

Legitimate online retailers ensure contact details, company info and physical locations are clearly displayed to build trust with customers. The fact hides so much basic information regarding its ownership raises major doubts about the integrity of the business.

Reviews and Customer Complaints

Upon searching online forums and review sites, it becomes clear there are significant issues being reported by many who have shopped on On sites like ScamAdviser, Trustpilot and Reddit, numerous warnings have been posted:

  • Customers report placing orders but never receiving products or refunds. Their money seemingly disappears.

  • Items received are very low quality knockoffs rather than official, licensed merchandise as advertised.

  • Poor customer service response to issues. Attempts to contact support go unanswered.

  • No working returns policy. Returns cannot be processed once orders are placed.

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The consistent complaints regarding unfulfilled orders, subpar products and lack of responsiveness from support are huge red flags. Legitimate online stores take accountability for issues and aim to resolve customer problems. The evidence shows does not operate this way.

Similarities to Other Reported Scam Stores

Upon further examination, it seems may be associated or related to other shady stores that have been reported as scams themselves, like

Both sites sell the exact same inventory of sports merchandise, use near identical website designs and templates, hide information about ownership, and generate the same complaints from customers about ordering issues and lack of accountability.

This suggests one scam operation may be behind multiple storefront domains, trying to hide under different names. When customers catch on that one site is fake, a new similar-looking site launches to lure in more victims. It’s a concerning pattern seen with other scam businesses too.

Comparison to Legitimate Fanatics Site, the official online store of Fanatics Inc., is the industry leader for licensed sports apparel and merchandise.

When comparing to the real Fanatics flagship store, the discrepancies are vast. has:

  • Been in business for over 25 years with an established reputation

  • Clear company details, management team, locations listed

  • High production quality, official brand licensing agreements

  • Excellent customer service reputation on platforms like BBB

  • Secure payment processing and reliable order fulfillment

  • Network of physical retail stores for additional credibility has built trust over decades, while emerged recently with no transparency or proven track record. Given the reviews, it’s highly unlikely has any real affiliation with the renowned Fanatics brand.

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Final Verdict – It’s a Scam

After extensive research and analysis of all available information, the clear conclusion is that should be considered an inauthentic and unsafe website to purchase from.

The hidden ownership, fake goods, unfulfilled orders, lack of accountability and similarities to other reported scams leave no doubt this is a scam operation out to steal people’s money, not provide a legitimate shopping experience.

The best practice is to only purchase officially licensed sports merchandise from the known authentic sources like, the teams/leagues’ own online stores or trusted local retailers. Avoid and any other randomly discovered new sites selling the exact same products. When in doubt, it’s better to opt out than risk falling victim to such scams.

Stay informed, shop smart, and support real businesses by spending dollars at websites with proven integrity. With diligence, consumers can easily identify and avoid the type of phony operations. Knowledge and caution are the best defenses against scams like these online.


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