Is fab over 40 contest legit or scam? Reviews 2023

Is the Fab Over 40 Contest Legit?

The Fab Over 40 modeling contest has garnered a lot of interest in recent years. In this in-depth blog post, we will examine the details of the competition, how it works, and whether or not it is a legitimate opportunity.

History and Background of the Contest

The Fab Over 40 contest was launched in 2008 by Cougar Life Media, the parent company of the popular dating website From the beginning, it aimed to celebrate beauty and empower women over the age of 40 by providing a platform for them to showcase their talents.

In the past 12 years, the annual competition has grown steadily in terms of the number of participants, publicity, and prestige. Today, entering the Fab Over 40 contest is considered a big deal by many women entering the modeling industry after 40. Past winners have leveraged the title and exposure to get work with top fashion magazines and designers in their 40s and 50s.

Contest Format and Prizes

Each year, the contest is opened to new applications on between January and March. Women aged 40 and above can submit photos of themselves along with a short profile. There is no entry fee required to participate.

In April, the applications are opened for public voting on the website. Visitors can vote for their favorite contestants daily. The top 15 vote-getters make it to the semi-finals round held in June. Here, a panel of celebrity judges selects the top 5 finalists based on their semifinal photos and videos.

The grand prize winner receives $10,000 cash. The first and second runners up are awarded $5,000 and $2,500 respectively. Additionally, all top 15 semi-finalists get professional photography sessions for their portfolios. Winners also earn promotional opportunities and coverage on the Fab Over 40 website and blog.

Is the Fab Over 40 Contest Legitimate?

With such attractive prizes on offer, it is natural for people to question if the Fab Over 40 modeling search is a legitimate pursuit or just a scam. However, here are several data points suggesting it is a valid competition:

  • The contest has been held annually since 2008 without any reported issues in paying out prizes. This long track record points to organizers following through on their commitments.

  • Prior winners like Iris (2011) and Christine (2013) have verified in interviews receiving cash, photo sessions, and other perks as promised. Their validation affirms the authenticity of rewards.

  • Contests are entirely transparent, using online public voting tabulated on the website. This rules out chances for rigging winners.

  • Cougar Life Media, the parent company, is an established player in the mature dating scene with the means to fund the Fab Over 40 prizes.

  • No entry fees are charged from participants, which is standard for reputed modeling searches.

  • Industry experts regularly serve as celebrity judges, lending credibility to the prestige of the title.

So while winning top honors cannot be guaranteed, the format, processes, and track record strongly indicate the Fab Over 40 competition provides real, life-changing opportunities for women. Is it worth the effort to enter? Let’s examine the pros and cons.

Is Entering the Contest Worth It?

On the positive side, even not winning top prizes, a few key benefits can come from participating in the Fab Over 40 modeling search:

  • Increased exposure through the contest application and public voting can lead to other job offers from modeling agencies or companies looking for brand ambassadors over 40.

  • Professional caliber photos taken during the process add high quality images to build an acting or modeling portfolio with. For some, this is reward itself.

  • The experience boosts confidence and inspires other mature women to feel beautiful regardless of societal ideas on age.

  • Networking allows connecting with photographers, makeup artists, stylists and other contestants opening doors in related industries.

However, entering is not without drawbacks. Vulnerability comes from submitting to public scrutiny through online judging. Unrealistic expectations of winning top honors could lead to disappointment. The multi-round process also requires a time commitment.

Ultimately, the Fab Over 40 competition seems to deliver on its promises of prizes while empowering and rewarding women who take a chance on broadening their horizons after 40. Setting reasonable goals and enjoying the journey could make it worth the effort for the right candidates.


In this comprehensive analysis, we examined the Fab Over 40 modeling contest from its history and design to indicators it provides authentic opportunities. While winning big prizes is improbable for most, the format has withstood over a decade proving the benefits delivered. For women seeking exposure, portfolio content, and renewed self-belief past 40, the risks appear low compared to potential confidence gains. Overall, the Fab Over 40 competition seems a legitimate avenue worth exploratory consideration by eligible women.

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