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Planning international travel comes with risks, so it’s crucial to only work with reputable agencies. Empins Travel Agency is one of Kenya’s largest travel firms, assisting customers worldwide. However, as with any company handling money, reviewing legitimacy is wise before booking. In this post, we’ll analyze reviews from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to determine if Empins Travel Agency merits trust. By scrutinizing client feedback across platforms, readers can learn from real experiences and make informed decisions.

Google Reviews

First, their Google profile has a perfect 5-star rating based on one review so far. This profile is new, so more feedback is needed for a full picture. However, clients understandably want to see consistently high ratings before paying agencies. Let’s look elsewhere for more substantial user opinions.

Facebook Reviews

On Facebook, Empins has over 1,300 follows and the majority of 67 reviews are positive experiences rated 4-5 stars. Many specifically applaud Empins’:

  • Professional guidance through complex visa application processes
  • Attention to travel documents and customs compliance details
  • Budget-friendly packages to global destinations
  • Personalized customer service from first contact to arrival
  • Responsiveness resolving issues or customizing trip components

A small fraction of 3-star feedback cites minor annoyances like long hold times, though none alleged problematic or fraudulent services. Overall, Facebook reviews paint Empins in a good light regarding customer satisfaction.

Instagram Reviews

On Instagram, Empins has over 68k followers and routinely shares destinations they specialize in. User comments on these travel-inspiring photos largely express gratitude for Empins’:

  • Expert immigration advising that streamlines complicated visa journeys
  • Comprehensive pre-travel briefings and destination familiarization
  • Creative bundled trips combined with airport transfers seamlessly
  • Follow-ups answering additional questions patiently
  • Social media engagement giving them a human, accessible presence

Instagram feedback like likes and shares imply many value Empins’ personalized touch.

LinkedIn Reviews

LinkedIn provides a professional overview. Empins’ page has 190 followers and shares career opportunities. Comments thank Empins for:

  • Recommending affordable global learning and working exchanges
  • Guidance on optimized resumes and cover letters for target countries
  • Insights making informed country/career selection easier
  • Support securing interviews and accommodation introductions
  • Connecting candidates directly with recruiting partners abroad

This feedback presents Empins as serious about client success through personalized relocation support.

Third Party Reviews

Studying reviews elsewhere validates online impressions. Sites like TripAdvisor show only positive Empins ratings spanning accommodation finding to visa guidance. Customers cite Empins’ expertise navigating international immigration rules smoothly.

Some blogs raise minor concerns about other agencies but none about Empins specifically. Unbiased third party endorsements increase confidence in their business practices.

Key Takeaways

Analyzing feedback across leading social and review platforms, Empins appears dedicated to customer satisfaction if reviews accurately reflect services:

  • Expertise arranging complex visa procurement and travel logistics
  • Personalized pre-trip consultations and destination briefings
  • Budget-friendly packages plus payment plan options worldwide
  • Accessibility responding supportively to queries or modifications
  • Career guidance connecting jobseekers directly with overseas partners
  • Focus on customer success visible through positive third party reviews

The consistent positive sentiment seen across hundreds of user comments suggests Empins merits trust when planning major life travel or relocation events.


In closing, comprehensively analyzing substantial feedback accumulated over time provides useful insights into Empins Travel Agency’s business practices and standards. Judging by authentic client reviews across qualified platforms, Empins aims to satisfy through reliable handling of complicated travel, immigration and career processes overseas. Their multi-perspective reviews paint them as a legitimate full-service agency committed to guiding customers achieving important global goals. For anyone researching travel or immigration help, Empins’ reviews indicate their services merit serious consideration and confidence. With properly conducted due diligence, they appear a trustworthy choice.

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