Is legit or scam? Reviews & complains 2024

Unveiling the Dubious World of Legit or Scam?

As the virtual realm expands, the allure of obtaining Clash of Clans gems and in-game items through alternative avenues such as becomes increasingly tempting. However, a closer examination of this website reveals a tapestry woven with red flags, hinting at potential fraudulent activities or illegitimate operations. In this exhaustive review, we embark on a comprehensive analysis of, dissecting its credibility from various perspectives to determine whether it merits consideration as a trustworthy source.

Trust Score and Reviews: A Cautionary Tale

Unearthing insights into’s legitimacy begins with third-party evaluations. The trust score, a valuable metric quantifying a site’s legitimacy and safety, serves as our starting point. ScamAdvisor, a reputable website security checker, bestows upon a disconcerting trust score of 35%. This categorizes the site as “high risk,” signaling an array of warning signs typically associated with fraudulent operations.

Customer reviews sourced from platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber further illuminate potential pitfalls. While sample sizes are relatively small, a consistent theme emerges from users expressing dissatisfaction over undelivered items and dubious demands for additional payments. Though cautionary, these negative reviews provide a preliminary yellow flag.

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Sketchy Ownership and Domain Details: Unveiling the Shadows

Delving into the WHOIS domain registration records and ownership unveils more layers of suspicion surrounding The following observations contribute to the emerging narrative:

  • The website’s registration is cloaked behind a domain proxy service, a common ploy employed by scammers to obscure true ownership.
  • Vital contact information and a physical address are conspicuously absent, a glaring deviation from the transparency exhibited by legitimate businesses.
  •’s infrastructure is scattered across different countries, with name servers located in the US and the website itself based in Malaysia. This decentralized setup complicates the attribution and regulation of the operation.

This opaque ownership structure and international hosting practices deviate significantly from the norms associated with trustworthy online platforms, adding substantial weight to concerns regarding the integrity of

Content Quality: A Matter of Trust and Credibility

Turning our focus to the content featured on, several deficiencies surface, underscoring shortcomings that legitimate e-commerce platforms actively avoid:

  • The presence of poor writing quality, marred by grammatical errors throughout product descriptions, undermines the professional image that inspires trust.
  • An absence of original, unique content becomes apparent, with product descriptions appearing lifted directly from Wikipedia or game fandom sites, indicative of a lack of authenticity.
  •’s website lacks real company information, mission statements, or team bios, offering a mere “About Us” page with generic stock text.
  • The design aesthetic appears unpolished and template-like, devoid of visual cohesion or professional branding.
  • Critical disclosures addressing common scam concerns, such as security measures and refund policies, are notably absent.

While may be a newcomer, these subpar content practices cast a shadow on the site’s commitment to building trust in a marketplace.

Negative Online Discussions: Echoes of Warning

In the digital landscape, online discussions wield considerable influence on public perception. A foray into discussions on platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and gaming forums amplifies the alarms raised against Numerous warnings to steer clear of the site emerge, with users recounting instances of payment details being pilfered and reports of duplicate or unnecessary charges.

Even Clash of Clans fan wiki pages explicitly advise players against utilizing “sites like Dobgem that sell gems for real money illegally without Supercell’s approval.” The prevalence and consistency of these negative impressions across diverse online circles form a chorus of red flags that cannot be easily dismissed or addressed solely on the platform.

Inability to Verify Promised Benefits: A Fundamental Shortfall

At its essence, any online marketplace hinges on the ability to substantiate its promises and deliver tangible benefits to consumers. However, independent verification of’s offerings proves elusive. Attempting to browse the inventory or complete a checkout results in generic error pages, fundamentally undermining the core functionality of the site.

User claims of unresponsive support requests, coupled with the absence of live help options on the site itself, sow doubts about the platform’s capacity to address post-purchase issues. Moreover, as an unauthorized third party,’s ability to genuinely provide permanent Clash of Clans gems and gold passes remains unproven, especially in light of Supercell’s stern stance against such services outlined in their terms.

When the very foundation of a marketplace, its capacity to substantiate claims, crumbles, it raises questions about the confidence users can place in the platform.

Is Really Legitimate?

Taking a step back and evaluating holistically across diverse dimensions unearths severe credibility issues. The amalgamation of poor reviews, low trust scores, concerns regarding domain registration, subpar site quality, and widespread online warnings consistently points towards red flags rather than reassuring elements.

Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect lies in’s inability to tangibly demonstrate the delivery of the very products that would justify patronizing their business. With a multitude of uncertainties and the looming risk of potential financial losses, it becomes challenging to reasonably classify as a “legit” and trustworthy source for Clash of Clans players based on present factors.

Until tangible proof emerges to the contrary, the safety of shoppers’ money and game accounts remains at risk. The safest recommendation, considering the preponderance of uncertainties, is to steer clear of This comprehensive review seeks not only to expose the potential risks associated with but also to empower consumers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions within the intricate landscape of online platforms.

As users navigate the expansive digital marketplace, discernment becomes paramount. The narrative surrounding, as unveiled through this analysis, stands as a cautionary tale, urging users to prioritize transparency, legitimacy, and integrity in their online engagements. Feel free to share your thoughts or pose additional questions, fostering a community dialogue that champions informed decision-making in the evolving digital ecosystem.

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