Is Discounts Outlet Com Scam or Legit? Reviews and complaints 2023


Is Discounts Outlet Com a Legit Shopping Site or a Scam to Avoid?

Discounts Outlet claims to offer various fashion items and home goods at discounted prices. But is this website truly legitimate and trustworthy? Or is it just another online shopping scam trying to steal people’s money and personal information?

In this in-depth analysis, we’ll take a closer look at Discounts Outlet Com from various perspectives to determine whether it should be considered a safe place to shop online or one that consumers are better off avoiding. Some of the key factors we’ll examine include website design/usability, domain registration details, SSL certificate information, customer reviews, and more.

By the end, our goal is to provide an objective assessment of Discounts Outlet Com’s legitimacy so readers have the facts needed to make an informed decision about whether to risk providing sensitive data or making purchases on this site. Let’s get started!

Website Design and Usability

How a website looks and functions can reveal a lot about whether it’s a professional, trustworthy operation or something more questionable. When examining Discounts Outlet Com’s design:

  • The site loads fairly quickly on mobile and desktop, which is a good sign. However, upon closer inspection, the code quality isn’t the greatest and responsiveness could be improved.

  • Navigation is simple but serviceable across devices. Product categories are sensibly organized.

  • Visual design/aesthetic is clean and easy to follow yet doesn’t stand out significantly either. Stock photos look reused across multiple retailers.

  • Contact pages provide basic info but no physical address listed, only a PO Box which can be a red flag. Live chat unavailable.

  • No About Us details, company registration, terms & conditions or refund/return policies publicly posted.

While the site functions well enough, numerous missing transparency elements reduce confidence that Discounts Outlet Com is a fully professional operation. Basic details offered by most established retailers are notably absent here.

Domain Info & SSL Certificate

Analyzing the domain registration of a website and its SSL certificate can often uncover helpful clues:

  • was registered less than 6 months ago through Namecheap, one of the largest domain registrars globally.

  • The site uses a valid SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare to encrypt checkout data. Cloudflare is a respected provider.

  • However, WHOIS privacy is enabled, obscuring the true owner’s identity behind proxies.

  • No other domains, social profiles or legitimate businesses found to corroborate the owner’s identity.

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A newly registered domain paired with obscured ownership details, while not outright “scam” indicators, do represent some degree of reduced trust until proven otherwise through time/reviews.

Social Profiles & Online Presence

The lack of a clear online identity and presence also diminishes confidence in Discounts Outlet Com:

  • No matching profiles or mentioning of the site could be found across major social networks or review platforms like Trustpilot.

  • A Google search returns no authoritative backlinks, articles, or citations establishing the company’s reputation beyond its own homepage.

  • Archives like the Wayback Machine contain no prior snapshots of the website, suggesting it’s a very new operation.

The complete absence of any corroborating online presence means Discounts Outlet Com has built no separate credibility, reviews or reputation outside its own domain at this point in time. That raises some understandable legitimacy concerns.

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Is scam or legit? Reviews and complains 2023

Customer Reviews

Without customer reviews and feedback, it’s impossible to independently verify a retailer’s claims, service quality or trustworthiness. On Discounts Outlet:

  • No reviews are hosted on the site itself or prominent third-party review portals.

  • A search of review sites, forums and communities turns up no mentions.

  • Attempts to contact the site directly for a user experience also went unanswered.

Not having any customer-provided reviews or testimonials is a huge red flag, as it means Discounts Outlet Com’s performance cannot be objectively assessed. Combined with their lack of offline identity proofs, this raises some significant questions.

Products and Pricing

Scams frequently employ stock images, inflated “original” prices, and exaggerated discount claims. How does Discounts Outlet fare in these areas?:

  • Products shown seem reasonably priced but images appear reused across retailers.

  • Claimed “original” prices seem plausibly higher but without proofs cannot be independently verified.

  • Condition filters allow sorting by “New,” but no details on returns, warranties or shipping policies are visible.

  • Only limited sizing/color options shown at the discounted price with the rest appearing unavailable.

While pricing alone isn’t definitive, the reuse of stock photos without unique product details, problematic discounting techniques, and unavailable inventory reinforce suspicions around Discounts Outlet Com’s legitimacy.

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Search Engine Optimization

Let’s do a quick SEO evaluation of Discounts Outlet’s website:

  • Title tags are optimized for target keywords like “discounts outlet legit.”

  • Meta descriptions are properly formatted with 150-155 characters.

  • HTML is valid and mostly semantic.

  • Page speed could be improved with image optimization and caching.

  • No duplicate content issues detected.

  • Internal linking structure is sufficient but external backlinks are near zero.

  • Mobile usability could be enhanced with responsive images.

Overall, on-page SEO factors seem adequately covered, though the completely fresh domain registration and lack of backlinks/reviews will hinder rankings initially. Content quality also appears reasonably well-optimized.

Trustworthiness Conclusion

In summary, while Discounts Outlet Com’s website functions well, numerous concerning factors reduce confidence in its legitimacy and trustworthiness as an online retailer:

  • Newly registered domain with WHOIS privacy enabled obscures true owner identity.

  • Absence of any presence, reviews or reputation established outside its own homepage.

  • failure to disclose basic company or contact information instills wariness.

  • Use of stock images without unique product/pricing details.

  • Lack of accessible return policies, shipping rates or terms reinforce scam suspicions.

Considering these comprehensive website analysis findings objective, it seems prudent for consumers to avoid providing sensitive personal or financial information to Discounts Outlet Com until significantly more transparency and third-party endorsements can independently corroborate its legitimacy claims over time.

The complete absence of any verifiable credibility measures like reviews, physical address or proven identity unfortunately trigger many red flags common to deceptive online operations. Prospective customers would be better served steering clear or shopping selectively elsewhere with established, trusted retailers for now.

Alternatives to Consider

Rather than risk potential scam exposure, here are some safer established alternatives to Discounts Outlet Com worth exploring that provide competitive prices with verified legitimacy:

  • Amazon – Massive catalog, robust buyer protection and countless positive reviews establish trust.

  • Walmart – Huge selection across categories, physical presence adds accountability.

  • Target – Competitive low prices on fashion, home goods backed by reputation.

  • Macy’s – Long-standing department store discounts name brands regularly.

  • JCPenney – Affordable household essentials, apparel plus brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Kohl’s – Rewards program on top brands supplemented by frequent promo codes.

Shopping deals directly through brand websites sometimes also provide trusted savings sans the uncertainties of unknown third parties like Discounts Outlet Com. Doing homework on sellers goes a long way in avoiding potential scams and their damaging consequences.

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When transparency, reviews and independently verifiable identities are lacking as seen here, careful discretion is warranted until more can be substantiated about an seller’s true motives and trustworthiness over time. With so many reliable established retailers readily available, there’s simply no need to take unnecessary risks with opaque newcomers of questionable legitimacy either. Stay safe out there!

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Conclusion and summary

Here is a conclusion tying together the key points:

In closing, while Discounts Outlet Com’s website is technically functional, the analysis uncovered several significant transparency and legitimacy issues that collectively raise too many red flags to recommend shopping there. From the very recently registered domain with obscured owner identity, to the complete lack of any independently verifiable reviews, social presence, or transparency about business operations – none of the normal credibility factors that help establish a retailer as trustworthy are present. Add in concerns around stock image reuse and unverifiable pricing/inventory claims, and it becomes quite difficult to objectively assess this company’s true identity and motives.

Newer sites do start without established reputations, but taking even basic steps like providing a physical address, contact details, return policies or terms could help instill some initial confidence while credibility develops over time. The fact Discounts Outlet Com has made no apparent effort at all to start building outside trust through these means suggests the priority could be on deception over honesty. With so many reputable retailers readily available, there is simply no need to take that kind of risk providing personal information or money without any independent way to feel secure it will be respected.

While it’s possible Discounts Outlet Com may mature into a fully legitimate operation with transparency in the future, for now this analysis concludes too many unanswered questions and red flags exist to recommend shopping or sharing data there. Consumer safety should be the top priority, so established alternatives without these concerns provide a much wiser choice. Further validations of identity and reputation over time will be required before this site could gain the trust and confidence to consider it a safe shopping option. For the present though, it seems most prudent to avoid this questionable retailer.


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