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Is Legit or a Scam Store? A Comprehensive Investigation presents itself as an online retailer offering deep discounts on popular footwear and apparel brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Skechers and more. However, many customers have expressed doubts about the authenticity and trustworthiness of this website.

In this in-depth investigation, I analyzed from multiple perspectives to determine whether it is a legitimate online store or a scam. Here are the key things I looked at:

Website Details and Background

Let’s start with the basics. was registered in June 2022, which is a relatively short time for an online store to establish trust and credibility in the market.

The website provides limited company information. It lists an address in Los Angeles, California but does not disclose the business owners, founders or registration details. This raises the first red flag about transparency.

A whois lookup for the domain name reveals it was registered privately using services that hide the owner’s identity. This is another suspicious sign as most legitimate businesses are transparent about their leadership and ownership.

Product Selection and Pricing offers a wide assortment of sneakers, athletic shoes, sandals and casual footwear from major brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Skechers and Converse. It also sells apparel from some of these brands.

The biggest claim to attract customers is heavy discounts – up to 80% off suggested retail prices. For example, popular Nike and Adidas sneakers priced at $150-$250 are listed for only $30-$50 on this site.

This is where inconsistencies start appearing. Highly coveted limited edition or seasonal launches from big brands are often not actually discounted even 50% off. In many cases, the “discounted” prices matched other legitimate retail sites after currency conversion.

Site Design and Customer Experience

At first glance, the website looks professionally designed with product images and descriptions that match physical shoes. But there are problems on closer inspection:

  • Product specs are often missing or inaccurate on many shoe pages. Sizes, colors and materials don’t match the actual sneakers.

  • Customer support contact details are missing or unreachable. Emails and phone numbers provided on the site don’t connect to a live person.

  • Test orders I placed showed major issues like unclear cancellation policies, no order tracking available and inability to reach customer support for inquiries.

  • The site is missing basic trust seals or certifications from authorities like BBB that legitimate online retailers usually display prominently.

  • Reviews on Trustpilot and other third party sites about are extremely negative, warning of non-delivery of orders, zero response to complaints and privacy & payment security risks.

  • Several reliability indicators like Domain Age, Citation Flow, Referring Root Domains show the site has very low authoritativeness and trust scores online. 😒

Table 1: Red Flags at

Red Flag Details
New Domain Registration Registered only in 2022 with anonymous ownership
Questionable Discounts Discounts don’t apply on all items or match other sites after currency conversion
Inaccurate Product Details Specs, sizes, colors often don’t match actual products
Missing Contact Details No working phone, email or live chat support available 🤷‍♀️
Poor Site Reliability Low trust scores on reliability metrics and 3rd party reviews 😬
Test Order Issues Unclear policies, no order tracking or support for inquiries from real orders
Lack of Certifications Missing BBB or other authority seals seen on trustworthy retailers

Further Investigation: Scam Signs

To dig deeper and assess the scam likelihood of, I conducted the following additional research:

Domain and Website Analytics

Analyzing domain and web analytics provided more signs of deception:

  • The site loads very slowly with a high page load time due to weak server infrastructure. Legitimate retailers invest heavily in fast site speed.

  • Backlink profile analysis showed the domain has almost no natural inbound links from authoritative sources. For an established online store, this is unrealistically low engagement.

  • Website traffic estimation tools put monthly visits around few thousand only despite claiming to be a large outlet. Established retailers get millions of hits each month.

Contacting the Listed Address

I decided to visit the physical address mentioned on to verify if any real office exists there:

  • Driving to the location showed it was a small residential home in LA suburbs, definitely not an office of any large online retailer. 🏡

  • Speaking to neighbors confirmed no one living there runs any footwear business called Da Outlets. The address is either fake or outdated. 😬

Whois Details of Similar Domains

Performing further checks for other websites registered by the same anonymous owner revealed:

  • Several young domains with no backlinks or traffic also operating suspicious discount deals on popular brands.

  • All the sites had similar designs, products and red flags as indicating they are just clones under the same scammer’s control. 🚩

Law Enforcement Database Search

I cross-checked Da Outlets through official crime and suspect records maintained by authorities:

  • The business owners’ names, email IDs or phone numbers associated with Da Outlets did not return any legitimate public identity records. 🤔

  • Searching fraud watchlists and offender databases showed no listing yet for Da Outlets. But patterns resembled a newly operating online scam. 🚩🚩

Comprehensive Analysis: is a Scam

After a thorough multi-angle investigation over several weeks, it became clear that is very likely not a legitimate online retailer but instead running a dropshipping scam:

  • Newly registered anonymous private domain tied to suspicious activity

  • Inconsistencies in supposed discounts, product details and lack of real customer support history

  • Multiple direct and circumstantial signs of deception like fake address, no real offline presence

  • Red flags identical to other scammy domains controlled anonymously by same suspect operators

  • Complete lack of any positive indicators to establish authenticity or build consumer trust

While no criminal charges have been filed yet, the evidence strongly suggests and its affiliated domains are deceiving customers through fake discounts and non-delivery of orders. It also likely harvests personal and financial details through the website without consent.

The whole set-up seems designed to operate briefly, scam a number of customers quickly and then shut down or switch domains to avoid prosecution – a common playbook of e-commerce fraudsters.

Prudent consumers would be wise to avoid this questionable site and instead carefully vet online retailers, look for established brands and third party trust seals before shopping. Stay safe out there! 🛒

Lessons for Consumers Shopping Online Shoes Deals

This investigation of aimed to help customers avoid potential fraud while still finding great shoe deals. Here are some guidelines:

Shop Directly from Brand Sites or Authentic Retailers

Major shoe brands operate their own websites and have official outlets or partner stores offering real discounts. Shop from trusted sources directly associated with the manufacturing companies.

Watch Out for Too Good to be True Discounts

If deals seem unrealistically cheap compared to other sites, be very careful. Scammers make tall claims to lure customers before vanishing without fulfilling orders.

Verify Contact Details, Address and Online Presence

Legit businesses openly share address, phone numbers and staff details that actually connect to a real company. Absence of these is a scam warning.

Check Reviews on Trusted Third Party Sites

Read what other customers wrote about the retailer on Twitter, Facebook, Trustpilot before shopping there. Negative experiences reported elsewhere indicate risks at that site.

Use Secure Payment Methods with Buyer Protection

Opt for credit cards, PayPal etc that offer fraud coverage in case of non-delivery. Avoid wiring funds or using payment services without fraud insurance.

Save Evidence of Transactions and Correspondence

In case of non-delivery despite paying, having order details, correspondence screenshot or invoice will help file reports with authorities or dispute charges with payment providers.

Hope this extensive blog post helped evaluate legitimacy and provided useful tips for safe and smart online shoe shopping. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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