Is legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

KINDLY CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY WHATSAPP GROUP FOR ONLINE BUSINESS UPDATES 🇳🇬🇳🇬 An Overview of the Investment Platform is a relatively new investment platform that promises users the opportunity to make daily returns on their investments. According to the platform, users can earn as much as 17% daily when they invest in The platform claims to operate as a car auction website that revamps old classic cars and auctions them. Investors are given the option to invest in the repair and revamp of these classic cars, and when the cars are eventually sold, investors are promised a share of the profits.

How to Invest in

To invest in, users are required to create an account on the platform. They can do this either by using an existing member’s referral URL or by visiting the website and clicking on the sign-up menu. After providing the necessary information, the user can complete the sign-up process.

Once the user has created an account and logged in, they can access the list of investment plans offered by Users can then select a plan that fits their budget and proceed to deposit the investment amount. Investment Plans presents several investment plans to users, each corresponding to a different classic car. The investment cycle is denoted in terms of “Times,” representing how many times the initial investment amount will be multiplied. Additionally, the platform lists the potential times profits and total profits for each plan.

Below are some examples of the investment plans:

  • Chevrolet – Belair – 1957: Investment Cycle (150 Times) – ₦1500.00 initial investment, ₦180.00 times profit, ₦27,000 total profit
  • Ford – Mustang V8 – 1966: Investment Cycle (150 Times) – ₦3000.00 initial investment, ₦540.00 times profit, ₦81,000 total profit
  • Mercedes-Benz – 300 D (W189) Cabriolet – 1958: Investment Cycle (150 Times) – ₦500,000.00 initial investment, ₦185,000.00 times profit, ₦27,750,000 total profit

Is Legit?

After conducting a thorough review and analysis of the platform, we have concluded that is neither legitimate nor a reliable investment opportunity. Instead, it exhibits characteristics of a scam and a Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme that promises high returns to earlier investors using the capital of newer investors, rather than legitimate profits from investments. It eventually collapses when there are not enough new investors to pay the returns promised to earlier investors.

Here are some reasons why is likely a scam:

  1. Unsustainable Returns: The promised daily returns of up to 17% are highly unrealistic and unsustainable in any legitimate investment market.
  2. Lack of Tangible Assets: claims to invest in revamping classic cars, but there is no concrete evidence or verifiable information about the existence of these cars or the actual investment activities.
  3. Ponzi Scheme Characteristics: The platform’s investment structure and promise of high returns resemble those of a classic Ponzi scheme.
  4. Limited Information: The website lacks essential information about the team behind the platform, its physical location, and its legal registration, raising suspicions about its authenticity.
  5. Lack of Regulation: does not provide any information about regulatory compliance, indicating that it may be operating outside the bounds of the law.
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In conclusion, exhibits several red flags characteristic of scam websites and Ponzi schemes. As such, we strongly advise against investing any money in this platform. Instead, opt for legitimate and regulated investment opportunities that have a transparent track record and are subject to financial authorities’ oversight.

Exercise Caution in the Online Investment Landscape

The online investment landscape can be a minefield of potential scams and fraudulent schemes. It is crucial for investors to be vigilant and conduct thorough research before committing their hard-earned money to any platform.

Always remember the following tips to protect yourself from investment scams:

  1. Research Thoroughly: Investigate the platform’s legitimacy, reviews, and track record before investing.
  2. Beware of Unrealistic Returns: If the returns promised seem too good to be true, they probably are.
  3. Look for Regulatory Compliance: Legitimate investment platforms are usually registered and regulated by relevant financial authorities.
  4. Verify Asset Backing: If the investment involves assets like classic cars, ensure there is clear evidence of the assets’ existence and the investment activities.
  5. Avoid Pressure Tactics: Scammers may use pressure tactics to rush you into making quick investment decisions. Take your time and never feel rushed.
  6. Diversify Your Investments: Avoid putting all your money into a single investment opportunity. Diversification helps mitigate risk.
  7. Consult a Financial Advisor: Seek advice from a qualified financial advisor before making any significant investment decisions.

By following these precautions and being diligent in your research, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to investment scams and make more informed decisions about your financial future. Always prioritize the safety and security of your investments to ensure a sound and profitable investment journey.


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