is legit or scam? reviews 2024

Is a legit website? presents itself as a website that can help users claim money from Cash App, but upon further research it appears to be a scam. Here is a detailed analysis of and why you should avoid it:

The website looks suspicious

The design and content of has several red flags:

  • It has grammatical and spelling errors which is unprofessional for a legitimate business website.

  • There is not much information provided. Legitimate help sites will clearly explain the services they offer and how the process works.

  • No company information is displayed like an address, phone number or names of people behind the website. This is an important transparency element missing.

  • The URL itself does not sound like an official Cash App domain which makes it questionable. Cash App’s official support website is

Reports of it being a scam

Several scam databases and forums have discussed and reported it as a scam:

Sources Verdict
Scam Detector Rates it as very suspicious and warns users
Reddit r/scams subreddit Top discussion post concludes it is not a real way to get Cash App money
Quora Multiple questions asking if similar websites offering cash are real, all responses say it is a scam

Users have expressed they completed the promised tasks like surveys but did not receive any money as promised. This is a clear sign it is just a fake scheme to collect users’ personal information with no intent of paying out anything.

The promise of easy money is unrealistic promises users can earn up to $750 simply by completing offers, surveys or tasks. However, legitimate opportunities to earn significant amounts of money require much more effort.

No responsible company would freely give away such large sums with minimal effort. Cash App itself does not have any associations or endorse such mysteriously easy money making websites either.

It is unrealistic to expect to earn hundreds of dollars for doing simple tasks online within a short period of time. This should raise suspicions about the legitimacy of such promises.

Risk of installing malware or stealing personal info

Visiting questionable websites and installing unknown apps from them significantly increases the risks of malware infection, identity theft and other cybercrimes.

Scam websites often contain malicious software that can compromise devices and harvest login credentials and financial information once victims are lured into providing it. Just the risk alone makes not worth engaging with in any way.

In summary

Based on the evidence from its design, other users’ reports and exaggerated monetary promises, can be concluded as not being a legit way for users to claim money from Cash App.

Engaging with the website poses serious risks like malware, identity theft and financial loss with no real potential for reward. Cash App has also not officially endorsed any such third party operations.

The optimal approach is to avoid and any other similarly suspicious websites, and only use official Cash App customer support channels via the app or for any inquiries or issues. Staying on official platforms is the safest route.

Overall, appears to be running a scam and users are advised strongly against providing any personal or financial details to the website or downloading/installing anything from it. Proceed only if you want to risk losing your money or information.

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