Is scam or legit? Reviews and complains 2023

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Investment Scams

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have gained widespread popularity and value in recent years, so too have cryptocurrency-related investment scams. More and more fraudulent platforms, like, have emerged promising astounding returns to lure unsuspecting individuals into “investing”. However, these are simply elaborate ruses designed to steal people’s money. Let’s take a closer look at one such scam to help spread awareness and prevent others from becoming victims.

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An Introduction to presents itself as a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to quickly and securely buy, sell and trade major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. According to their website, the platform has been in operation since 2018 and integrates cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly trading environment. However, a closer examination reveals this is far from the truth.

In reality, was only registered in early October 2023, meaning it has been active for less than a month. Additionally, there is no real online presence or reviews from actual users to corroborate their story of years in business. Their claims of safe and easy digital currency operations ring hollow without transparency or oversight. Unfortunately, this lack of legitimacy is a red flag these individuals likely have ill intentions regarding users’ funds.

How the Scam Works

The process goes like this – victims are enticed to the website by promises of huge profits from professional traders. They are reassured withdrawals can be processed instantly. However, a compulsory “tax fee” or “processing charge” is suddenly required in order to withdraw any supposed earnings, at which point the platform becomes unreachable.

Predictably, once the fee is paid victims find they can no longer access their account or money. Any deposited funds were simply stolen by the scammers running the operation. They have no intention of actually trading or returning profits, falsely generating a sense of legitimacy only to scam victims out of their bitcoin or fiat currency.

Warning Signs of a Scam

There were several warning signs that should have alerted visitors was not on the up-and-up:

  • Newly Registered Domain – As mentioned, the domain was registered very recently with no history to validate claims of years in business.

  • Too Good to Be True Returns – Promises of astounding profits without corresponding risk are a significant red flag. Legitimate trading involves risk.

  • Lack of Regulation – No licensing or regulatory bodies were mentioned or shown to oversee exchange activities and protect users.

  • Anonymous Ownership – Owners could not be clearly identified from website information alone. Legitimate businesses are transparent about leadership.

  • Missing Social Proof – A lack of legitimate reviews, presence on social networks and independent press coverage raise serious doubts.

Always carefully research any platform before investing to avoid falling victim to increasingly sophisticated cryptocurrency investment scams. These cons prey on popular trends but lack integrity.

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Is legit or not? Review 2023

Is legit or scam? Reviews & Complaints

Other Cryptocurrency Scams

Unfortunately, is just one of many Bitcoin and altcoin trading scams misleading individuals every day. Here are a few other notorious examples to be aware of:

Fimpocket: Mimicked a real investment company but vanished after accumulating millions from victims. A telltale sign was promising returns far exceeding traditional markets.

Bitconnect: Became one of the biggest crypto frauds, imploding in 2018 after selectively sharing lucrative trades to bring in new “affiliates” who ultimately lost fortunes. Operators were later charged criminally.

USDtuut: Claimed to double deposits in 30 days through ” peer-to-peer trading bot.” In reality, it lacked necessary licenses and transparency to pull off such income claims legitimately.

Onecoin: Marketed itself as the “Bitcoin killer” from 2014-2017 before authorities confirmed it functioned more as a pyramid scheme. Founders still face legal issues for fraudulently selling fictional crypto tokens.

The hallmarks of these failed projects serve as cautionary examples of what to watch out for in the crypto space to avoid financial ruin by malescene actors. Due diligence is key to security.

Mitigating Risk and Strengthening Protections

While authorities work to crack down on Internet swindles, there are also steps conscientious investors can take to shield themselves:

  • Verify Registration Info – Use tools like Whois to check domain creation/expiration dates that align with a company’s claimed history.

  • Research Transparency – Legitimate organizations clearly identify leadership and location. Lack thereof implies something to hide.

  • Compare Returns – Hyperbolic promised returns without clear technical details explaining how are a red flag. Stick to plausible, level-headed outlooks.

  • Check Regulation – Only trade on properly registered and licensed platforms under the purview of financial watchdogs. They must comply with KYC/AML protocols.

  • Verify Social Signals – Check sites like Trustpilot for actual user reviews. Look for lively discussion of the company across web, not just their controlled properties.

  • Use Caution with Free Money – Any offer of a “risk-free” or low-deposit trial promising heavy payouts is essentially guaranteed to be fraudulent. Stay prudent.

While scams sadly will always exist, ordinary investors protecting themselves with routine diligence can avoid the most transparent of swindles. An ounce of justified skepticism goes a long way toward financial health in this risky space. With care and vigilance, cryptocurrency opportunities need not inherently spell doom for one’s wealth or well-being.

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The Aftermath of Scams and Moving Forward Positively

When victims of ruses like finally realize what has transpired, feelings of anger, foolishness and loss understandably ensue. Major financial losses can be devastating to individuals and families. However, there is wisdom to be gained even from these unfortunate events that empower people going forward.

Talking with others, asking questions in online communities and learning from experts increases knowledge that inoculates against future unscrupulous pitches. While stolen money may be untraceable once swindlers abscond anonymously online, the power is still in individuals’ hands to take control through vigilance, spread reportage that thwarts impersonators and lobby policymakers for more robust cyberspace protections.

Legitimate cryptocurrency entrepreneurs recognize the importance of building trust to expand adoption responsibly. Initiatives like merchant acceptance, built-in liquidity pools, government cooperation and technological safeguards all enhance integrity to transform the potential of this emerging industry – and render scams increasingly untenable. Individual resilience and progress advance together.

By sharing examyples and red flags of malicious actors, like, we empower each other collectively toward financial literacy and security in cryptocurrency. With awareness and care, victims can transform into advocates against future exploitation. Ultimately, the terrain improves for all through open dialogue and cooperative solutions. Criminals undermine innovation; community strengthens it.

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