is boomteer legit or scam? Reviews and complaints 2024

What is Boomteer?

Boomteer is a website that claims to allow users to earn money by performing simple tasks online. On their homepage at, they promote that members can “earn freely instead of wasting data for nothing” by completing tasks and surveys. Some key tasks they list include reading emails, watching video ads, and sharing content on social media.

Boomteer says that members are paid monthly on the 30th of each month for any earnings accumulated during the previous month. They do not require any registration fees to join. This sounds appealing as many similar websites charge mandatory membership or subscription fees before users can start earning.

However, there are also some concerning aspects that raise questions about whether Boomteer is truly legit or possibly a scam. Let’s take a deeper look at what online reviews, scam databases, and Google search results reveal about the legitimacy of this website.

Online Reviews Express Doubt

Looking at third party reviews and scam checking websites paints a dubious picture of Boomteer’s trustworthiness. For example, the website Even Insight has analyzed and given it a very low safety score of only 15 out of 100. Some of the key red flags they cite include:

  • Little to no traffic or backlinks pointing to the site, suggesting it’s not well established.

  • No contact information provided other than a general “contact us” form, making the owners anonymous and untraceable.

  • The website was registered only a few months ago in September 2023.

Similarly, WebParanoid also considers Boomteer a risky website based on their analysis. While they can’t definitively call it a scam, they note several problematic aspects like the website design and coding being quite basic. This implies it was quickly thrown together without much thought or effort put into security.

Overall both of these third party reviews conclude that Boomteer’s legitimacy cannot be verified and users should proceed with extreme caution due to the many scam-like signs present on the website itself. Its newness, lack of transparency, and sparse online existence are all red flags.

Google Searches Yield Mixed Results

When searching “is boomteer legit” on Google, you’ll find the results are somewhat mixed. On one hand, there are articles that seem to positively review the platform without criticizing it much. However, digging deeper into these “reviews” often shows they lack credibility and objective analysis.

For example, the top search result is from a website called itself. Clearly this cannot be considered an impartial or credible review. Another top page is from a website and author who seem to only positively promote various money making and investment opportunities without criticizing any. This calls their objectiveness into question.

On the other hand, more reputable looking websites like that aim to check the legitimacy of websites have reviewed Boomteerand given it a very low trust score of only 38 out of 100. They note its lack of organic traffic and visibility as highly suspicious signs.

Some key points to consider from analyzing the Google results:

  • Beware of reviews directly on the Boomteer website or affiliate marketers – they aren’t objective sources.

  • More impartial reviewers have serious doubts about its trustworthiness.

  • The mixed messaging shows Boomteer’s legitimacy cannot be clearly determined either way based on online info currently. Proceed very carefully.

User Complaints Point to Potential Problems

While Boomteer may claim to have paid members earning monthly, digging deeper turns up some concerning complaints and unanswered questions from alleged users. For example:

  • Complaints on community Facebook groups about not receiving promised payouts from Boomteer after “earning” money from tasks.

  • Questions about the actual payout process and whether it’s truly automated each month as they describe or more complicated.

  • Difficulty contacting Boomteer support with inquiries or issues, pointing to potential lack of real customer service.

  • No independent verifications from happy long-term users could be found to reassure about payout legitimacy.

Admittedly there are not a large volume of complaints. But for a website promoting easy, guaranteed income, the presence of any dissatisfied alleged users is a worrisome sign that needs addressing. So far Boomteer does not seem to be transparently responding to or resolving issues brought up either.

Domain and Company Information Is Scant

Another notable absence that raises doubts is the lack of public company registration or contact details for Boomteer. A website asking users to invest their time and potentially personal information should be fully transparent about ownership and location.

Basic whois lookups for the domain show it was registered anonymously only last year through an online domain registrar. No physical address, phone number or business registration is linked to the registration either.

This type of minimal online presence without verifiable registration is characteristic of fly-by-night scam operations, not reputable income opportunity websites. Legitimate online businesses always disclose registration details to build user trust.

The near complete lack of transparency on company ownership and operations is a significant strike against Boomteer’s credibility at this point in time based on standard online legitimacy evaluation practices.

So What’s the Verdict?

After reviewing results from impartial sources like scam checking databases and analyzing various other online signals, the consensus is that Boomteer’s legitimacy remains very questionable at this stage. While not definitive, the anonymity, minimal disclosure, mixed reviews and user complaints combine to paint an uncertain picture that errs more on the side of caution.

Some key takeaways for anyone considering using Boomteer:

  • Proceed extremely carefully until the company becomes much more transparent with information.

  • Do not invest significant time or personal details until payout legitimacy is conclusively proven over time.

  • Consider this high risk pending further verification rather than guaranteed income at this point.

  • Look for alternative income opportunities with established reputations and disclosed company registration first.

In summary, based on currently available online information, the safer determination would be that Boomteer’s trustworthiness and legitimacy have not been verified and require much more transparency before users invest their trust. Approaching this opportunity with appropriate caution is highly recommended.

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