Is Binaryfaucet legit or scam? Reviews and complaints


Introducing Binaryfaucet: A New Investment Platform in Nigeria is a recently launched investment platform in Nigeria, offering users the opportunity to earn daily profits from their investments. The company identifies itself as a financial institution engaged in investment activities related to trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges, conducted by qualified professional traders. Their goal is to provide investors with a reliable source of high income while minimizing risks and offering high-quality services. Binaryfaucet welcomes individuals to be part of their community and benefit from their investment services.

Understanding Binaryfaucet’s Vision

Binaryfaucet’s vision revolves around automating and simplifying the relations between investors and trustees. By doing so, they aim to increase profit margins through profitable investments. The platform seeks to establish itself as a reputable player in the investment market, providing its users with a secure and profitable way to grow their funds. Transparency and professionalism are emphasized, ensuring that investors feel confident about their financial decisions.

Benefits of Joining Binaryfaucet

When users sign up for Binaryfaucet, they can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

Welcome Bonus

Upon registration, users receive a welcome bonus of 500. This serves as an initial boost to their investment journey, giving them an opportunity to experience the platform’s features without a significant commitment.

Daily Return on Investment

Binaryfaucet offers a substantial 17% daily return on investment. This alluring promise of daily profits can quickly grow one’s initial investment, making it an attractive prospect for those seeking to increase their wealth.

Affordable Minimum Investment

The platform welcomes investors with a minimum investment amount of just 3,000 NGN. This low entry barrier makes it accessible to a broader audience, including individuals who may be new to the world of investment.

Easy Withdrawals

Users can make withdrawals anytime, and the minimum withdrawal amount is set at 800 NGN. The flexibility in withdrawals provides users with the convenience of accessing their earnings when needed.

How to Invest on

Getting started with Binaryfaucet is a straightforward process:

  1. Create an Account: Visit the sign-up page and provide the required details to create your Binaryfaucet account.
  2. Access Your Dashboard: After successfully signing up, log in to your account to access your personalized dashboard.
  3. Navigate to Investment Plans: On the left side of the dashboard, click on the “Investment” menu. This will direct you to the available investment plans.
  4. Choose Your Preferred Plan: Pick the investment plan that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.
  5. Deposit Your Investment: Click “Deposit Now” and select “Bank Transfer” as the payment method. Enter the amount you wish to invest and follow the provided instructions to complete the transaction.
  6. Upload Proof of Payment: To finalize the investment process, upload proof of payment on the same page. This step ensures that your investment is successfully processed. Investment Plans offers a range of investment plans, each with varying investment amounts and corresponding daily profits. Here are the details of the available plans:

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  • Investment Amount: ₦3,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦500.00


  • Investment Amount: ₦5,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦850.00

Faucet 1

  • Investment Amount: ₦7,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦1,300.00

Faucet 2

  • Investment Amount: ₦10,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦2,000.00

Faucet 3

  • Investment Amount: ₦20,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦4,000.00


  • Investment Amount: ₦30,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦6,000.00


  • Investment Amount: ₦50,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦10,000.00


  • Investment Amount: ₦70,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦15,000.00


  • Investment Amount: ₦100,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦18,000.00

Veteran Investor

  • Investment Amount: ₦200,000.00
  • Daily Profit: ₦40,000.00

How to Withdraw on

Withdrawing earnings from is a simple process:

  1. Log in to Your Dashboard: Access your Binaryfaucet account by logging in to your dashboard.
  2. Initiate the Withdrawal: Click on the “Withdraw” menu on the left-hand side to initiate the withdrawal process.
  3. Select Withdrawal Method: Choose “To bank account” as the withdrawal method.
  4. Enter Withdrawal Amount: Provide the amount you wish to withdraw from your earnings.
  5. Provide Bank Details: Provide your bank name and account number to ensure a successful transaction.
  6. Complete the Withdrawal: Click the “Withdraw Now” button to complete the withdrawal process. You will receive an automatic notification from Binaryfaucet, and the funds will be credited to your chosen payment system, which determines the withdrawal processing time.

Is Legit?

While may seem enticing with its promises of high returns, there are several concerning factors that suggest it could be a scam:

Lack of Transparency does not provide any information about its owners or management team, raising suspicions about its legitimacy. Reputable investment companies typically share information about their leadership to establish trust with users. The absence of such details undermines the platform’s credibility.

Unrealistic Promises

Promising a daily return of 17% is highly unrealistic and unsustainable in legitimate investment activities. Such extravagant returns are often associated with Ponzi schemes and scams designed to lure unsuspecting investors.

Ponzi Scheme Characteristics

The investment plans offered by, with their high daily returns and tiered earnings, bear similarities to typical Ponzi schemes. Ponzi schemes rely on new investments to pay returns to earlier investors, rather than generating legitimate profits through investments. As the scheme grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to sustain, leading to potential losses for investors.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, potential investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing in or any other high-return investment opportunity. As with any investment, it is essential to consider the risks involved and seek advice from a financial professional to make informed decisions. It is crucial to prioritize the security of your funds and to be vigilant in recognizing potential scams or fraudulent schemes. Remember that legitimate investment opportunities come with a level of risk, and no investment can guarantee high, fixed returns without any associated risks. As the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Stay informed and make wise investment choices to secure your financial future.



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