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Introduction to

Are you considering shopping from If so, it’s crucial to find out if the website is genuine and trustworthy. In this review, we will delve into the details of and why our scam detector has given it a poor trust score. claims to be an online store selling various products, including beddings, home decor, and luggages, all at suspiciously discounted rates. However, numerous red flags indicate that this website is far from legitimate.

Red Flags of

Let’s explore the key reasons why you should avoid shopping from

1. Recent Website Creation

One of the most significant red flags is that was recently created in July 2023, and its expiration date is set for July 2024. Such short-lived websites are often easy to dispose of, making them untrustworthy and questionable.

2. Customer Complaints

Customers who have shopped from have left multiple reviews online, all pointing to the website being a scam. Many customers reported that they never received their orders or received entirely different products of low quality. Furthermore, attempts to contact the store for refunds proved futile, indicating a lack of responsiveness and customer care.

3. Owned by a Suspicious Company is owned by Aimark Ltd, a company with numerous negative reviews online. The association with a suspicious company raises doubts about the website’s credibility and reliability.

4. Fake Contact Address

The website lists its contact address as Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP. However, a thorough search revealed that this address is linked to various scam online stores. The use of a fake contact address suggests that is intentionally hiding its information from customers, a major red flag for any online store.

5. Suspicious and Outrageous Discounts offers outrageous discount prices that seem too good to be true. Such steep discounts are often used by scam websites to entice unsuspecting customers, but they usually result in receiving either entirely different or inferior products.

6. Poor/No Security

The website lacks proper security measures, such as Mcafee or Norton certification. Without adequate security, the website becomes vulnerable to hackers who could potentially steal and misuse customers’ personal and financial information.

7. Stolen Contents resorts to stealing content and product images from various legitimate online stores. This common tactic among scam websites deceives customers into believing they are purchasing original products, only to receive cheap knockoffs or nothing at all.

8. No Social Media Presence is conspicuously absent from any social media platform, a rarity for genuine online stores. Legitimate stores actively engage with customers on social media, making the absence of any social media presence a clear red flag.

Is a Scam?

Considering the multitude of red flags mentioned above, it is evident that is an untrustworthy and fraudulent website. Similar to many other scam online stores, uses enticing discounts to lure customers, only to deliver entirely different or low-quality items, if anything at all. This behavior is a classic example of a bait and switch scam.

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Using PayPal Does Not Guarantee Safe Shopping

Using PayPal for transactions on does not guarantee a swift refund. Scam websites often use fake tracking numbers unrelated to the customer’s order, making it difficult for PayPal to process chargebacks effectively. Therefore, relying solely on PayPal may not provide full protection against scams.

Three Things to Be Aware of When Shopping from

If you still choose to proceed with shopping from despite the red flags, be aware of the following risks:

1. Not Receiving Your Package

It is common for scam online stores to debit customers but never deliver the ordered packages.

2. Receiving a Different/Inferior Product

Beware of receiving an entirely different item from what was ordered. This bait and switch tactic is designed to deceive customers.

3. Hacked Credit Card

There is a possibility of having your credit card hacked by fraudulent online stores like You may be debited for items you did not order or experience overcharges on your card.


In conclusion, is not a genuine online store. It has defrauded unsuspecting buyers, and the numerous red flags highlighted in this review should serve as a warning to potential customers. To spot scam online stores easily, online shoppers should check the domain age on, verify the address provided by the store, read customer reviews, and assess the store’s social media presence.

Protect yourself from scams like by being vigilant and cautious while shopping online. Verify the legitimacy of a website before making any purchase and prioritize your safety and security. Remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Spread awareness to prevent others from falling victim to online scams and stay safe while shopping online.


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