Is astraclo legit or scam? reviews 2023


Is Legitimate or a Scam? A Comprehensive Investigation

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, so too do deceptive websites trying to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. presents itself as an online clothing and accessories retailer, but is it really on the up-and-up? In this in-depth review, I evaluate across several key factors to determine whether customers can feel secure shopping there.

Customer Reviews Paint a Concerning Picture

One of the most reliable indicators of a company’s trustworthiness comes directly from past customers. Let’s take a look at what real shoppers are saying about their experiences on Trustpilot, one of the leading review sites.

Unfortunately, the feedback for is overwhelmingly negative. Out of over 150 reviews, the site holds a poor average rating of just 1.4 out of 5 stars. Comments repeatedly describe similar issues like receiving poor quality knockoffs instead of genuine branded items, long shipping delays without communication, and an inability to get refunds for unfulfilled orders.

Troubling reviews state:

  • “I ordered a sweatshirt and received a rag that fell apart at the seams. Clearly a fake and not worth the $30 I paid.”

  • “It’s been over 2 months and my order hasn’t arrived. Multiple emails to customer support have gone unanswered.”

  • “Don’t waste your time or money here. I feel this site is only trying to steal people’s credit card information.”

Other review platforms like SiteJabber and ResellerRatings feature consistent complaints as well. When so many past customers report problems, it raises legitimate concerns about that can’t be ignored.

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Discounted Prices Seem Too Good to Be True advertises clothing, shoes and accessories from name brands like Nike, Adidas, Gucci and Supreme. However, the price points raise major red flags. For example, shoes from popular labels are listed for $50-$80 when they normally retail between $150-$300. T-shirts are only $10-$20 compared to typical costs of $40-$100.

Discounts of 60-80% below market value should immediately spark skepticism, as legitimate retailers rarely offer ongoing sales at those depths, especially for hot in-demand brands. There are a few possibilities for these overly generous pricing:

  1. They are selling counterfeit replicas instead of genuine merchandise as described.

  2. Inventory arrives through cheap dropshipping from unreliable wholesalers.

  3. The goal is to bait customers with “deals” before pocketing payments without delivering orders.

When bargains seem too good to be true, there is usually a catch – and in the case of, that catch appears to be authenticity and quality concerns according to negative reviews.

Lack of Transparency Raises Red Flags

Credible companies clearly disclose ownership details to establish trust and accountability. However, provides zero information about the people or parent business running the site.

Their “About Us” page is blank, and domain registration hides the true owner’s identity using a domain proxy service. Without transparent ownership data, it’s impossible for customers to verify the store is legitimate or address issues with the operators.

Furthermore, their policies offer inadequate protections. Pre-orders are non-refundable with no defined delivery windows. The payment setup lacks major purchase protections by exclusively accepting non-disputable payment methods. Combined with anonymity, these factors strip away customer safeguards.

Hiding ownership is a common tactic by unscrupulous operators to infiltrate and easily abandon markets without consequences once wrongdoings surface. The lack of business transparency from warrants major concern.

Product Images Don’t Match Reality

One telling observation emerges when contrasting’s listings against customer reviews – the advertised inventory photos often do not align with the quality of items actually received.

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For example, photos show crisply printed clothing bearing correct branding logos. But feedback portrays shipped goods as flimsily made knockoffs with poor labeling, stitching defects, and logos that clearly don’t fit the licensed designs.

It seems the site deliberately misrepresents products to mislead buyers until after they part with their money. Respectable retailers do not deceive customers or pass off counterfeits under the guise of genuine merchandise.

This severe discrepancy in promised versus delivered quality further damages confidence in’s trustworthiness and intentions towards customers. Fake photos imply a willingness to defraud.

Domain Details Point to Deception

Whois information for the domain sheds light on the ownership:

  • Registered two months ago anonymously through DomainsByProxy
  • No other domains owned indicates a fly-by-night scam operation
  • Swiftly built facade of legitimacy before negative reviews surfaced
  • Generic holder data and lack of business specifics keep true owners untraceable

Domains set up solely for deception under proxy services devoid of transparency raise immediate red flags. Legit businesses operate openly and accountably without anonymizing techniques that hinder oversight. The stealth domain activity implies wrongdoing.

Alternative Options Provide Safer Shopping

Based on the comprehensive findings, it seems overwhelmingly likely exists mainly to defraud customers rather than offer authentic deals. So where can fashion bargain hunters safely find genuine discounts instead? Here are some vetted alternatives:


This resale marketplace connects buyers directly to sellers, letting you browse gently used items at significantly lower prices than retail. Established reputation system and built-in protections.


Similar pre-owned offerings sent directly from individual consignors for women, kids and men’s apparel and accessories. Wide assortment at budget prices backed by a satisfaction guarantee.


Massive selection across all categories once you filter for highly rated sellers with reputable storefronts. Watch closely for authenticity on high-end items. Bid or buy now with built-in buyer protection.

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Outlet Stores

Off-price retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack constantly refresh overstock/previous season inventory at discounts up to 60% off original pricing. Browse in stores or online.

Seasonal Sales Events

Black Friday, Presidents’ Day, Fourth of July etc offer doorbuster promos direct from brands. Follow deal newsletters for intel on exclusive promo codes across apparel, shoes, accessories and more.

By shopping proven marketplaces with safety nets or authorized retailers, customers can avoid scams while still finding plenty of bargains on legitimate merchandise. Proceed cautiously whenever discounts seem too good to be true without verification.


After an extensive multi-faceted investigation of across customer reviews, pricing, policies, imagery consistency and domain ownership, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests this is not a reliable or trustworthy company to buy from.

Shady business practices include deceptive product listings, inadequate order assurances, irreversible payment methods paired with anonymity, and an abundance of unresolved complaints describing fraudulent tactics used to take advantage of customers without delivering orders.

Unless and until addresses transparency around operations and policies, implements order protections, demonstrates a sustained ability to fulfill orders accurately as described, and takes responsibility for issues reported by past buyers – this review finds nothing but red flags and advises strongly looking elsewhere when shopping online for top clothing and accessory brands.

While deals may seem enticing on the surface, authentic discounts require verification of legitimacy these days. When numerous warning signs emerge like at, protecting personal finances has to take priority over possible savings that may never fully materialize as promised. Caveat emptor remains the wisest approach online.


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