is american giant books legit or scam company? Reviews 2024

Unveiling the Mystery: Unraveling the Legitimacy of American Giant Books

In the dynamic landscape of publishing, American Giant Books has emerged as a newcomer, promising both print and ebook publications. However, amidst the allure of new literary ventures, questions linger about the legitimacy of American Giant Books. In this extensive review, we’ll delve into the available information to scrutinize whether American Giant Books stands as a beacon of trustworthiness in the world of publishing or if it raises concerns for authors and readers alike.

Deciphering American Giant Books: An Overview

Established in 2021 and headquartered in the literary hub of New York City, American Giant Books positions itself as an independent publisher dedicated to curating acclaimed works spanning fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more. Their website serves as a platform for authors to submit their works, with a promise to provide traditional print books and ebooks, along with services like editing, marketing support, and royalties for published authors.

While the endeavor to launch a new publishing house is commendable, the absence of intricate details invites legitimate inquiries into the authenticity of American Giant Books. Let’s navigate through the available specifics and scrutinize the concerns that have cast shadows on its credibility.

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Potential Concerns Surrounding American Giant Books

Initial research into American Giant Books reveals some prevalent concerns that warrant attention:

1. Lack of Company Information

American Giant Books maintains a minimalistic approach to divulging company information, both on their website and across other platforms.

2. Editorial Anonymity

The absence of editor bios or credentials raises questions about the editorial decision-making process and the caliber of those shaping the literary landscape.

3. Limited Recognition from Reputable Sources

Despite their claims of being an independent publisher, there is a notable absence of articles or acknowledgments from reputable sources, leaving their standing in the literary community in question.

4. Unresolved Author Grievances

Reports from authors who claim to have not received promised royalties or services contribute to a narrative of unfulfilled commitments.

5. Financial Discrepancies

Customers have reported credit card charges without receiving the books they purchased, casting doubts on the financial integrity of the transactions.

6. Industry Presence

The apparent absence of American Giant Books in major industry events, trade publications, and academic journals adds to the uncertainty surrounding its legitimacy.

7. Lack of Transparency

Critical information about ownership, financing, and a physical address is conspicuously absent, hindering a comprehensive understanding of the company.

When issues of this nature persist without satisfactory responses, it understandably erodes trust, particularly in an industry built on creativity and mutual integrity.

Delving Deeper: Seeking Answers

To gain a more comprehensive understanding, further steps were taken:

1. Communication Attempts

Efforts to reach out to American Giant Books through phone and email were met with silence, leaving queries unanswered.

2. Legal and Regulatory Scrutiny

A search for litigation, certification, or regulatory records yielded no matches, leaving a void in terms of legal validation.

3. Independent Assessment

Independent assessment sites echoed predominantly negative feedback, further amplifying concerns raised by authors and customers.

4. Better Business Bureau (BBB) Assessment

The Better Business Bureau’s F rating for American Giant Books, coupled with unresolved complaints, points to a pattern of problematic conduct.

5. Academic and Library Validation

A search across library databases and academic journal archives yielded no mention or validation of American Giant Books.

Considering the pattern of unaddressed complaints alongside high secrecy and the lack of third-party substantiation, serious uncertainties around American Giant Books remain unsolved. This raises red flags about their legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Assessing The Legitimacy of American Giant Books

In summarized conclusion, American Giant Books:

  • Has not addressed specific issues publicly raised by authors and customers.
  • Provides no transparency into leadership, business structure, or physical address.
  • Shows no presence within standard industry networking or regulatory compliance.
  • Demonstrates a lack of external validation as a credible publishing enterprise.
  • Has an established track record of unresolved complaints and very negative reviews.

While all new companies deserve a fair assessment, the onus is on American Giant Books to dissipate legitimate concerns through transparency, reforming practices in question, and third-party verification over empty claims. Unless and until that happens, available facts suggest readers and writers would be best served considering other, more substantiated options. Healthy skepticism is warranted.

In Summary: Navigating the Uncertainty

In conclusion, the landscape surrounding American Giant Books is marked by uncertainties and cautionary tales. While the company professes its commitment to independent publishing, the multitude of concerns and the absence of decisive actions to address them cast a shadow on its legitimacy. A healthy dose of skepticism is warranted until American Giant Books takes tangible steps to restore confidence through transparent practices and third-party validation.

In the intricate world of publishing, where trust and credibility are paramount, due diligence becomes the guiding compass. Until American Giant Books substantiates its claims and addresses the raised concerns, prudence dictates approaching this company with careful consideration and a readiness to prioritize verified and trustworthy opportunities in the dynamic landscape of independent publishing.


In the intricate realm of publishing, where literary dreams intertwine with the pursuit of knowledge, American Giant Books emerges as a relatively new player, beckoning authors and readers alike. However, this exploration into the depths of American Giant Books reveals a landscape marked by uncertainties, unanswered queries, and cautionary tales.

The aspiration to carve a niche in the literary world is commendable, yet the lack of transparency surrounding American Giant Books raises legitimate concerns. A publishing venture is not merely a transaction; it is a collaboration between creators and curators, built on trust and mutual integrity. The absence of detailed company information, undisclosed editor credentials, and an enigmatic industry presence contribute to a narrative of opacity.

The concerns articulated by authors and customers, coupled with financial discrepancies and an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, cast shadows on the legitimacy of American Giant Books. As the silence persists in response to these issues, the foundation of trust, crucial in the literary realm, appears fragile.

In the pursuit of clarity, attempts were made to engage with American Giant Books directly, but the echoes of silence reverberate. Legal and regulatory searches, independent assessments, and scrutiny by industry watchdogs paint a picture of unaddressed grievances and a lack of external validation. The absence of American Giant Books in established industry events and publications further adds to the murkiness surrounding its legitimacy.

In essence, American Giant Books stands at a crossroads, where the path to legitimacy necessitates transparency, responsiveness to raised concerns, and validation from reputable sources. Until such measures are taken, the cautionary narrative persists, urging authors and readers to navigate this uncertain terrain with a discerning eye.

In the dynamic and evolving landscape of independent publishing, where literary endeavors find their wings, due diligence becomes the guiding force. As the final chapter of this exploration unfolds, prudence dictates a careful approach to American Giant Books, with a readiness to prioritize verified and trustworthy opportunities. Until the company takes decisive steps to address the shadows that linger, a shroud of uncertainty envelops its standing in the literary tapestry, reminding us all that trust is earned through transparency, credibility, and a commitment to the shared journey of words.


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