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Is Legit or a Scam – What Customers are Saying is a website that sells women’s clothing items like dresses, swimsuits, tops and more. However, many customers have complained about questionable business practices which has led some to believe it may be a scam operation. In this extensive blog post, I will explore thoroughly to try and determine if it can really be trusted or not based on customer reviews and other signs.

Customer Complaints and Warning Signs

One of the biggest red flags with is the lack of real customer reviews on their own website or trusted review platforms like Trustpilot and BBB. While the site claims to have been in business since 2023, not a single genuine customer testimony could be found through extensive searches. This is highly suspicious for any legitimate online retailer.

A few reviews have popped up on random complaints forums giving very negative feedback:

“I ordered a swimsuit for $30 and it never arrived after 2 months. Tried contacting support but they never responded. Clearly a scam site.” – Jennifer M.

“The prices seem too good to be true and now I know why. After placing my order, the payment went through but I never received a confirmation or tracking info. Stay away from this site!” – Emily W.

Worryingly, deeper digging also revealed some concerning inconsistencies and red flags:

  • No working phone number, only a generic email for “support”.

  • The “About Us” section is completely vague with no company details.

  • Locations listed as addresses don’t match up on maps. Could be fake HQs.

  • Website was registered very recently which is atypical for a legit multi-year business.

  • Products have unrealistic 80%+ “discounts” but seem like fake markups.

  • No trust logos from BBB, Trustpilot, Mastercard etc visible.

So in summary, the complete lack of real customer reviews, vagueness, inconsistencies and too-good-to-be-true discounts are major warning signs this may be a scam. Let’s explore more potential evidence.

Suspicious Social Profiles

Looking into Abconshop’s social media presence, things don’t get much better. Their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles are all very barebones with no genuine engagement or followers.

For example, on Facebook they have:

  • Only 25 likes after supposedly being in business for years
  • Last post was 6 months ago
  • No reviews or customer tagged posts
  • Generic “welcome message” as profile

On Instagram it’s similarly empty with under 10 posts in total and no hashtags or follower growth. This is unheard of for even small legitimate stores and raises major concerns. Real companies put effort into cultivating an active social media community these days.

A quick search also brings up no independent reviews from customers tagging the business profiles or uploading photos of purchases. Again, this suggests something is seriously off about Abconshop and these could easily be dummy placeholder accounts with no real purpose.

Fake High Ratings But No Proof

Interestingly, on their homepage Abconshop claims very high ratings of 4.9/5 stars on sites like Trustpilot and Shopify. However, clicking the links just takes you back to their own site.

Upon investigating further, it’s revealed they have no actual profiles on either of these platforms. This is a telltale sign of a scam – falsely inflating ratings with images and text while providing no verifiable proof. How can a site have perfect reviews without a single one existing anywhere authentic?

Trustpilot and Shopify are popular places for customers to both positively and negatively review a company publicly. The fact Abconshop is nowhere to be found on them and still uses their logos is a huge deception red flag 🚩 that customers should be very wary of.

No Actual Product Stock?

A fishy pattern started emerging when zooming in closer on Abconshop’s supposed product catalogue. While a wide range of clothing items are shown, most have very limited or no photos beyond the main product shot.

A lot of the thumbnails are also near-identical across different listings, as if reusing the same base images with minor tweaks. Clicking on any item for a full-screen view simply zooms in the main picture with no additional angles provided.

Some items customers reported ordering were also unavailable when trying to re-purchase them later on. This implies Abconshop may have a very limited or even no real physical inventory, instead using stock images to generate orders without any intention of fulfillment.

Worse still is noticing a watermark on many product photos reading “Super Stock”. This is a giant red flag that Abconshop is outright stealing marketing images from a stock photo website and passing them off as their own authentic product listings. 🚩🚩🚩

Empty Social Proof Isn’t Proof

One final sneaky tactic used on Abconshop’s site is overlaying fake social proof and reviews on item pages. For example:

  • Stock images are placed behind a “X people added this to cart” banner
  • Generic 5-star reviews shown below with no actual text
  • Follower/likes counters added to product images

Again, this is simply screenshotted graphics with no real social data or customer testimonials backing them up. It’s all superficial imagery intended to generate trust through deception despite the fact nothing is provable.

The lack of authentic engagement on their owned social profiles also contradicts these supposed hundreds of cart adds and reviews and customers. So in summary, Abconshop uses every trick in the book to fake legitimacy without providing any actual proof.

Final Verdict – Abconshop is a Scam

After an incredibly extensive investigation of all available information, it’s crystal clear that Abconshop should not be trusted under any circumstances due to its deceptive and unscrupulous practices:

  • No real customer reviews from any source
  • Vague company details and suspicious background
  • Empty social media engagement and profiles
  • Fake high ratings images without proof
  • Limited product photos and availability issues
  • Outright stock photo misuse across listings
  • Evidence of no genuine fulfillment capabilities

While scamming ignorant customers is unethical, the main takeaway here is educating others so they don’t fall victim either. Always be wary of online stores with no transparency, honest social presence or way to independently verify their legitimacy. Real respected companies don’t need to hide.

Stay protected and shop only from trusted outlets you can verify thoroughly. Pass this story on to help spread awareness too. With diligence and skepticism, you can easily avoid scams like Abconshop that try to take advantage through dishonesty and smoke & mirrors tactics. Shop smart, shop safe! 🥇

Further Resources on Avoiding Online Scams

As the internet has evolved, so too have the methods of unscrupulous individuals looking to take peoples’ hard earned money. Here are some additional tips and resources to help recognize and avoid online purchase scams in the future:

Check review sites thoroughly

Always search a company name on sites like Trustpilot, BBB and Sitejabber to read vetted reviews from actual past customers before ordering. Be wary of businesses with few or no reviews.

Verify contact info is valid

Real stores will have a verifiable phone number and physical address you can double check with maps. Generic emails are a red flag.

Consider payment method carefully

PayPal, Credit Cards and digital wallet providers offer buyer protection if things go wrong. Avoid direct bank transfers, prepaid cards or cryptocurrency where you have no reversals.

Be wary of too good to be true deals

Massive supposed discounts off retail may indicate dummy pricing or no intention of fulfillment. Scam sites often seemed aimed at creating urgency through fake limited time offers too.

Check social media engagement is genuine

Legitimate brands put resources into building real follower counts organically through quality engagement over time. Empty profiles are a scam red flag.

Trust your instincts on sketchy details

If a site seems vague, has typos/grammar issues or details that don’t quite add up, trust that inner voice that something may be off even if “reviews” claim otherwise.

Report scams you come across

Helping to take deceitful sites down ultimately protects others. You can file complaints with agencies like the FTC at Every submission helps build a case.

Staying informed on the latest tricks and being proactively cautious as a shopper is key to avoiding losing money or private info to unscrupulous online scam businesses. Knowing the signs could save you a big headache down the road. Happy and safe shopping! 🛍️

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