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Instagram Stories started with facebook stories as a knock off of Snapchat’s very similar feature, but it has grown to be incredibly popular with more than 500 million people using the feature daily. Stories offer more casual way to share content with your friends and followers that does not live permanently in your main Instagram feed. Stories can be shared either to a selected area users or to all of your followers, or to a select few through the new close friends option. As Instagram is owned by Facebook (MARK ZUCKERBERG) you can also share your Instagram story straight to your Facebook story and also from whatsapp to reach your friends on the three platforms.
Images and videos posted to your story remain visible for only to twenty four hours; after that, they disappear forever but you can still access them from your private archive and they can even choose to show some selected stories permanently as “highlights” on your profile page.

First steps

One can also save instagram stories with music to your phone photo library, either saving each video or image independently or downloading the entire story as a single video. This is useful if you want to share the content with another social media platform, like Snapchat or better still, Twitter. However, if you want to save someone else’ story, it is a bit more complicated. But for stuffs like WhatsApp, it can save in a click. Moreover, for Instagram and Facebook, you can use the xender app that is used in sending movies, images and applications from a place to each other after the two phones not far from each other because it make use of WI FI.
Whereas, for images, the easiest way to save an Instagram story is to simply to take a screenshot. We have guides for taking screenshots on Android, but the key with Instagram Stories is to first hold your finger or thumb on the screen this stops the story from progressing.It also clears away the user interface elements so that you can get a clean capture. The best and fastest way to take a screenshot is to wiped down your phone screen with three fingers. While the most common way is to press the power button and the volume button. Screenshots do not really work for video stories, however; if you want to save Instagram stories with music and videos, you need a third party app. You can also use your phone screen recorder app in which will help you to take a screen video of all the things happening presently on your phones.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD The Android app we use to download is called Story Saver, available for free from the Google Play store. As with Repost Story on iOS (APPLE), you will have to log into your Instagram account to get started. The main page will show you all the Stories that your followers have posted, other users can also be serched for in the search bar. Select the video or image you want and then tap Save. The photo will show in the Story saver folder on your phone when you are looking at your photos.
Regardless of how you save a story, it is best to make sure you are doing so with the permission of the person who posted it. This is especially important if you are going to share the content in your own feed or story. You can of course, share stories straight from within Instagram if you do not want to bother saving them to your device first. For instructions on how to do this and more, see our complete guide to using save Instagram Stories with music.DISADVANTAGES AND WAYS TO BOOST INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS

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