How to make donuts or doughnuts from home

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How to make donuts or doughnuts

Donuts which can also be spelled by doughnuts is one of the fast snack cooked at home especially by Africans especially in Nigeria. Some people make donuts or doughnuts to sell them at an event, schools, church or anywhere people gathers. Making donuts is as easy as freak. You can watch YouTube video to see the quantity of things you need. But you can’t detailing understand if not reading. The recipe I am going to give make approximately 15 (fifteen) donuts. Also, you can not detailing understand if you read and not watch. First, let us start with the ingredients you need in making donuts. To make the best and known donuts, you will need:

  • Yeast
  • Powdered milk
  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • egg
  • Watery Milk

How to make donuts or doughnuts

Also, you will need some tools or equipment which some of it are

  • Bowl (2)
  • Fry pan
  • Gas or cooker
  • Cover
  • Nylon
  • Roller
  • Spoon

It can be more easier if you are not new in making some things such as chin chin, buns, egg row and others. But in order words, we are going to start the step now.

Step 1:

Warm the milk and butter:

The first step as the heading above is to warm the milk. According to the ingredients above, you need both powdered mike and watery milk. You need to put the watery milk inside oven, cooker or on gas. Also, make sure the butter is also on oven, gas or cooker to make it melt. You can not use it if its not yet watery.

Step 2 to make donuts:

After the butter is watery, take it and pour it in a solid bowl then add Β½ teaspoon of salt with two teaspoon of sugar. Also, add a quarter (ΒΌ) of yeast plus one cup of warm milk. I do not really know the number of things you bought. That is the main reason you will need to watch a video to check the quantity. This post is just for you to know maybe what you missed or the ingredients you need or how much and differences between the ingredients. After you have added those stuffs, mix it together for about a minute and make it rest for about 10 to 12 minutes.


Step 3 to make donuts:

Depending on the quantity, but the recipe with the above picture make approximately fifteen donuts.

After leaving it for 12 to 10 minutes, add three (3) bowls of flour. Break one egg inside; Then, knead and knead. Make sure you have knead to the extent that it is no more sticky. After that, cover it again and make it rest for at least an hour.

Step 4:

After making it rest for an hour, divine the dough (part of the products you have been mixing) into four flat. Then, add flour and roll it with roller (Not new for someone who has made chin chin before).

Step 5:

After mixing, roll it into flat and cut it in round using maybe a plastic cover or something similar. After you cut it, do not forget to also cut the middle with a small cover. Maybe a rubber bottle cover (cover head for drinking water or coca cola) or something else. After all is done, leave it to rest for 15 minutes or so.

Step 6:

After making it rest for about ten to 15 minutes, bring it out and fry with oil. Do not make the oil too hot so it can be good. Fry and roll with maybe a big spoon to avoid burning. Make sure you monitor it well. Then, bring it out when both side are golden brown (real colour for a real donuts or doughnuts). Then put into nylon, add some sugar and shake it together.

After that, your doughnuts or donuts is ready. Its possible for it to be hot. Depending on how you like it. If in case you want to give your children to take it to school as snacks, just put it inside the nylon and then inside their nylon. That is all. Please, give your comment into the comments section. It is a free world.

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