How to download video from twitter


  What is twitter?

Truly, we know the topic is how to download video from twitter but, we are going to do it on a step by step something. Twitter can be defined personally by me as a social media whereby sharing of information can be passes in different ways through or not with the use of tags. Twitter is a very broad and wide stuff which stays counterpart in everywhere in the world.

How is the download done?

Downloading a video from Twitter is becoming a serious case among people this days. You can download a video on Twitter depending on the type of posts. Some of it are embedded from YouTube why some are posted directly on phone. The most easy step can work for both embedded videos and posted videos, is the one I am personally going to guide on.

How is it done?

If you have been following before, this won’t be an issue. According to my last post, I explained drastically a way to download videos on any social media and the one out also. But, we are not going to teach that again. The way we are going to go for today is save from net.

How can save from net be used to save twitter videos?

Save from net is a site where you can download twitter video without wasting much time. I an going to explain to the best I can. Also, a video has been posted underneath if you can not wait any longer.

How to use save from net

The first step you do when you want to download video to twitter using save from net is to copy the download link.  You have to go to the twitter, go to the video you want and copy the download link. Next, you input the download link in your clipboard to the ”input URL” space there inside Thereafter, click download and your video begins to download. After that, you see your videos on your phone gallery.



Below is an video for what we have talked about so far.

Use desktop mode for better view

How to save YouTube videos

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