gocoin legit or not? Real or fake? Reviews 2024

Is GoCoin a Legitimate Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?

In the dynamic landscape of online transactions, the emergence of cryptocurrency payment gateways has opened new avenues for merchants. One such player in this realm is GoCoin, a cryptocurrency payment processor facilitating digital currency transactions for businesses. Yet, the question lingers – is GoCoin a legitimate solution or a potential scam? In this thorough exploration, we will unravel the layers of GoCoin’s operations, delving into its history, user reviews, security measures, and alternatives to provide a comprehensive answer.

Overview of GoCoin

Established in 2013, GoCoin stands as one of the elder statesmen among cryptocurrency payment processors. Nestled in the heart of Utah, this company offers merchants a suite of tools to seamlessly integrate Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other major digital currencies into their payment systems.

GoCoin simplifies the process for businesses by providing a payment button or integrated checkout directly on their websites. The company’s unique selling point lies in its ability to convert cryptocurrency funds into fiat currency, specifically US dollars by default. This conversion occurs instantly, shielding merchants from the volatility risks associated with digital currencies.

Transaction fees form a part of GoCoin’s revenue model, with costs varying based on the type of payment and monthly transaction volume. Interestingly, GoCoin boasts fees lower than those of competitors like Bitpay. The company extends its offerings beyond mere payment processing, including additional services such as crypto sales, wallet creation toolkits, and vendor management dashboards.

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Reviews from Actual Users

A pivotal aspect of assessing GoCoin’s legitimacy lies in understanding the experiences of its users. Platforms such as Capterra and G2 Crowd showcase a positive reputation for GoCoin, with over 250 merchant reviews averaging an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars. These reviews consistently highlight the user-friendly integration process, round-the-clock customer support, and swift settlement periods as standout features.

Further exploration on Reddit reveals minimal complaints, mostly stemming from isolated incidents rather than systemic issues. This generally positive sentiment across various forums augurs well for GoCoin, suggesting that the company consistently fulfills its promises to both merchants and consumers.

Security and Trustworthiness

Security is paramount for any payment processor, and GoCoin is no exception. The company employs bank-grade encryption and secures the majority of funds in cold storage to mitigate the risk of hacking. Regular audits by independent third-parties contribute to the fortification of GoCoin’s security measures.

Crucially, GoCoin holds the status of a registered Money Services Business with FinCEN, subjecting it to rigorous US regulations governing anti-money laundering and know-your-customer practices. This compliance framework positions GoCoin within the bounds of legitimacy, setting it apart from less regulated entities within the crypto space.

With no major security breaches or trust violations reported during its years of operation, GoCoin’s longevity, combined with positive user feedback, indicates a robust infrastructure and responsible handling of funds.

Final Thoughts

Having conducted a comprehensive review of GoCoin’s features, policies, and online reputation, it is evident that this cryptocurrency payment processor can be regarded as a legitimate business entity. The confluence of strong user reviews, financial compliance, robust security practices, and a lack of significant controversies over the years suggests that GoCoin consistently delivers on its promises.

For merchants seeking a trusted partner to facilitate cryptocurrency payments, GoCoin emerges as a reliable option. Its competitive fees and expansive ecosystem make it a worthwhile choice, especially when compared to less established or unregulated competitors in the crypto payment space. Based on the available information, GoCoin stands the test as a payment solution that merchants can trust.

Alternative Crypto Payment Gateways

While GoCoin stands out as a reputable option, exploring alternatives provides a holistic perspective on the available choices within the cryptocurrency payment processing landscape:

Coinbase Commerce – A major player with a substantial brand presence in the crypto space. Though slightly higher in transaction fees compared to GoCoin, Coinbase Commerce benefits from its established reputation.

Bitpay – Widely recognized as an industry giant, Bitpay offers extensive integration options. While featuring higher fees than GoCoin, its long-standing trustworthiness and compliance efforts make it a trusted choice.

Cryptopay – A European-based alternative sharing similarities with GoCoin in terms of fees and features. Its reputable standing within the crypto space adds an extra layer of confidence.

Coinpayments – Distinguished by accepting the widest range of cryptocurrencies, Coinpayments’ fees fall between those of Bitpay and GoCoin. Although smaller than leading players, it boasts a growing merchant base.

When evaluating crypto payment processors, factors such as security, compliance, ease of use, support quality, and pricing should guide the decision-making process. The options listed above, being long-established firms, are likely to meet basic standards of trustworthiness.

Using GoCoin Safely as a Merchant

For merchants opting to leverage GoCoin as their preferred payment processor, adhering to best practices enhances both security and success:

  • Generate API Keys: Create API keys and set spending limits based on business needs to avoid overexposing funds.
  • Secure Connection: Connect the GoCoin plugin exclusively on certified HTTPS merchant sites to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Active Monitoring: Closely monitor settlements and transactions using the GoCoin admin dashboard tools to stay informed and proactive.
  • Backup Protocols: Securely back up API keys and seed phrases to address potential system failures or employee turnover.
  • Multifactor Authentication: Consider implementing multifactor authentication for admin logins to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of maintenance alerts and software updates from GoCoin to patch vulnerabilities promptly.
  • Educate Customers: Clearly communicate to customers that crypto transactions are final and irreversible, distinct from credit card transactions. Managing expectations contributes to a smoother user experience.

By incorporating these basic security practices tailored for cryptocurrency transactions, merchants utilizing GoCoin can confidently focus on sales growth without undue concerns about payment processing risks.


In conclusion, the exploration of GoCoin as a cryptocurrency payment gateway has unveiled a platform that stands as a legitimate and trustworthy solution for merchants navigating the complexities of digital transactions. Founded in 2013, GoCoin’s years of operation have solidified its position as one of the elder statesmen among cryptocurrency payment processors. The company’s commitment to providing tools for seamless integration of major digital currencies, coupled with its unique capability to convert crypto funds to fiat currency instantly, positions it as a valuable asset for businesses venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies.

User reviews from reputable platforms such as Capterra and G2 Crowd paint a consistently positive picture of GoCoin. With over 250 merchant reviews averaging an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars, users commend the platform for its user-friendly integration process, 24/7 customer support, and swift settlement periods. Notably, concerns raised on platforms like Reddit appear to be isolated incidents rather than indicative of systemic issues, reinforcing the notion that GoCoin consistently delivers on its promises to both merchants and consumers.

Security is a cornerstone of GoCoin’s operations, with bank-grade encryption and the majority of funds held in cold storage to mitigate hacking risks. The company’s commitment to regulatory compliance, being registered as a Money Services Business with FinCEN, sets it apart from less regulated entities in the crypto space. With no major security breaches or trust violations reported during its operational history, GoCoin’s longevity, coupled with positive user feedback, attests to its robust security measures and responsible fund handling.

In the landscape of alternative crypto payment gateways, GoCoin holds its ground as a reputable choice among competitors. Its fees, lower than those of prominent players like Bitpay, and a diverse ecosystem contribute to making it a compelling option for merchants seeking a reliable partner in cryptocurrency payment processing.

For merchants opting to utilize GoCoin, adherence to best practices is crucial to maximize security and success. Generating API keys, ensuring secure connections, actively monitoring settlements, and implementing multifactor authentication are fundamental steps that empower merchants to navigate cryptocurrency transactions with confidence.

In essence, GoCoin has passed the test as a legitimate and reliable cryptocurrency payment gateway. Its combination of positive user experiences, stringent security measures, compliance with regulations, and competitive fees positions it as a trusted partner for merchants looking to embrace cryptocurrency payments. As the digital economy continues to evolve, GoCoin stands as a beacon of stability, providing merchants with a secure and seamless avenue to tap into the growing world of cryptocurrency transactions.

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