Frenty Investment Review (Scam or legit)

  • What  is Frentine Investment
  • How old is Frentine investment
  • What is Frentine
  • Is legit
  • How old is frentine
  • How many plans are on frentine
  • How to register with frentine
This questions and more will all be done and answered today. Lets start with what is frentine??
Frentine is an online Investment platform that pays you reasonable return of investment Bi-weekly and monthly as you invest with them without any referrals. This platform has been paying since the launching without any issues. In this I’m going to talk about how it works and whether it’s legit or not.

How Does Frentine  Work?

Frentine  work very simply. It is an investment platform in Nigeria that pays her members for their Investments within a period of 15 days and 30 days. Your work with them is to invest and earn. There are 8 different packages on Frentine  you can earn from.
Available Packages On Frentine
Plans can be varied of change at any time at all but as at now, this are the plans on ground.
1. 30% plan on 10,000.
This is is the smallest and youngest package on litemox. As far as this is concerned, you get 50% on 10,000 (Ten thousand naira only) in a month. That means, per 10,000. You get 15,000 (fifteen thousand naira only).
2. 30% plan on 50,000
The 30% plan is done in just 2 weeks. This is a situation whereby you get 30% of every investment in 2 weeks. So, when you invest 50,000 (fifty thousand naira), you get 65,000 (sixty five thousand naira) in 2 weeks.
3. 40% bi-weekly on 100000
In this plan, 100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) claims to give 140,000 (one hundred and forty thousand naira) in a 2 weeks.
4. 50% biweekly on 150-200,000
This gives 50% of every deposition done in two weeks. So, in this situation, 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand naira) will give 225,000 (two hundred and twenty five thousand naira) in 2 weeks while 200,000 (two hundred thousand naira) will give 300,000 (three hundred thousand naira) in that same gap (two weeks).
 What is my plan is not there??
This is a situation whereby the amount you want is not situated there. For example, you want to invest 80,000 (eighty thousand naira). In this condition, you do a fifty thousand naira plan and maybe three 10,000 (ten thousand naira) plan. There is no problem as far as that is concerned.
Note: you get bonus when you invest twice on the last plan. For example, investing 150,000 two times can make them give you extra 50,000 immediately. But i dont really thing ref bonus will be given to your up-line (the person that refers or bring you to the platform)in this situation.
How To Make Money On Frentine
You can make money on Frentine  by subscribing for a package and Without sharing sponsored post or perform task you withdraw your money after your investment has yeild.
You can also earn money as a registered member by referring a new user to the platform. But note that referral isn’t compulsory.
Frentine  Withdrawal
After weeks, months,etc of your investment in Frentine  depending on your plan, you will be eligible to get paid without referring anyone. Your payment should arrive in 24hrs after placing for withdrawal.
How To Withdraw Your Money On frenty
To withdraw from Frentine
1. Login to your dashboard
2. Click on the withdraw button
3. Fill the frenty  withdrawal form with correct details and click submit then wait for alert
Frentine  Registration
Follow these steps below on how to register on Frentine  Investment
STEP 1 : Visit signup to sign up
STEP 2: After Registration click on deposit from the option menu
STEP 3: Select method of payment either via fluterwave, wema, etc.
STEP 4: After successful funding, it will reflect on your dashboard and your investment will start counting.
Is Frentine Scam Or Legit?
Frentine  is real and 100% legit and paying. It is owned by a reputable company which is registered and decided to be anonymous.
Is It Compulsory To Refer On Frentine
No! On Frentine  It’s not cumpolsury to refer people before you withdraw. You earn generally on your investment.
Frentine Affiliate Program
You will be given 10% referal bonus of whatever package your downline subscribes to and 5% as indirect referral (referral referral). That means when you refer someone and he drops 200k, you get 20k and your up-line (someone that refers you) gets 10k.
When Was Frentine Launched?
Frentine was launched on sunday, 5th of September.
Frentine  Login
To login to frenty  dashboard you need ur Username and password
How To Register Someone On Frentine
To register someone on Frentine  follow the same process you did while signing up, but doing so with your referral link.


  1. You dont use when you arent an American, european or earning in dollars.

2. Due to the high number of nigerians, Nigerians will use

3. You can invest in multiple plan at multiple time.

4. You should withdraw your ref anytime. Normal earnings should only be done at the 30th/last day of the plan or else, it can lead to fund lost.

5. Start investing when this post is seen.!!!❤️❤️

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