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Fizcalfort review: Legit or scam?

Fizcalfort.com reviews. Real or scam?

  • What is fizcalfort

  • How does fizcalfort.com works

  • Who owns achievershub

  • When was fizcalfort launched

  • Is it real

  • Is it scam

  • How does it works

  • How does one registers

All the questions asked about fizcalfort or better still the website fizcalfort.com will be answered here. This is a review site for the platform and we are here to work well for that.

Fizcalfort is a social media marketing company that helps businesses promote their products or services on people’s social feeds. By joining fizcalfort as an advertiser, you will be able to get your business or service massive reach.

Fizcalfort.com provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for making passive income.
It also promotes social medias and platforms like youtube account of a business individual by providing real traffic to boost their business.
Practically  anyone can be a member on  fizcalfort.com as all you need is an internet enabled device to enable you perform your daily tasks on your website

People, companies and corporate businesses come to us for advert placement, what you do as an affliate is to share these ADs to your Facebook accounts daily and get paid.

There are SIX (6) packages available on Fizcalfort

1.    Fizcal pro package of five thousand naira only ₦5,000
2.    Fizcal Bronze package of ten thousand naira only ₦10,000
3.   Fizcal Sliver   package of twenty thousand naira only ₦20,000
4.    Fizcal Gold package of thirty thousand naira only ₦30,000
5.   Fizcal Plus package of fifty thousand naira only ₦50,000
6.   Fiscal Diamond of a hundred thousand naira only ₦100,000
7.  Fizcal King of two thousand naira only ₦200,000
8.  Fizcal Zircon of three thousans naira only ₦300,000
9.  Fizcal zapphire of five hundred thousand naira only ₦500,000


Signing up is pretty easy. Follow the step below to get started.
I. On the fizcalfort website click on the COUPON VENDOR.
II. Contact one of the coupon vendors on the page to get a coupon code
III. Click on the register button after getting the code.
IV. Fill in each field with the appropriate details
V. Then login with email or username and password.

Sharing a post on Fizcalfort is almost the same way you share a post you like to your Facebook account. Login to your account, right below your dashboard you will see the sponsored post for that particular day, click on the share button beside it, once the Facebook icon pops up, click on it then share to your Facebook public page That is all. After that, Go back to your Fizcalfort page and refresh and your activity earning will increase based on the package you are on.

On fizcalfort.com we reward every member’s hard work; Each package on has its own referral bonus.


Premium earns three hundred N300
Fiscal pro earns five hundred naira N500
Bronze earns one thousand naira only N1000
Fiscal Sliver: N2000
Gold Fiscal plan earns three thousand naira N3000
Fiscal plus earns Five thousand naira only N5000


Initially,you earn on Fizcalfort takes less than a minute. You simply need to share a sponsored post daily to your Facebook account.
Each package has package has its own daily earning:

1. Fizcal Pro plan: ₦500 for 15days
2. Bronze plan: ₦1000 for 15days
3. Sliver plan: ₦1,200 for 25days
4. Gold plan: ₦1,800 for 25days
5. Fizcal plus: ₦3,000 for 25days
6. Diamond: ₦6000 For 25days
7.FiZcal King: ₦12000 For 25days
8. Zircon:  ₦18000 for 25days
9. Sapphire: ₦30000for 25days



Contact any of the code distributors  via https://fizcalfort.com/page/vendorslist on the site to get registration code, then go to your dashboard / profile, click on your referral link, once it’s loaded  clear your username and password then input that of your prospect, fill other details, agree with terms and condition and click on register. 


Referral is completely optional on Fizcalfort.com
Once your subscription expires You’d be able to use the “withdrawal” button on the website and withdraw all what you’ve earned through your 15-25days of active subscription to your bank account, and then if you wish to continue  earning from us, you can subscribe again (No limit),

Upon withdrawal, money is paid to your  bank account within 12-24 hours of request.

Fizcalfort is a social media marketing company that helps businesses promote their products or services on people’s social feeds. By joining fizcalfort as an advertiser, you will be able to get your business or service massive reach

2. How to get started?

 All you just need is to go to the site and sign up as an advertiser.


After registration, you will be able to create ads.

3. How much does it cost to advertise on fizcalfort?

The minimum amount you can fund your fizcalfort account with is three thousand naira N3000. But you can advertise with as little as a thousand naira N1,000. How much you will be charged for advert depends on the number of people that are likely to see the ad.

4. How to create ads?


Login, and click on create ad. You will be shown a page where you are to enter all your ad details.


Once you have done the above, your advert will be review. Once it has been approved, it will start running.

5.  What type adverts are allow?


While we are flexible on what is allowed to be advertised, any advert that consititutes illegal contents, or prone to break any law of the federal republic of Nigeria is not allowed.


They also do not allow any pronographic advert.

Note: all the top reviews are personally from the Fizcalfort. According to holyprofweb, we can not review a site when it has not started. We start our review after the first payment. That was when we were able to detect platform like 247wave are scams even though people are rushing it. We are going to change or edit the review after confirmation are made.

Final reviews

With no much talk. I will rate this business okay for now. Everything is risk, but one should try to take minimal risk. You are free to register but holyprofweb (us) will recommend legit investment website like Linforly investment website to be tested or invested upon.

You can reach me up on WhatsApp for business deals.

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