Evritx.com reviews: is Evritx legit or scam?


Title: “Unveiling the Evritx Scam: Protecting Yourself from Parcel Delivery Impersonators”


In the age of online shopping, parcel delivery services have become an integral part of our lives. With the rise of e-commerce, legitimate courier services have made our lives more convenient. However, this convenience has also attracted the attention of scammers who impersonate these services to steal our personal and financial information. The Evritx scam is a prime example of how scammers impersonate a trusted parcel delivery service to deceive unsuspecting victims. In this blog post, we will explore the details of the Evritx scam, understand the warning signs, and learn how to protect ourselves from such fraudulent schemes.

The Impersonation Game

A Deceptive Ploy

Evritx.com, the centerpiece of this scam, is a clever impersonator. It masquerades as the legitimate parcel delivery service Evri, formerly known as Hermes. The scammers behind Evritx.com send messages claiming that recipients have packages awaiting delivery. These messages often create a sense of urgency, urging individuals to take immediate action.

The Click That Steals

If the recipients click the links in these deceptive messages, they are led to a fake Evritx.com website. This fraudulent site is designed with one malicious purpose: to steal the personal and financial information of unsuspecting victims. The consequences of falling for this scam can be severe, ranging from identity theft to financial losses.

Identifying the Warning Signs

The Grammar Game

Scammers often leave a trail of clues in their communications. Poor grammar and spelling errors in the messages are one of the earliest warning signs. Legitimate courier services take pride in their professionalism, and errors in official communications are rare.

Sensitive Requests

Beware of messages that request sensitive information such as credit card details and Social Security numbers. Legitimate delivery services do not require this level of detail from their customers via unsolicited messages.

Urgency and Suspicion

Scammers play on urgency, pressuring recipients to act quickly. Legitimate delivery services provide information and tracking options without demanding immediate responses or sensitive information.

Protecting Yourself

Vigilance Is Key

The first line of defense against scams like Evritx is vigilance. Never click on links in unsolicited messages, especially if you are not expecting a delivery. Legitimate delivery services provide tracking information through their official websites or apps, so always verify with the official carrier.

The Aftermath

If, despite your best efforts, you fall victim to such a scam, there are steps you can take. Collect all documentation related to the scam, file a police report, and report the incident to your local consumer protection agency. Quick action can mitigate the damage and potentially prevent further scams.

Education and Awareness

Maintaining awareness and educating yourself about scams is crucial. Fraudulent impersonations of delivery services are on the rise, and being well-informed is your best defense.


In summary, the Evritx scam serves as a stark reminder that scammers will go to great lengths to deceive individuals. Impersonating trusted parcel delivery services is just one of the many tactics they employ. By understanding the warning signs, staying vigilant, and educating ourselves, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from falling victim to these malicious schemes. As we navigate the world of online shopping and package deliveries, let’s do so with our eyes wide open and our information secure. 📦💡🛡️

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