Is everyjobforme scam or legit? reviews

EveryJobForMe: A Questionable Job Board?

EveryJobForMe promises opportunities for job seekers, but some have voiced serious concerns about their legitimacy and practices. Let’s take an objective look at the available information surrounding these accusations.

Complaints About EveryJobForMe

Numerous complaints have surfaced accusing EveryJobForMe of posting fake or nonexistent jobs. While their site actively updates listings, many users allege the opportunities are not real. Common allegations mentioned in reviews include:

  • Job postings lacking basic details like location, requirements or company information. Legitimate opportunities clearly outline expectations.

  • Inability to contact employers listed on the site when investigating positions. Customers claim companies deny knowledge of roles or do not respond.

  • Evidence from reverse image searches suggesting postings are directly copied without permission from other sources. Such questionable copying damages credibility.

If true, generating deliberately deceptive content wastes applicants’ valuable time and erodes trust in the platform. Authentic job boards prohibit intentionally misleading ads that misrepresent opportunities.

Lack of Transparency Into Company Details

Attempting to validate EveryJobForMe’s trustworthiness by examining background information also proves challenging. Their site shares minimal operational specifics:

  • No leadership team or ownership profiles are disclosed to build confidence in who manages operations.

  • Location details beyond a generic address are omitted without any physical office or headquarters listed.

  • Public records searches fail to surface registration documents legally forming the company.

While functional since 2015, a concerning lack of transparency leaves important questions about structure and accountability unanswered. Legitimate businesses disclose ownership and registration details to reassure users.

Inability to Independently Corroborate Information

Seeking to independently verify claims through third parties also reveals inconsistencies. Multiple investigation efforts show:

  • Contacting the headquarters address and phone number provided goes unanswered or is non-existent.

  • Employers and job postings advertised cannot be confirmed as real through independent outreach for corroboration.

  • Public records, partner directories and watchdogs lack any mention of EveryJobForMe as an officially registered corporate entity.

The inability to publicly document even basic ownership or operational legitimacy is worrying and reduces confidence in the accuracy of their marketing assertions.

Patterns of Poor Customer Support

Dissatisfied EveryJobForMe users commonly complain about difficulty getting help from representatives. According to multiple reports:

  • No active live chat, toll-free number or dedicated customer service team is available for inquiries or complaints.

  • Contact forms and emails sent to the site often do not receive any acknowledgement or response according to multiple users.

  • Lack of follow up from the company on resolving issues or verifying the authenticity of questionable job listings.

Not addressing support queries in a timely manner violates standards of responsible customer service and accountability.

Questionable Payment Handling

Users have also voiced issues with EveryJobForMe’s payment practices upon further investigation:

  • Automatic membership renewals are applied that customers struggle to cancel according to complaints.

  • Card charges submitted for services not requested or provided per the terms disclosed upon signup.

  • Inability to receive itemized invoices for transactions upon demand as mandated by banking regulations.

Such irregularities damage trust if multiple independent reports prove accurate regarding inadequate financial transparency.

Reviewing Third Party Feedback

To objectively evaluate trustworthiness, one must consider reviews from unbiased sources:

  • Trustpilot currently assigns EveryJobForMe a very poor aggregate 1.5 out of 5 rating based on 1,500+ reviews.

  • The Better Business Bureau gives an “F” rating and lists complaints about unresponsiveness as unresolved.

  • No verified endorsements found from legitimate HR associations or regulatory groups that oversee the job industry.

Collectively, this feedback from independent platforms suggests widespread user dissatisfaction and distrust towards the company.

Weighing Accumulated Information

Taking a step back to impartially analyze all available evidence:

  • Numerous unaddressed complaints about fake listings, poor customer service and concerning payment practices.

  • Dismal independent reviews and lack of endorsement from reputable organizations.

  • Absence of transparency disclosing ownership, locations or legitimate business registration.

  • Inability to corroborate advertised employers, jobs or operational claims through credible third parties.

Unless meaningful changes occur, job seekers interests appear best served exploring vetted alternatives until EveryJobForMe provides accountability restoring confidence. Their onus remains to alleviate substantive issues raised.

Additional Red Flags Beyond One Company

Caution also applies to any opportunity exhibiting:

  • Lack of verifiable company details like leadership, physical address or background accessible through official sources.

  • Unclear, inconsistent or generic job postings lacking defined responsibilities, qualifications or realistic expectations.

  • Payment requests for application fees or personal information before a legitimate interview occurs on company grounds.

  • Inability to contact employers through directories, databases or independently confirm company registration status.

Approaching all opportunities skeptically helps identify and avoid potential deception until thorough due diligence establishes credibility.

Safeguarding Yourself As An Applicant

To protect personal information as a job searcher, consider:

  • Limiting early sharing of sensitive details like SSN until confirming the legitimacy of prospective employers.

  • Utilizing temporary contact points until credibility and intention can be verified directly through assigned representatives.

  • Checking the Better Business Bureau for any warning signs or checking company registration through state agencies.

  • Pausing applications containing irregularities or red flags for deeper research before proceeding further.

A balanced level of initial doubt protects your security, career progress and spares wasted efforts on unverified opportunities until credibility is reasonably established.


In summary, the preponderance of evidence accumulated suggests EveryJobForMe has not convincingly addressed substantive accusations undermining trust in the integrity of their database and operations.

Job seekers diligently exploring career options deserve transparent information to make autonomous choices aligned with their protection. Continued skepticism and caution are prudent until accountability improves and concerns are allayed through responsive disclosures reconciling inconsistencies identified. Overall, the onus remains on companies to demonstrate responsible, legitimate practices earning public confidence.

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