Espn Global is a Nigerian investment platform that claimed to be a portable e Sports stage situated in UK and controlled by Espian Global CORPORATION LTD , settled in Poland and offers a portion of the well known games in a single application. also claimed to be risk free when you venture into the platform with your investments as an affiliate members which works with two group parallel framework, named as left group and right group. To procure the advantages, you should actually allude least two partners in every one of your group.

espian global real or fake?

Espian global was launched and registered earlier January 2021, with over 60 countries supported , for partnership and investment , espnglobal has claimed to be legit and still paying according to the statistical data on there web pages with over 12.5 billion payment made.

is espianglobal legit?

That cant justify if espian global is real or fake, from our findings and analysis on the investment platform which proves to lacks quality features which could reveils the identity of the real owners and their identity down to their social media handle could not be found.
Espn global still remains a ponzi sheme in a branded styles that would allow you to invest money for a stipulated amount of time in return for gain or more money, which could not promises you a long term revenue or make you rich quick and may end up any moment in time which you cant predict.

Espian Global Investment Plan

Espian Global investment plan for affiliate membership costs $50. login page

Visit the official espian global official login page on