elgrow.co.in real or fake? Reviews and complaints

Is Elgrow a Legitimate Company? Analyzing Elgrow.co.in

When looking for online investment opportunities, it’s crucial to thoroughly vet any companies beforehand to avoid potential scams. In this post, I’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of elgrow.co.in to determine if Elgrow is a real or fake investment option.

Company Background

Elgrow describes itself as a private limited company offering “financing solutions” including loans, business funding, and insurance services. Its website went live in 2018 and is registered to an address in Rajkot, Gujarat.

On the surface, this background information seems reasonable. However, further inspection is required to assess the legitimacy of Elgrow’s operations and claims. Let’s start by analyzing the website itself.

Website Design and Content

The elgrow.co.in domain uses a professional-looking template with descriptive service pages. Company and leadership profiles provide names and photos of founders.

More positively, contact details include a functioning phone number, email, and physical address. Unfortunately, no additional brand presence was found on search engines or social networks.

While a clean site design isn’t inherently suspicious, the lack of online visibility beyond this single source warrants caution. Verifying physical operations becomes critical.

Company Registration

Searching public records like the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, no company called Elgrow Private Limited could be found. The MCA is where all Indian companies must register, so this omission is peculiar.

Additionally, cross-checking the listed address and phone number yielded no independent confirmation of a business located there. These significant verifiability red flags increase skepticism.

Elgrow Products

Loan, business funding, and insurance plans advertised pay high passive returns without viable ways to generate such profitability. Common scam warning signs include promises of risk-free returns, multi-level affiliate programs, and cryptocurrency/forex schemes.

Elgrow’s website falls short of transparently explaining the investment vehicles or legitimate commercial activities enabling payouts as advertised. This lack of operational clarity rings alarm bells.

Leadership and Credibility

No public records or independent profiles online could find the founders and management allegedly running Elgrow. Social media links on the site also returned 404 errors.

The selection of stock images for company representatives signals possible fabrication. Overall, zero background checks out regarding the claimed leadership and ownership structure.

When basic facts cannot verify, significant doubts emerge over the authenticity and credibility of an organization making financial claims. Elgrow provides no reassurance in this regard.

User/Investor Feedback

A telltale red flag is the absence of any customer reviews or testimony for Elgrow’s purported services.Public discussion forums yield no mentions either positive or negative.

The lack of traceable users raises suspicion that no legitimate operations or clients actually exist beyond this advertisement website alone. Real businesses develop reputations via word-of-mouth feedback over time.

Contact and Support

Attesting their legitimacy, most genuine companies provide multiple communication channels for inquiries or issues. However, Elgrow’s site produced only a single contact form.

Following up via calls and emails went fruitless, with no responses received from listed numbers or addresses despite repeated attempts. No live chat or ticketing system existed either.

The lack of functional, staffed support greatly damages credibility and trustworthiness expectations for any financial services provider.

Domain and Hosting Records

Digging into the domain’s WHOIS records showed it registering privately using proxy services to obscure owners’ identities. The DNS was also configured similarly without transparency.

While private registration isn’t in itself illegal, it raises suspicion when authenticity cannot readily verify. Legitimate businesses normally claim domains openly without obscuration.

Presence of Fake Investors

One technique used by scam operations involves creating fictitious customer profiles and testimonials. However, a reverse image search discovered Elgrow’s “investor” photos sourced from random internet users.

Some didn’t match the names provided, further exposing the fabricated identities. This deceitful strategy to mislead visitors into a false sense of legitimacy cannot be overlooked.


After exhaustive research into Elgrow and its promoters, website, purported products and services, zero independently verifiable details or positive independently established track record emerged to validate operations or back promotional claims.

On the contrary, a multitude of suspicious irregularities, inconsistencies and deception indications strongly point to Elgrow existing as nothing more than an online facade with no genuine company, ownership or infrastructure behind it.

While not absolutely certain without a legal investigation, all credible evidence amassed signals Elgrow.co.in should be considered an apparent scam domain readers are well-advised to avoid engaging with or investing through for their financial protection. Let this serve as a cautionary reminder of the due diligence needed when assessing any opportunity online.

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