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As the popularity of e-commerce business continues to rise, more people are looking for opportunities to earn a living online. Programs like Ecom Family Academy claim they can teach anyone how to start and run a successful e-commerce business from scratch. But is Ecom Family Academy really a legit training program or just another online scam? In this in-depth review, I’ll share everything you need to know about Ecom Family Academy to determine if it’s worth the investment or not.

What is Ecom Family Academy?

Ecom Family Academy is an online training program founded by Reginald “Mr. Ecom” Jennings and his wife Tania “Mrs. Ecom” that teaches people how to start a print-on-demand and dropshipping business using Shopify. The program focuses on equipping students with practical skills like product research, online store design, marketing strategies, order fulfillment processes, and more through a structured curriculum. Mr. and Mrs. Ecom have years of experience selling products online themselves and claim their goal is to help others achieve financial freedom through e-commerce.

Claims of the Program

Ecom Family Academy makes some bold claims about what their training can offer. Here are some of the key things they promise students:

– Teach the entire process of starting a successful print-on-demand or dropshipping business from scratch.

– Provide step-by-step guidance on how to find profitable products, build a professional Shopify store, launch marketing campaigns, and handle fulfillment.

– Give students lifelong access to support resources like a private Facebook group and past lecture recordings.

– Help students generate a full-time or even multiple six-figure income annually by running their own online store.

– Remove all risks and challenges of starting a business by providing a simple plug-and-play model anyone can follow.

– Give students the “keys to the kingdom” of making money online through e-commerce.

It’s important to evaluate whether these ambitious claims are realistic or just marketing hype. Let’s examine the program and founders more closely.

Who Are Mr. and Mrs. Ecom?

Understanding the background and experience of the people behind any training program is important. According to their website, Mr. Ecom has been involved in e-commerce since 2005 when he launched his first online business. He left his corporate job in 2009 to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Mrs. Ecom has a background in IT and brings technical skills to their joint ventures. Together they claim to have built multiple six and seven-figure businesses over the years using the strategies now taught through Ecom Family Academy.

On the surface, Mr. and Mrs. Ecom seem knowledgeable about e-commerce given their long history in the industry. However, there is little verifiable information available about the specific size or success of their past businesses. Without transparent proof of their claims, it’s difficult to objectively gauge their true skills and qualifications.

What’s Covered in the Training?

Ecom Family Academy training is delivered through an online video course broken into 8 modules:

1. Introduction
2. Mindset
3. Fundamentals
4. Product Research
5. Product Design
6. Store Building
7. Uploading Products
8. Marketing

These modules systematically cover all aspects of starting and running an e-commerce business. Students learn important skills like finding best-selling products, designing mockups, setting up a Shopify store, sourcing inventory, creating marketing campaigns and more. On paper, the training structure appears thorough. But is the quality and practical value there?

Program Quality Questions

While Ecom Family Academy training claims to provide all the knowledge needed to succeed, some questions remain:

– How updated is the content given the rapidly changing nature of e-commerce?

– What is the instructor’s teaching style – is it engaging or dry/boring?

– How well does the program prepare students for realistic struggles of running a real business?

– Are techniques and strategies backed by data, case studies from successful student businesses, or just claims?

– How much individual support and feedback is provided beyond pre-recorded videos?

Without seeing the actual course material, it’s impossible to evaluate the quality. Poorly designed or outdated content could jeopardize the supposed benefits.

Startup Costs Are High

While Ecom Family Academy course fees are $1,495, they claim true startup costs can exceed $10,000 factoring in other expenses like:

– Shopify Store Plan fees
– Product design & inventory costs
– Ads spending initially

Most people couldn’t afford such a large upfront investment without proof it will generate returns. This raises questions about whether their plug-and-play model is realistic for all students. Significant risk is involved until the business becomes profitable, if it ever does for that person.

Is It Really a Passive Income Business?

Contrary to their plug-and-play promises, building a successful e-commerce business from scratch is far from passive. It requires ongoing work like:

– Monitoring store & ad analytics daily

– Researching new product ideas

– Customer service & order fulfillment

– Legal/compliance issues as sales increase

– Software maintenance and updates

While income potential may exist long-term, Ecom Family Academy understates the work involved in establishing and growing an online business in a realistic timeframe. Most new entrepreneurs can’t dedicate the hours needed full-time.

Questionable Marketing Tactics

Some of Ecom Family Academy’s advertising approaches raise eyebrows:

– They heavily promote success stories without verification of claims.

– Their website features lavish lifestyle photos implying easy affluence.

– Email/phone follow-ups use high-pressure sales tactics periodically.

– Negative trustpilot reviews alleging fake before/after profiles.

While marketing is necessary, flashy unproven promises and pressure strategies cross ethical lines and damage credibility for potential customers.

Alternatives to Consider

Rather than accusing Ecom Family Academy of outright fraud, it’s fairer to say they may overpromise results given the uncertainties of independent e-commerce. There are alternatives for those seeking online business training:

– Free education sources like Skillshare, Coursera and Udemy have self-paced ecom courses.

– specialized programs focused on dropshipping, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing etc.

– Consulting proven online sellers individually for mentorship

– Starting small with a minimal investment and learning through experience

Lower-cost or hands-on learning options allow budding entrepreneurs to minimize risks as they gain experience actually running an online business part-time first.

Making an Informed Decision

To summarize, while Ecom Family Academy training covers valuable e-commerce skills, some caveats exist:

– Claims require skepticism without proof of consistent student outcomes.

– True costs and long-term time commitments underselling the effort needed.

– Questionable marketing tactics damage trustworthiness vs. transparent alternatives.

For those considering the program, it’s advisable to research all options, consider independent reviews, ask detailed questions, and start with a minimal investment if possible to reduce risks as e-commerce skills are developed. With proper realistic expectations, online business education can provide a path forward – but no single program is a guaranteed overnight success.

In conclusion, Ecom Family Academy appears to present both useful knowledge and some unrealistic promises. By carefully weighing the pros and cons outlined here, individuals can make the most informed enrollment choice based on their unique situation and goals. Proceeding cautiously or starting small with alternatives also helps minimize potential pitfalls for new entrepreneurs venturing into this exciting but challenging industry.

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