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We are practically here to discuss about easylive online business. If online making platform were to be made, it would definitely be an endless list!
There hundreds of thousands of money making platforms online, and if you are looking for a quick way to boost your little revenue, then you should try out some of these platforms.

In this article, I will focus on an online platform that I recently came across. The platform is known as EasyLive. It seems to be very beneficial site for those that need some few bucks.
Without further adu, let me begin telling you everything about EasyLive.

What is easylive555.com?


Easylive555 or EasyLive, like many online money making platform, was launched to help individuals to raise quick money. EasyLive is similar to an e-commerce site where products are sold. However, you won’t be buying products, you will only be making orders for products/services. And for every order you make, you will certainly get a commission.


How much your commision would be depends on the package/level you are on.

How to make money on easylive555.com
To start making money on the easylive platform, you have to make up your mind on whether you sant to focus more on either; Placing Order or Inviting new members.

The good things is you can do both if you feel that you have enough time. But if you ask me, I would say inviting members involves you not spending a dime, but placing orders would require you to deposit some cash in the platform.
You would need to deposit because the packages/levels require you to have a certain amount before they can be unlocked.

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How to invite or refers members on easylive555.com referral program

To invite a member is probably the easiest thing to do on the easylive platform. Firstly, login to your account. Then, scroll down a bit. You would see the ‘invite’ tab/button.
Click on it and you will be taken to a page where you will see, your invitation QR code, your invitation link, and your invitation code.

Simply share any or all of them to anybody you wish to invite. When the person you invite has successfully registered, that person will get a bonus and you too will get your bonus.
Everybody gets a bonus!

Easylive555.com packages levels plans


Concerning the easylive packages which I mentioned earlier, check them out below;

Can do daily:15/Day
Profit per order:0.4%Have

Can do daily:20/Day
Profit per order:0.45%Buy

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Can do daily:25/Day
Profit per order:0.5%Buy

Can do daily:25/Day
Profit per order:0.55%Buy

Can do daily:30/Day
Profit per order:0.65%Buy

Can do daily:30/Day
Profit per order:0.7%Buy


The illustration above tells how the level/package requirements. The ‘price’ is how much you need to unlock the package. The ‘extract’ is the cash you are likely to gain. The ‘can do daily’ is the amount of orders you can make in a day. And finally the ‘profit per order’ is the commision in percentage that you can make.



When was easylive555.com launched

Easylive is a platform that has quite a few mysteries though. But according to the site owners, the platform was launched about four years ago. The exact month, as well as the exact date is currently unknown.
In their own words, they said;
According to the lie of the official website
“EasyLive has been in operation for more than four years and is cooperating with Access Bank of Nigeria.”

True creation date
Domain Name
Domain Created on
Domain Age
40 days old
Domain Expiration Date

Easylive555.com was created less than 2 weeks as of today of writing this reviews May 21 2021. But the domains age was created on the 2nd of May 2021. We can say that easylive555.com is up to 3 weeks old since domain creation


How much can I make with easylive555.com?

I don’t think there is a limit on how much you can make on this platform. It depends on how determined and serious you are. However, note that this platform is not a ‘get rich quick’ site. It is a gradual process.

Who is the owner of easylive555.com investment?

The CEO, or owners, of this platform is not known. All that is known about the owner is that he or she is a Nigerian. Because there is no other branch of this platform outside Nigeria.

If you are bent on finding out who the owner of the site is before you can get involved with the site, then I would suggest you contact their customer care service. Perhaps, they might decide to release information about the CEO of the platform.



Is easylive555.com Legit or a Scam?


There are platforms similar to EasyLive that are scams. They are also similar platforms that are legit. The bottom line is that there is no certainty that this site is a scam or legit one.
But if you are intent on joining this online platform, then the only advice for you is to ‘proceed to caution.’ Try inviting new members and then place a withdrawal for the referal bonuses you got. If you get paid then that means the chances that the site is a scam has just reduced.

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If you want to register or join this platform, simply click HERE. You will be asked to fill in a ‘nickname’ of your choice, your active phone number, and your desired password(use a very strong password).
You will also need an invitation/referral code to complete your registration.

After you have done everything that was asked, click on ‘register.’
You have now succesfully become a member.



Login easylive555.com


To login, just head on to easylive555.com, then fill in your phone number and your password.


Is easylive555.com Legit

We don’t know whether the platform easylive555 or www.Easylive555.com is legitimate paying platform right now but the site claims to have been paying we couldn’t find any payments proof.
So if any readers have payment proofs drop it at the comment section in other to confirm the legitimacy of easylive555.com or easylive555 investment platform.

Is easylive555.com scam


We can not label easylive555 platform (www.easylive555.com) as a scam platform right now because there is not enough proof of Scam alert yet. If any readers discovered or was Scammed by this platform don’t forget to drop your proof in the comments section.

How to withdraw on easylive555.com

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If you want to place a withdrawal, first of all, you will need to login. Then, click on the ‘wallet’ tab/button in the bottom of your screen. After that, click on ‘withdraw.’
Then fill in your mobile phone number, bank card number, bank name, your name, and your password. Then finally, click on ‘cash out now.’

You just have to wait for some hours before you will get your payment. But note that, if your bank has issues it might take more than a day.

That is a wrap. I hope you readers found this article educative. Do well to like, share, and drop your opinions in the comment box below.

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With no much talk. I will give this business 46.6% safe. After looking at the structures, mode of operations and the running way, I will not advice my people to register this. Everything is risk, but one should try to take minimal risk. You are free to register If you know the owner or someone close to the owner of this platform. If not, Please and please, DO NOT JOIN!!!. Holyprofweb (us) will recommend legit investment website like Linforly investment website to be tested or invested upon.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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