Dailycash (dailycash.com.ng) review. Scam or legit?

  • Is dailycash legit?

  • does dailycash.com.ng pay

  • Is daily cash scam

  • How many plans is on dailycash

  • is dailycash fake

  • When do dailycash pay

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  • How to earn as coupon code vendor on dailycash.

Dailycash is one of the top 3 online business in Nigeria that we wrote about. It is truly registered and based in Nigeria but the real deal there is that it has move has far as other African countries and even some European countries.


What do you do on Dailycash.com.ng

Just like most online business, here, all what you do is to perform some daily task and get paid. This type of business has opened for so long and many of it has failed. It is not a mining platform and they don’t only make money from your money to pay others.

Is this the same with some crashed platform like Racksterli?

Many will say yes, but i will say No. From beginning, i have tagged Racksterli as scam because of the system of operation. Thanks to those who follows us from then to know. Okay now, Racksterli and dailycash have to some extent some mode of operation but if you initially check well, you will be able to see Racksterli daily task is scam. The tasks are not real task but trashed task so people can believe they are really working which for sure is a pure scam😂😂. Anyway, that is by gone. On Racksterli, they only earn and pay people’s money with the money paid bu another person. But here, they earn by the tasks given to you. Here, they give you not only tasks to share but also to join groups, watch YouTube videos, subscribe to YouTube videos, follow someone on a social media, e.t.c. So, in that way, there is no same dimension.



Absolutely yes! As we have said earlier, this is rated as the most legit online business as far as we are concerned. They earn not only by your money, but also with valuable (tasks we verified and confirmed they were true) and registered. So, by this, they earn also and they also perform investments. They do not do crypto, betting or forex with peoples money because according to them, it can cause loss of money and they are not ready for that. Instead, they buy shares, make people buy shares from them, and invest most especially in Agricultural products. According to them, they are working on a project to make people get loans from them.


When was dailycash launched

This is the main place where people wants to know. Many believes that new business are the best because the are not going to crash soon. While some parts of people believes in old business because they believe it has been long and also they are active and they knows what they are doing. But as far as you are here, I want you to quit the ideology now!!! The real reason why I want you to quit that believe or decision is because or of the fact that we have online businesses that crashes from first month even without paying a single dime. Like they remove chalk from peoples leg from the first payment date. Business like earn4rmfacebook and we also have some that lasted for more than a year like Racksterli. We have some of about 3-4 months also like primevault. (I listed examples based on project that does same thing like this!!(dailycash)).

But initially, Daily cash was registered 1st of December 2021. Many did not join earlier because they believe that it was created so they can scam people for business but it was not so.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

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