Cycletron smart contract review. (Scam or real?)


  • How does cycletron work?

  • What is the real website

  • When was it cycletron launched

  • How does it work

  • Does cycletron pays

  • How much is the registration

  • How is the borrowing of fund done?

  • Is referral compulsory on cycletron

Today is another day to talk about another business which is Cycletron. Last week, we talked about 247wave.

What is Cycletron?

Cycletron is a smart contract programmed on tron cryptocurrency business. It was officially launched on December 9 2020. Cycle tron operates in 1 by 2 matrix system just like millions money and golden matrix. Something cool about this is that you can borrow your fund, earn it, pay later on if you do not have money (chat me on whatsapp if you want to know more). As soon as you get your 2 in your downline or spillover, and you get first 2 commissions you will be paying back the 100 Trx which was lend to you.

More over, I can also give you the gas fee if you are serious. We can work one in one to register prospect. Referral will be easy with this type of business.

Cycletron is one of the rare smart contracts built with community in mind.
A simple but so powerful concept of Cycletron is giving the ability to EVERY member to build a team of over 500 members, simply by helping others (no matter how much that person is good or bad with promotion).
Our lending platform built in the smart contract has never been seen before in any project!
Cycletron is a simple 1 x 2 matrix, with no dead slots. Everyone will receive overflow by time so everyone Cycles.

Note: In Cycletron there is no expensive slots like in some other projects. But we have lending platform where leaders can lend the funds for their members. Members can use that funds to join for free. That way leaders are helping their teams to grow faster and funds are anyway sent back to him as soon as member receive 2 members in their downline (direct members or from spillover). So any leader that want to have fast growing team, should put some funds into the lending part of the contract. It doesnt cost him anything (except time until member get 2 in downline and send funds back).

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How does it really works?

This explanation is the real way it works only when you are registered. Your first two referrals which you can get from spillover, you earn 100 TRX from them. Your upline (the person who is on top of you maybe if you use a group link) will also earn 100 TRX. But if in case you borrowed funds, the 100 TRONS will not be received but sent back to ID 3 (I’m explaining using my group explanation. Kindly register with our group link Which will work as refund to the money borrowed. The next 4 referrals, 50% will be sent to upline, yours will be used as an upgrade. So, you move to level 2.

Note: 1 x 2 binary matrix system can never and ever have more than 2 referrals. Instead, it falls under the needed slots.

Is there autofill in CycleTron ?

Yes, you are filling your downline with direct members, spillover or spill under
With no “dead slots” it is the small matrix 1×2, so everyone will get spillover so everyone cycles.

How can one register with Cycletron?

I have embedded a video of how to register under this post. But as the case may be, I’m going to write the steps drastically here.

   1. Download trons wallet –

the original trons wallet and not a pro one or any other is the one that can work for this registration. Registration depends on you borrowing your funds or registering with your money.

2. Get it funded-

Getting your tron wallet funded is the second step to take when you want to register. If in case you want to borrow fund, get up to 20 to 30 trons for your gas fee needed during registration. But if you want to register with your earnings, get one hundred and twenty (120) to one hundred and thirty (130) trons for registration.

3. Paste the registration link on your dash-

The first menu in the tron wallet where you are able to use links the way you want. Copy my referral and also a registration link for registration. After clicking and sending. You can register once if you have the complete money. If not, wait a little and you will see get loan. Choose ID 3 and register successfully.

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Note 1. Borrow only from ID 3.

The referral link I gave you should be used if you are not that great in referral and not expecting any spillover. (It gives great spillover (free referrals without knowing where they come from). Because the planning was great. I have registered up to 4 accounts before successfully gaining what I want. If in case you want to set your team and you don’t want a spillover to disturb you, you can use the following referral link.

But you can use the first one ( if you need spillovers.

Note: So here is explanation how the matrix working: In the moment when you register, smart contract is searching for the first empty slot below your sponsor. If your sponsor gone far away in the matrix, smart contract need to search more, consume more energy and fee is higher. If you join under someone who is just started,smart contract search less, use less energy and fee is smaller. Minimal fee is about 13-14trx. The more it search, it can go to 30trx or more in this moment.

Above is the video of how to register



This is about  CycleTron. This is a New and Unique concept of a Program where everybody will have the chance the Cycle.And why would you get in ? Read This ! You will have the option to join for FREE and payback when you receive 2 members in your downline (direct members or from spillover) if you pay your own 100 Tron as soon as you have your 2 downlines (Direct members or from spillover) you will get your first 100 Tron,not difficult at all yes ? Everything is implemented in smart contract, so there is no risk at all to nobody! Just need to have a Tron wallet, Tron wallet, Tron link, Klever Wallet etc and just add this link in the Dapp browser.


Just have atleast 20 Tron in your wallet for fees even when you are borrowing so the transaction can be approved and you ready to go
Join come and lets work it and enjoy this system that is unique and almost risk free if you begin with your own money you are just beginning with 100 Tron and if you dont have that and you want to join you can borrow form the same system to get in thats amazing yes ?
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