Reviews 2023; is it a reliable and legit store?

What is is a website that claims to offer heavily discounted clothing and accessories. However, the site has been flagged as a scam for several reasons. Let’s take a deeper look at and what consumers need to know.

Red Flags and Warning Signs

There are several red flags that indicate is not a legitimate online retailer. Somethings to watch out for include:

Lack of Contact Information – The site provides no phone number, physical address, email or names of owners/operators. Legitimate businesses always make contact details easily available.

New Domain Registration – WhoIS lookups show the domain was registered recently, a tactic scammers use to avoid negative reviews accumulating over time.

Stolen Product Images – A reverse image search reveals the photos have been lifted from legitimate retailers, a sign the website doesn’t actually have the products in stock.

Unrealistic Discounts – Claims of 50-90% discounts on major brands are unreasonable and meant to lure customers in with false savings.

No Social Media Presence – Scam sites typically don’t invest in platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube where authenticity can be evaluated.

These are all major red flags that signal is likely fraudulent rather than a trustworthy online shop. Staying alert to warning signs helps consumers avoid falling victim to scams.

Customer Complaints and Reviews

Reading reviews from other customers provides valuable insights into a website’s legitimacy and reliability. Unfortunately, has received many complaints:

  • Customers report placing orders and receiving either nothing or faulty/used items weeks later, if at all.

  • Orders are difficult to track and customer service is non-responsive to issues or refund requests.

  • Credit cards are charged but merchandise promised never arrives. Poor quality replicas seem to be the norm.

  • Personal information like addresses are inaccurate or orders redirected to different locations than specified.

  • No resolution of issues or option for dispute as contact details like physical address prove false.

So in summary, customer reviews consistently condemn the site as fraudulent rather than a trustworthy place to shop. It’s clear this “store” has no intention of properly fulfilling orders as promised.

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Additional Online Research

Conducting additional research online can uncover more warning signs about’s legitimacy:

  • Search engines reveal numerous forum posts and articles labelling the site as a known scam operation.

  • WHOIS data shows the domain was registered recently using false contact details.

  • Social mentions are limited to unverified complaints rather than organic endorsements.

  • Comparison sites have flagged the domain for stealing photos and descriptions from competitor listings.

  • No verified business presence or licenses can be found to back advertised products and services.

Thorough background checks throw up plenty of red flags indicating the site cannot be trusted for safe online shopping. Pursuing additional due diligence protects consumers from deception.

Lessons For Avoiding Scams

To avoid being scammed by sites like, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Verify contact and location details with an internet search or third party sources

  • Check reviews from various outlets rather than just the merchant’s own page

  • Look for an established domain registration and coherent social profiles

  • Compare deals to standard pricing from reputable retailers

  • Only provide financial or personal details on secured checkout pages

  • Use credit cards for disputes rather than non-traceable payment methods

  • Trust instincts – if something seems too good to be true, further research is important

Staying informed, asking questions and always verifying website legitimacy are key steps towards avoiding online shopping scams.

Additional Risks and Precautions

While following best practices can protect consumers, online scams are increasingly sophisticated operations. Additional risks remain:

  • Phishing – Scammers can hijack email addresses or steal passwords through deceptive online forms.

  • Malware – Visiting rogue sites on unsecured devices risks downloading viruses for identity theft.

  • Reshipping Scams – Foreign criminal rings reroute packages to break retail policies and launder money.

  • False Advertising – Purposely misleading photos/claims stay just within legal boundaries to trick buyers.

  • Browser Hacking – Advanced tactics like cookie scrambling try bypassingpurchase verification protections.

To minimize all risks, consumers should regularly update devices, use antivirus software, verify HTTPS connections and avoid oversharing personal information publicly or through unvetted websites. Constant vigilance is key.

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In summary, shows clear signs of being a deceptive scam operation rather than an authentic online clothing retailer. Customers should avoid the site and learn to carefully research any merchants before providing financial data or personal details. With informed practices and ongoing diligence, consumers can better protect themselves from fraudulent schemes on the internet.

In reviewing the available information about, it is evident that the website should not be trusted as a legitimate online shopping destination. There are numerous red flags and warning signs that indicate it is actually a sophisticated scam operation designed to deceive customers. From the lack of transparent contact details and verifiable business ownership to the unrealistic discounts and stolen product images, nearly every aspect of the site raises serious doubts about its integrity and intent to properly fulfill orders.

These initial suspicions are strongly supported by the overwhelmingly negative feedback and complaints posted by real customers online. Their detailed reports of never receiving purchases, being sent poor quality fakes or completely wrong items, facing unresponsive customer service, and inability to get refunds paint a clear picture that has no real products or inventory. The site exists only to take customers’ money without providing the goods promised in return. Further research into domain registration records, social media presence, and comparisons to material from authentic retailers all corroborate this assessment.

While attractive discounts may initially draw some browsing customers in, failing to identify and avoid obvious scams like this one could enable criminal operations and put personal information at serious risk. As online fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated, it is more important than ever for consumers to be vigilant, ask questions, and thoroughly vet any website before deciding to shop there or submit private financial details. Constant vigilance, skepticism of exceptional deals, and verification of important details like address and ownership can help identify deception and allow informed purchasing decisions.

No storefront, regardless of enticing advertisements or professional-looking layout, should be given the benefit of the doubt without concrete proof of legitimacy. Scammers will always try to exploit those not exercising due diligence, so it pays to take precautions even when hurried or not expecting fraudulent behavior. With so much financial and identity theft occurring on the internet daily, protecting oneself has to become standard practice, not an afterthought. If initial research prompts any doubts, it is always better to withdraw and spend money safely elsewhere rather than chance becoming a victim.

In conclusion, shows all the hallmarks of an online shopping scam rather than genuine retailer. To avoid being misled, customers would be wise to ignore this site completely and remember the valuable lessons about thoroughly vetting any new online merchant before entrusting them with sensitive personal details in purchase transactions. Diligent online shoppers who understand how to identify deception will be far less vulnerable to ever encountering scams like this one that aim only to steal hard-earned money.

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