cettire reviews 2023; is cettire.com legit or scam? Find out

Is Cettire Really Too Good To Be True? An In-Depth Look At This Luxury Retailer

As the online luxury resale market continues to explode with more accessible designer finds at lower price points, sites like Cettire are enticing shoppers seeking brand name steals. Offering over 500 top designers at discounts of 50% or higher seems almost unbelievable. However, upon closer examination, is Cettire truly the goldmine it appears to be?

Let’s take a look under the hood to see what customers are really experiencing with this retailer. Through an analysis of customer reviews across multiple platforms along with Cettire’s policies and practices, we’ll determine if the risks outweigh the rewards when shopping here.

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Customer Experience: The Mixed Bag

Customer reviews tell the real story, and with Cettire, they paint a confusing picture. On Trustpilot and their own site, reviews are overwhelmingly positive with many claiming to receive authentic items at great prices. However, other sites share a very different sentiment.

On Reviews.io, Cettire has a low 1.7 star rating from over 500 reviews. Customers here frequently report receiving fake or poor quality items that don’t match the photos. The comments section is filled with complaints about terrible customer service as well. Returns and refunds seem nearly impossible according to these unhappy shoppers.

Even more concerning are allegations the positive Trustpilot reviews may not be entirely legitimate. Since many were written by one-time users, some suspect BoostUp tactics could be influencing the ratings. While positive reviews elsewhere do exist, the volume of negative reviews from unique customers is hard to ignore.

Overall, the customer experience with Cettire is a gamble. Shoppers have just as much a chance receiving a real steal as they do getting stuck with a fake item and dismal support. For a company selling luxury goods at a premium, inconsistent quality is unacceptable and breeds distrust.

Where Do Items Really Come From?

With authenticity such a coin toss for customers, the origin of Cettire’s inventory deserves questioning. On their About page, Cettire states they work directly with designers, brands, wholesalers and individual sellers. But many reviews cast doubt on these supply chain claims.

If Cettire truly had direct relationships, counterfeits would be less likely to slip through. Their return policy also contradicts working directly with designers – most high-end brands have generous policies to nurture customer loyalty. Cettire’s difficult returns imply a lack of accountability to the true manufacturers.

A more plausible theory is Cettire acts as a middleman, buying goods in bulk from gray market liquidators without robust authentication processes. As inventory passes through many hands, fakes can infiltrate without the brand oversight of an official retailer. While it delivers lower price points, shoppers bear the risk of deception with each purchase.

Without transparency into supply sources, red flags emerge that Cettire may greenlight dubious stock to keep up appearances of constant new arrivals. When authenticity is the top priority for luxury customers, questionable sourcing strategy seriously erodes trust in this company.

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Money Back Guarantees – Easier Promised Than Done

On the surface, Cettire advertises a typical return policy of refunding unworn items within 14 days. But as usual, the reality proves more complicated for customers.

Firstly, Cettire doesn’t provide prepaid return labels like most major retailers. Customers must cover shipping costs out of pocket which can easily reach hundreds for large or bulky items like coats. On top of that, a “restocking fee” of 15-30% is non-negotiable.

Most concerning are the numerous reports of return requests being denied or ignored altogether. Even with undeniable evidence an item is fake or damaged, Cettire still finds ways to stonewall refunds according to reviews. Their strict policies are seemingly designed more to retain revenue than satisfy customers as their direct competitors do.

Luxury shoppers want peace of mind knowing money is protected from subpar merch. But Cettire’s refund obstacles leave too many high and dry – a massive long term trust and brand risk. Without a solid money back safety net, it’s impossible to feel fully confident taking a chance here.

Alternatives With Less Risk

Given the uncertainty that comes with Cettire, it’s far safer and wiser to turn to reputable resellers with proven track records of authentic goods, smooth service and buyer-first policies. Here are some top recommended alternatives analyzed:

The RealReal

As the leader in authenticated luxury consignment, The RealReal sets the gold standard. Their teams of experts thoroughly inspect each listing to avoid any fakes reaching customers. Along with a generous no-questions-asked return window, this builds confidence to freely browse their vast high-end selection.


A close second place, Fashionphile also authenticates every handbag, accessory and more with trained specialists and advanced tools. Plus a similar no-hassle returns policy makes exploring their deep designer offerings completely low-risk. Both The RealReal and Fashionphile prove luxury resale can prioritize buyers as much as direct retailers.

Vestiaire Collective

An international contender, Vestiaire Collective relies on community sellers like Poshmark rather than in-house stock. However, they too employ authentication to approve listings before liveing. As a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company, they have the incentives lined up right to keep customers happy.


For the bag lover in particular, REBAG takes pre-loved purses very seriously. Not only do they certify authenticity through their ‘Rebag Authentication” process, the company also purchases back items through their ‘Bag Trade-In’ program. This innovative resale model protects shoppers at both entry and exit points.

In Summary

While the appeal of luxury steals seems irresistible on Cettire, numerous red flags suggest it’s better to shop elsewhere for peace of mind. From inconsistent merchandise quality to restrictive refund policies, they prioritize profit over building long term trust with clients.

More reputable resellers like The RealReal, Fashionphile, Vestiaire Collective and REBAG establish authentication, support and security as top priorities through their business models and policies. As a result, browsing expansive designer inventories feels low risk and pleasurable rather than precarious.

In the resale sphere, brand reputation stems from consistent customer satisfaction – not flash marketing promotions. Until Cettire makes amends to align practices with buyers’ best interests, negative reviews will continue painting them as too good to be true. The alternatives analyzed above set the golden standard Cettire has yet to achieve.

Overall, luxury lovers will feel most confident spending their hard earned money with resellers who proved authenticity and a safety net through compassionate policies built on trust, not traps. In that sense, the other options covered offer a much sounder route for pre-owned premium finds.

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