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BHC Chicken Singapore – A Culinary Journey


Korean fried chicken has taken Singapore by storm, and one prominent player in this culinary adventure is BHC Chicken. With several branches recently opened across the island, this popular Korean fried chicken chain has been making waves. However, as with any food establishment, opinions about BHC Chicken are a mixed bag. Some sing praises of its crispy delights, while others find their experiences marred by oiliness and saltiness. In this review, we will delve into the world of BHC Chicken in Singapore to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

Customer Reviews: A Spectrum of Opinions

When it comes to BHC Chicken in Singapore, customer reviews are as diverse as the flavors on their menu. Opinions range from sheer delight to critical appraisals. Let’s sample a few specific reviews to get a sense of the variety:

The Praises:

  • A Yelp user enthusiastically exclaims, “The chicken is really good! It’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I especially like the soy garlic flavor.”
  • A Google Maps user, not typically a fried chicken enthusiast, confesses, “I’m not a big fan of fried chicken, but I really enjoyed the chicken at BHC. It’s not too oily, and the flavor is really good.”
  • A Facebook user with an adventurous palate states, “I’ve tried a few different flavors of chicken at BHC, and I’ve liked them all. The chicken is always crispy and juicy, and the flavors are well-balanced.”

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The Critiques:

  • On the flip side, a TripAdvisor user shares disappointment: “I was really disappointed with the chicken at BHC. It was too oily and salty, and the flavor was not very good.”

These divergent reviews emphasize the subjective nature of culinary experiences. What may be a delightful treat for one can be underwhelming for another. The key takeaway here is that BHC Chicken’s offerings cater to a range of tastes, and your experience may vary.

Where to Find BHC Chicken in Singapore

BHC Chicken has strategically positioned its branches across Singapore to ensure accessibility to chicken lovers. Here are some of the locations where you can indulge in their crispy delights:

  • 313@Somerset #B1-51
  • Bugis Junction #B2-K11
  • Causeway Point #B1-24
  • Jewel Changi Airport #02-226
  • Plaza Singapura #B1-42
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza #B2-12

The Flavorful Menu

What truly sets BHC Chicken apart is its diverse menu of Korean fried chicken flavors. They cater to a variety of palates with options like:

  • Soy garlic
  • Honey garlic
  • Spicy soy garlic
  • Honey butter
  • Yangnyeom
  • Hot and spicy
  • Original

In addition to their delightful chicken offerings, they also provide an array of sides, including fries, onion rings, and coleslaw, ensuring a complete meal experience.


The cost of a meal at BHC Chicken can vary depending on your flavor preferences and order size. However, as a rough estimate, you can expect to spend around SGD 20-30 for a typical meal for one person.

A Brief History

BHC Chicken, short for “Better and Happier Choice,” originally hails from South Korea, where it has earned its stripes as a beloved fried chicken franchise. With roots tracing back to 2004, the brand has now expanded its reach globally, bringing its signature crispy and flavorful chicken to diverse markets, including Singapore.

The Crispy Artistry

What truly sets BHC Chicken apart from the flock of fried chicken establishments is its commitment to the art of crispiness. The chicken served here boasts an outer layer that’s not just crispy but also stays that way, even when coated with delectable sauces. It’s the result of a meticulous frying process that leaves you with that satisfying crunch at every bite.

Flavorful Variety

While crispiness is the hallmark, the real magic happens in the flavor department. BHC Chicken understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone’s taste buds. Hence, they’ve curated a diverse menu of flavors that caters to a wide range of preferences:

  • Soy Garlic: For those who prefer a balanced, slightly sweet, and savory experience.
  • Honey Garlic: A twist of sweetness to elevate your fried chicken game.
  • Spicy Soy Garlic: For those who love a hint of spice with their crispy chicken.
  • Honey Butter: A delightful combination of sweet and savory notes.
  • Yangnyeom: A bold and spicy flavor that’s not for the faint-hearted.
  • Hot and Spicy: For the true spice enthusiasts seeking that fiery kick.
  • Original: For purists who appreciate the unadulterated goodness of fried chicken.
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Each flavor is carefully crafted to ensure it complements the crispiness of the chicken, resulting in a symphony of flavors and textures that’s simply irresistible.

Sides and Accompaniments

A meal at BHC Chicken isn’t limited to just the star of the show – the chicken. The menu also boasts a selection of sides and accompaniments to complete your dining experience. Whether you’re looking to balance the richness of the chicken with some greens or dive into comfort food like fries or onion rings, there’s something for everyone.

Catering to the Diverse Palates of Singapore

Singapore is known for its diverse culinary scene, and BHC Chicken seems to understand that perfectly. The range of flavors and sides offered caters to the multicultural palate of the city-state. Whether you’re a local, an expat, or a tourist exploring Singapore’s vibrant food culture, BHC Chicken has a spot for you at its table.

A Crispy and Flavorful Experience

In conclusion, BHC Chicken in Singapore is more than just a fried chicken joint. It’s a celebration of crispiness and flavor that transcends cultural boundaries. With a history rooted in South Korea and a menu that adapts to local tastes, it’s no surprise that BHC Chicken has quickly become a notable contender in Singapore’s competitive culinary landscape. So, if you’re in the mood for some seriously crispy and flavorful chicken, consider making your way to one of BHC Chicken’s branches in Singapore and embark on a crunchy culinary adventure.


In a bustling culinary landscape like Singapore’s, where flavors and cuisines from around the world converge, BHC Chicken manages to carve out its own unique space. With its commitment to the art of crispiness and a menu that caters to a diverse range of palates, this Korean fried chicken chain has quickly gained recognition.

It’s not just about fried chicken at BHC; it’s about the perfect harmony of crispiness and flavor. Their dedication to the craft of frying results in a satisfying crunch that accompanies each bite. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Original flavor or adventurous enough to explore the fiery Hot and Spicy, there’s something for everyone.

But what truly sets BHC Chicken apart is its adaptability. In a city where food diversity reigns supreme, BHC Chicken understands the importance of offering options that resonate with the multicultural population. It’s a place where locals, expats, and tourists can all find a flavor to savor.

So, when you find yourself in Singapore, craving that perfect combination of crispy and flavorful fried chicken, consider making your way to BHC Chicken. It’s not just a meal; it’s a crunchy culinary adventure that speaks to the heart of a city where food is a way of life.


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