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A Comprehensive Guide to Aster Hospital Al Quasis

Aster Hospital Al Quasis is a multi-specialty hospital located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the services, specialties, doctors, facilities and other important aspects of this hospital.

About the Hospital

Aster Hospital Al Qusais was launched in 2019 with a capacity of 150 beds. It is a part of the large Aster DM Healthcare group founded by Dr. Azad Moopen. The hospital aims to provide world-class healthcare across various specialties with a focus on critical care and neonatal units.

It is accredited by Accreditation Canada with a Diamond status, ensuring the highest standards of care, safety and quality. The sprawling facility houses modern infrastructure to handle various medical needs under one roof. This includes operation theaters, ICUs, delivery suites, emergency department and diagnostic labs.

Medical Specialties

Being a tertiary care hospital, Aster Al Qusais offers treatment for a wide range of specialties and sub-specialties. Some of the main departments are:

  • Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
  • ENT
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Hepatology
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Obesity and Bariatric Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics

Within these broad specialties, there are further super-specialized departments like interventional cardiology, surgical oncology, pediatric neurology etc. This allows patients to access highly specialized medical care and expertise for even rare health conditions.

Team of Expert Doctors

The hospital boasts of a team of highly experienced doctors who are specialists in their respective fields. Some of the renowned doctors practicing at Aster Al Qusais include:

  • Dr. Naseem Palakkuzhiyil (Neurologist with years of experience)
  • Dr. Shalini Gooli Veerabhadrappa (Gynaecologist with years of experience)
  • Dr. Pranay Taori (Medical Oncologist with 18 years experience)
  • Dr. Sivaprakash Rathanaswamy (Surgical Oncologist with 14 years experience)
  • Dr. Vivek Mundada (Paediatric Neurologist with 20 years experience)
  • Dr. Chelladurai Pandian Hariharan (Neurosurgeon with 27 years experience)
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The doctors have extensive experience and expertise to handle even complex cases across specialties. This ensures best clinical outcomes for patients.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Being a modern, well-equipped hospital, Aster Al Qusais provides world-class infrastructure and amenities. Some of the key infrastructure include:

  • 6 Operation Theaters including a separate one for women
  • 9 NICU beds
  • 4 Labour & delivery rooms
  • 10 bed Critical Care Unit
  • 10 bed Day Care Unit
  • 24/7 Emergency Department
  • Diagnostic labs

It also has rooms equipped with amenities like TV, WiFi, phone etc for patient comfort. The infrastructure is designed keeping efficiency and fast recovery in mind.

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Location and Transportation

The hospital is located in Al Qusais area of Dubai which is well-connected via roads and metro. It takes around 22 minutes to reach from Dubai airport depending on the route. Being in a bustling area, it has several restaurants, cafes, shopping areas and accommodation options nearby.

The hospital offers pick-up and drop services from airport on request. It can also help arrange local transportation, guides, interpreters etc to facilitate treatment journey.

Facilities for Patients

Aster Al Qusais follows global standards of medical care and prioritizes patient comfort. Some of the facilities include:

  • Dietary plans and cafeteria services
  • Pharmacy and medical equipment shop
  • Interpreter services
  • Wireless internet
  • Personal care assistance
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Safe deposit lockers
  • Prayer rooms
  • Parking
  • ATMs and currency exchange

It ensures holistic care covering medical, daily, religious and financial needs of patients. The staff is also trained to handle any special needs or concerns.

Ensuring Quality of Care

In addition to accreditations, the hospital lays strong emphasis on quality and safety. Some measures include:

  • Trained and experienced nursing and support staff
  • Strict infection control and sterilization protocols
  • Medical audit and review processes
  • Modern diagnostic and treatment infrastructure
  • Online medical records and coordination
  • Emergency response systems

It is committed to continual improvement in clinical practices and patient outcomes. The positive environment aids fast recovery and healing.

Medical Tourism and International Patients

Being a top hospital in Dubai, Aster Al Quasis caters to many medical tourists from across the world. Some key services for international patients include:

  • Assistance with medical visa processing
  • Liaison for international insurance coordination
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Pre/post surgery accommodation and travel arrangements
  • Cultural and language interpreters
  • Guided local sightseeing tours
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Together with Vaidam, they offer end-to-end solutions right from consultation to recovery and return journey. This makes it a premier choice for quality healthcare at affordable costs.

Insurances and Financial Aid

The hospital coordinates with all major insurance providers in the region. It also accepts payments through multiple options like:

  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • Netbanking
  • EMI Finance Plans
  • Cash
  • Travel Insurance Reimbursement

In some cases, it offers discounted packages or payment exemptions based on economic or medical conditions. Overall, it ensures to make critical healthcare accessible to all.


In conclusion, Aster Hospital Al Qusais is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals in Dubai that can handle all types of medical care. Backed by a legacy healthcare group and internationally accredited, it offers world-class patient-centric services and highest safety standards.

With a team of highly skilled doctors, modern infrastructure and focus on international patients, it is an ideal destination for quality healthcare. Whether for common illnesses or complex surgeries, the hospital ensures best clinical outcomes and comfort through all stages of treatment.

In concluding this comprehensive guide about Aster Hospital Al Qusais, it is evident that it is one of the top hospitals in Dubai providing quality healthcare across a wide range of medical services. Established recently in 2019, it has already made a mark as a reliable multi-specialty hospital catering to both local and international patients.

Being a part of the renowned Aster DM Healthcare group, it adheres to global best practices and has received Diamond accreditation from Accreditation Canada, ensuring highest international standards of patient safety and treatment outcomes are followed at all times. The top-notch infrastructure with over 150 beds, 6 operation theatres, ICUs and 24/7 emergency services allow it to effectively handle even critical cases.

The team of highly experienced doctors and surgeons who are experts in their individual specialties is one of the biggest strengths of the hospital. Having doctors with 10-27 years of experience specializing in various fields such as oncology, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics etc. gives patients access to timely and specialized treatment with the best chance of positive results. The doctors constantly update their skills and knowledge which translates to best clinical practices.

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An important focus of the hospital is comfort of patients through all stages of treatment. Apart from quality healthcare, it also ensures comfort amenities, interpreter services, diverse menu options, accommodation guidance and modern facilities. Being located in the Al Qusais area of Dubai adds to its convenience due to accessibility via multiple transport modes and availability of hotels, shops and restaurants nearby.

Financial assistance is no barrier either as the hospital works with all types of insurance and offers affordable payment packages. In commitment to community, it provides special discounts or concessions to economical or needier patients. This makes critical and long-term treatments accessible for people from all walks of life.

Through collaboration with Vaidam, the hospital has emerged as a leading medical tourism destination as well. Right from online consultation to visa, travel and post-op care – a dedicated team takes care of all aspects to make the treatmentjourney seamless. Their efforts have helped many people from Africa, Middle East and Asia to access advanced healthcare at par with their home countries at more reasonable costs.

In all, Aster Hospital Al Qusais has proven itself as a comprehensive healthcare provider over the years through its service quality, safety benchmarks, medical expertise and patient-centric approach. Backed by leading infrastructure and amenities, it ensures world-class outcomes for diverse health needs

Whether for common procedures or complex surgeries, people can rely on this hospital to handle all stages of their treatment efficiently and empathy. Both residents within the country and those traveling from abroad have found solace in the healthcare, facilities and staff which see them through speedy recovery. Undoubtedly, it will continue advancing as one of the preferred hospitals in Dubai.


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